EasyAcc PowerEdge 40W 4-Port Wall Charger

Powerful. Fast. Compact. All you can expect from a wall charger.

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Powerful Charge

Backing up by 40 watts of power, the charger has the full capability to charge 4 mobile devices at full speeds.

Smart Charge

Thanks to the Smart Charge Technology, the charger can charge at the maximum speed your device requires, by automatically detecting your device type.

Portable Charge

Crafted with the palm-grip frame and a foldable plug, the charger takes up minimum space — a must-have on your travel packing list.

Reviews (25)

  • Five Stars
    by Lee Guillory 09/06/2017
    very pleased
  • USB charger.
    by Stephen A. Washburn 05/06/2017
    I have two of these and use them constantly. They are great and charge quickly.
  • Great charger
    by Dave 03/06/2017
    Use this charger all the time. A re a l workhorse.
  • works as intended
    by talkinturtles 01/06/2017
    perfect for our trailer. we both need to charge our phones at the same time. works great.
  • Must have for any multi-device home.
    by Shuala Martin 15/05/2017
    GREAT product! I keep this in my kitchen so I can charge my (multiple) devices anytime. The 2A ports provide lightening fast charging and keep products from overheating during charging.
  • Great product
    by J. Vitulli 08/05/2017
    Great product and fast shipping. Would buy again in the future. Can power iPad air2, iPhone 7plus and Apple Watch without issue
  • Five Stars
    by PJCarfang 04/05/2017
    A must for travelers...
  • Five Stars
    by Deborah 04/05/2017
  • Good value, well built.
    by William 11/04/2017
    Have had it for a month. Works great with my phones and tablets. Good value, well built.
  • An excellent product. Allows us to quickly charge 4 units ...
    by Amazon Customer 09/04/2017
    An excellent product. Allows us to quickly charge 4 units at once. We carry two iPhones and an Ipad when we travel. This will be great for recharging.
  • Probably okay for cell phones, not for Bluetooth speakers
    by K R J 07/04/2017
    The company went out of their way to try to resolve the issue documented below. The USPS, however, destroyed a replacement and I was not able to test the new unit. This is a great company with whom to work. Definitely capable of charging multiple devices. The downside, however, is the output is electrically noisy. Cell phones and Samsung tablets are tolerant of this but my Bluetooth speaker (Anker) converts the electrical hash into audible output making the speaker unusable. I purchased two of these chargers and both behave this way. The speaker works fine with a variety of single output USB chargers.
  • Real handy
    by Amazon Customer 25/03/2017
    Very handy for home and travel when available outlets are available.
  • I'd buy this again!
    by SharC 28/02/2017
    Love this! I use it at my bedside where I charge my phone, gear fit 2 smart watch and iPad as well as my large battery pack. And it knows when to stop charging each item so there's no problem with over charging and cooking a battery.
  • Great Charger!
    by Deb 28/01/2017
    There are so many devices in homes now, and someone is always losing the single chargers because they are taken to a bedroom or put in a backpack or left at the house of a friend. This is so great because it can be a designated charger for use by multiple people at the same time. Love it!! Highly recommended!
  • Five Stars
    by Don 23/01/2017
    very fast
  • Good charger.
    by Stephen L. 19/01/2017
    Exactly as advertised. Quick delivery. Takes up only one space on the outlet. Fits tight enough to hold itself on the wall and stay there when pulling on the cables, with the added weight of two retractable 3' cables.
  • Great Wall charger
    by mam 05/01/2017
    Very handy. We can charge phones and fit bits at the same time.
  • Five Stars
    by WOODY 15/12/2016
    works great and my wife just loves it.
  • 5 stars
    by Janie 10/12/2016
  • This beats the single port chargers offered by Apple and ...
    by Michael-CTOBioTech 06/11/2016
    This beats the single port chargers offered by Apple and other smart-phone OEMs, excepting Motorola, that has offered 2 port plugs for some of their past products. The current Moto X Pure does not, even though it is a fast-charging system with the same 2.4 amp charge this EasyAcc offers spread over more than 1 port at a time! That's really handy if you are traveling. We bought 2 at first to replace the small, 1 port Apple units our CEO keeps losing as she rushes out of her rooms on her way to the meetings, usually with a phone to her ear. Hard to remember everything you unloaded the night before while you are multi-tasking the next day. And, the Apple ports are not the fast-charging tech that has been out and supplied by the Android crowds for a couple of years now - Apple, What's up?!!!! Tonight, I'm ordering a 3rd unit just to have plugged in around the office - it's really handy!