More than a Case

Remains all functions a phone case should have, and the front cover with two slots and one side pocket just keeps your essentials together.

Protection in Need

Durable PU leather exterior, soft interior and hard polycarbonate shell together protect your phone from scratches, abrasions and the impact.

Free Your Hand

With the built-in kickstand, just prop it up, you can enjoy your video anytime, anywhere — without needing extra add-ons.

Reviews (8)

  • This wallet style phone case is a useful item, the phone fits in snugly and it ...
    by PhD 23/10/2016
    This wallet style phone case is a useful item, the phone fits in snugly and it gives you access to all the necessary ports and is also able to store a few essential cards. Underneath this is a flap that you can use to hide a few notes if you wish. The case is made of a durable and sturdy PU leather that will protect your phone from accidental drops while keeping it looking smart. The case is lightweight with rounded edges letting you slip the case in and out of your pocket easily. If you looking for flip case then I would definitely recommend this.
  • Good Looking Case Feels Great
    by Kay 14/10/2016
    Firstly I love the packaging - cool paper bags rather than a load of nasty plastic that you need a knife and a bomb to get into...... Lush case feels luxurious to the touch and has a handy card slot and magnetic clip for closing the cover over. I've not really tested the kickstand yet for longer than a few minutes but it looks fine does the job and is very welcome. Durable PU leather and the poly carbonate shell fit really well and give you an instant sense of safety. This case will rise to any occasion as it is a classic style and not covered in bells or whistles at all its professional lightweight durable and "good looking" I love it
  • Firstly the phone fits great in here
    by Mr E Zed 14/10/2016
    If you're going to have a phone as big as a purse, you might as well put everything in it! Firstly the phone fits great in here. An ice tight fit and feels well protected where it counts. The card holders are well made and don't feel like they'll rip off any minute. As I've now got an iPhone 7 Plus, I have no more cash to try out the wallet pocket. However it will fit my tissues to wipe away my tears when I see my credit card statement.
  • very nice
    by george leonard 11/10/2016
    excellent value
  • Fake leather is a bit off, but this is a great case
    by Seb G 25/09/2016
    Free sample sent for review. Personally, I am not a huge fan of flip cases, but if you like them then this is a good option - especially considering the low price. This is not real leather, and I have to admit that the look isn’t too realistic. It’s quite shiny with relatively shallow fake cracks in attempt to give a leather look. From a distance it just looks like a solid black case. You can’t really expect genuine leather for £10, and I have grown to like this look over time. It has its advantages - if you get something on it, you can just wipe it off quite easily. In terms of protection, I am slightly unsure with this case. The plastic holding the phone can be likened to a very thin non-protective case. The fake leather may add some protection, but if you dropped it there probably is a good chance your phone would smash. To be honest, I think you’d struggle to find any highly protective flip cases due to the nature of their design. If you don’t carry too much in your wallet, you may be able to get away with using this as your only case. There are two card slots, and there’s also a larger pouch appropriate for a few banknotes. I can see that if you are able to fit everything you need in there, this would be an appealing wallet alternative. Overall, whilst this isn’t the most attractive case to look at, there is some sense in it if you want to cut down how much you carry. There are a couple of tradeoffs due to the practical design and the lower price. Recommended.
  • Much better quality than expected
    by Sam Fox 20/09/2016
    Excellent product. For the price I was honestly expecting something of a mediocre quality, but this is superb. The magnetic closing tab works perfectly. I wish I had got this before I smashed my phone screen because it would have saved me £170.00 to get it fixed. Well worth the low price I paid.
  • EasyAcc iphone7 wallet case plus
    by Amazon Customer 20/09/2016
    The Leather wallet case looks nice in black along with my white iphone 7' and it feels tuff and durable. Nice touch it can stand your phone if i was watching a movie. Has slots for holdong credit cards. A strong magentic flip hold' and i noticed you don't have to open the flip to charge your phone.
  • I was pretty amazed how quickly EasyAcc released a nice wallet for ...
    by Mr Deineka 18/09/2016
    I was pretty amazed how quickly EasyAcc released a nice wallet for an iPhone, the phone that wasn't even released in the UK at the time. I have had a few EasyAcc wallets and cases, and all of them were really good, so I knew what I was getting, it fits the phone amazingly well, and has pockets for bank cards and oyster card - so again I can carry all in one wallet. Magnetic lock keeps everything in place. If you care for your iPhone, and I suggest you do given the price of the device - this is one of the best ways to keep it safe, and free from scratches.