Black TPU Material

Flexible TPU case fits your phone like a glove. Black TPU solve the annoying problems of fingerprints and the accumulation of dust and oil. And no more turning-yellow worries.

Custom Made

Hold everything in the right place while preserving the original shape of your phone. Precise cutouts enable easy access to all buttons and ports without any hindrance.

Decent Protection

Matte finish adds a comfortable grip to your palm, while the soft TPU gentles the impact from accidental drops and bumps.

Reviews (127)

  • Four Stars
    by Amazon Customer 25/10/2017
    It's nice and cheap but a very slippery in hands.
  • Great case.
    by Lee E Chapman 22/10/2017
    Fits perfectly and is nice and grippy so the phone will NOT slip out of your hand.
    by Jason a 21/10/2017
    Love the slim case been using it more then a month and feels like I a regular iPhone with no case I haven’t dropped it...I think but yeah love the case and the silky rubberish texture
  • This was a great buy. Trying to find a good case at ...
    by Ryan Kellogg 19/10/2017
    This was a great buy. Trying to find a good case at the store can be time consuming and expensive. This case was exactly what I was looking for.
  • Five Stars
    by Mark Patrick 18/10/2017
    Great quality!
  • Simple but well executed.
    by Chris 17/10/2017
    Excellent case. They've improved the material since I last bought their case for my iPhone 7. It feels much nicer to hold, grippy but not too grippy like a silicone case. Probably the best thin case out there for the iPhone.
  • Five Stars
    by Anna-Maria Krooupa 17/10/2017
    Excellent value for money.
  • Five Stars
    by arthi 14/10/2017
    love it!
  • Perfect cover for cheap price.
    by Rohan Jain 14/10/2017
    This case is perfect. It fits the phone well. All the cut out are perfect. The buttons are clickable. Looks slim and simple. Protects the phone well on the edges. Has a raise on the top to protect the screen.
  • Great case for iPhone 8. Very thin, easy to press buttons, and fair price.Work great with my wireless charger.
    by Matthew Hansen 12/10/2017
    Fits well, cheap, and very discreet.
  • Boring, but Perfect Case
    by psac 12/10/2017
    Plain matte black appearance, but perfect in functionality for my iPhone 8. -- Works perfectly with my Anker wireless charger. -- The front has the perfect lip so that when the phone is placed face-down the screen does not touch the surface. -- The back lip is perfectly raised so that the camera lens does not touch the surface, and the phone lies nice and flat when placed on its back. -- Button covers are nicely raised so there are no mis-presses, and you don't have to apply any more pressure than you should need to for the buttons to work. -- Surface isn't "too grippy" so that it'll stick in your pocket, and not too slippery to fall out of your hands. The only thing I could ask for more would be some cool Star Wars or Captain America logo on it, but then that wouldn't be for everyone! This is the Anker wireless charger I have:
    by Amazon Customer 07/10/2017
    in loooove. 100% recommend it to everyone
  • I am more than happy with this case my Iphone 7 is safe against ...
    by Camiloj007 12/09/2017
    I am more than happy with this case my Iphone 7 is safe against accidental drops, shocks and bumps, all buttons have easy access to all functions without removing the case. I love the fact that the fingerprints or the accumulation of dust and oil are not a problem anymore for my phone.
  • Five Stars
    by Sabrina 09/09/2017
    Simple with excellent price
  • Five Stars
    by Kodee Varner 07/09/2017
    Good fit. Good protection. A little more flexible than I had expected
  • This case is amazing quality. I had an LG G4 and loved ...
    by Amazon Customer 06/09/2017
    This case is amazing quality. I had an LG G4 and loved the case on it.($30)I wanted one that was similar, a very sleek case with minimal bulkiness and that's exactly what this case is. It does it's job of protecting the phone without adding a lot of size. I love it, and even more because of the price! ($8) This case isn't hard plastic nor gummy silicone, it's in between. It won't shatter like hard plastic and it won't slip off the phone like gummy silicone. It's the perfect medium. I love it!
  • Five Stars
    by Benjamin E Smith 27/08/2017
    Great case!!
  • As expected. Love matte black
    by Laurel Hutchinson 17/08/2017
    As expected
  • Very good quality
    by Mohammed Mousa buali 10/08/2017
    Very good item
  • Nice tight fit
    by Louis 08/08/2017
    Nice tight fit. Good case if you're looking for a thin case but I wouldn't expect it to protect your iPhone from a big a drop