Shield Like An Armor

With an industry-high 9H hardness, the product can resist dust, scratches and daily wear like a breeze. Use your beloved device freely, and leave the protection to us.


Ultra-clear gloss finish with 99% tranparency ensures crystal-clear viewing. Special coating of the protector lets you clean away smudges easily, and keep the screen display looking sharp.

Easy Bubble-Free Installation

Coming with a full set of tools, as dust removers, wet and dry cloths, you just get all possible supports to complete a simple and bubble-free installation. Plus the glue-free material ensures a clean removal that leaves no residue on your screen.


Reviews (10)

  • Four Stars
    by Amazon Customer 21/11/2016
    Received as described
  • Great Screen Protector
    by KD Reviews 21/10/2016
    Great screen protector as it protects the phone from being scratched easily and it is made from the tempered glass material so it can stops big cracks if there was impact towards the device front screen. The screen protector is very easy to apply with all the instructions and the cloth provided to help clean the screen display so it is free of dust. It sticks down very firmly and stays very tight and the glue dries very fast. One disadvantage is it is slightly different to the old thin screen protectors as it does not cover 100% of the entire screen but it still does the job well and it is very good material and well packaged. It is very thick and firm so feels soft just like the natural display itself. Overall would recommend this product if you want to retain the quality of the phone display and screen protectors can be easily replace so good to have tempered glass screen protector to protect the phone itself. The seller provided me this product discounted to test and review -Was this review HELPFUL? Please CLICK the HELPFUL button-
  • It's nice and clear
    by Mr E Zed 14/10/2016
    Fit perfectly first time and is the usual high quality I've come to expect from EasyAcc. It's nice and clear, has great coverage (most of the phone) and is fully responsive to force touch. This is a £900 phone and protected really well by this for under a tenner. Big thumbs up from me.
  • The cleaning kit is a nice touch as it preps the phone before applying
    by PhD 12/10/2016
    This iPhone 7 protector arrived on time and well packaged, the package includes a glass membrane, a microfibre cleaning cloth, wet wipes and dust removal stickers. The glass membrane is made of a anti scratch and anti shatter surface. The glass membrane fits well and and doesn't slow down the responsiveness of the iPhone when it is attached. The cleaning kit is a nice touch as it preps the phone before applying. A good screen protector that does the job.
  • Decent screen protector, but definitely on the pricey side
    by Seb G 25/09/2016
    Free sample sent for review. Annoyingly, iPhone 6/6s Plus screen protectors won’t fit this new iPhone - the speaker has got bigger, and the camera has moved. Subtle differences, but significant in this case. I didn’t realise until the night before my new phone was arriving, so I was stuck looking for screen protectors. Luckily, EasyAcc sent me a free case for review and threw one of these in too - I was covered from day one. Surprisingly, this fit perfectly, despite being made before the phone came out. Many manufacturers show some bold images comparing their screen protectors to everyone else’s, always making theirs look a whole lot better. They are all just as see-through, and all have the same scratch resistance. Whether they cost £10 each or £6 for a multi-pack, they are all pretty much the same. The ‘HD’ and ‘3D Touch Compatible’ labels are meaningless - at the end of the day they are all just pieces of glass, all of the same quality. Having said that, this doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a great product. The screen largely stays free of scratches as glass is a fairly resilient material, and I’d certainly rather this get scratched for £7 than my new phone! The very edges of the screen are curved, so the protector does not cover them. You can get much more expensive curved screen protectors, but these cheaper ones are good enough for me as the full display is covered and it doesn’t matter too much if the bezel of my phone gets scratched. I like the included guide stickers, as you can adhere two to your phone and then onto the screen protector to get it perfectly in line with the screen and all the other cutouts. This helps avoid any mistakes applying an expensive screen protector. Glass ones do not get dust bubbles as easily as plastic ones do, so messing this up completely would be quite hard. All in all, this is a solid buy if you want to keep your iPhone’s display scratch-free. It is on the expensive side at the moment.....
  • I really like the quality of this screen protector
    by AA 25/09/2016
    I ordered this for my new iPhone 7 Plus which I have pre-ordered. I really like the quality of this screen protector. This comes with installation instructions which are really easy to follow. In past I have used screen protectors which dim the brightness and view of the screen but screen protector by this seller barely affects the view/brightness of the screen. The sensitivity of touch wasn't affected at all so your ability to use the phone is not affected. Knowing my new note screen is safe without affecting the ability to use the note is very important for me and therefore I ordered this product. Over all I am very pleased with the product and would happily recommend this product and seller. I received this product at a reduced price/free for an honest and unbiased review. My comments are all genuine and true to my experience of the product.
  • Great purchase
    by Amazon Customer 24/09/2016
    The tempered glass comes in a stress free packaging and comes with alcohol pad and stickers to remove any dust. 1 x Dust Removal Sticker 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 1 x Glass-Screen protector 1 x Wet Wipe
  • Well made, shatterproof tempered glass screen protector.
    by Matt Franklin 24/09/2016
    This is a well made screen protector that offers adequate screen protection at a low price. Like all EasyAcc products, this is beautifully manufactured and made from outstanding materials. It's tempered glass, this means your phone's screen is harder to crack than if you were to use a normal screen protector. It doesn't affect the 3D touch capabilities of the iPhone and is just as responsive than having no screen protector at all. At a 0.33m thickness, it's quite hard to see when on your screen - it doesn't stand out much like some other screen protectors do and it feels really nice to use. It works well in sunlight and is easy to see in low light situations too. Overall a great value screen protector that I'd recommend for anyone wanting to protect their iPhone 7 Plus. Please note, this does also work with the iPhone 6+ / 6S+ too.
  • Iphone7 glass screen shatterproof
    by Amazon Customer 21/09/2016
    Received the item in a nice box. The content was as followed: 1 x Glass-Membrane 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 1 x Wet Wipe 1 x Dust Removal Sticker. Importantly i wish that a screen protector stops my screen from cracking, but gladly this EasyAcc iphone 7 plus glass protector is shatterproof and still keeps 99% transmittance to display all the colours and touch remains at it's highest. Putting it on is easy you don't have to worry about bubbles or scratches appearing as it's anti-scratch with 2.5D Arc edge. Very happy with this protector and the benefits its giving me and the phone.
  • A great screen protector
    by kevin oreilly 21/09/2016
    This item was delivered by post in a card envelope i was quiet pleased with the kit it came with a wet screen wipe and a dry wipe both to be used before putting the screen protection on. The screen cover is 99% clear and prevent damage to the screen direct it does not protect the sides. Ideal for use with a phone protector i have received this item free for an honest and unbiased opinion