Fast Convenient Charge

All three outputs deliver fast charge just as your devices’ original chargers do. The built-in cable is specially made for android devices, and the rest two ports are designed for universal use.

34W of Power

Backing up by the 34 watts power, the charger powers up three devices at full speeds at once. Two power input options of 12V and 24V enable unlimited use on cars, trucks and more.

Safety First

The product is CE, RoHS and FCC certified to ensure build quality. The surge protection and full circuit protection system keep your device and yourself safe.

Reviews (33)

  • Four Stars
    by Keep fit. 20/10/2017
    Pleased with the charger. Good quality.
  • Charges great. Love the extra USB ports
    by Flex 13/10/2017
    Charges great. Love the extra USB ports, however be aware of how short the cable is, it is not long at all...close to 2-feet
  • Excellent car charger
    by hiram edwards 29/09/2017
    Excellent car charger, durable , fast charger and the usb port also is a fast charging. I have tried out about a dozen different ones this one tops all. I know have several of them and gotten rid of all others.
  • Five Stars
    by Betta Bonkers 25/09/2017
    Excellent, it has had a lot of uses and has worked very well.
  • Great price and charger
    by Jock W 30/08/2017
    Really is fast at charging my S7
  • Works great!
    by Stacey Landrum 15/08/2017
    No issues. Works great!
  • Five Stars
    by Shahriar 11/08/2017
  • One Star
    by Charles 06/07/2017
    This charger lasted 3 months but was quickly replaced with a new one and works fine.
  • Excellent! Thank You!!!
    by Bill Foster 20/06/2017
    Excellent! Thank You!!!
  • Excellent charger. Works great and charges fast
    by Herman Irizarry 24/04/2017
    Excellent charger. Works great and charges fast. Also I can charge two items at once with the cables provided. One more port is available if needed. It is fantastic.
  • Good value.
    by Amazon Customer 14/04/2017
    As described and good value.
  • Had a problem but EasyAcc took good care of me.
    by C O 07/04/2017
    This is an update to my original review which only gave 3 stars. You can see that review below. EasyAcc saw that I was not satisfied with the charger's performance and sent me a free replacement. I didn't have to approach them, they simply saw my review, asked a few questions, and offered to replace the faulty charger. The new charger performs as well as any of my other chargers. I have since updated this review to a full 5 stars, and would give an extra 6th if I could, for EasyAcc's sincere efforts to make things right. This is my second charger from them, not including the faulty one, and I will definitely buy from them again. Here was my previous review - "There are two versions of this. The other one has a coiled charger cord while this one is straight. For some reason, this one does not charge as fast as the one with the coiled cord. I was actually loosing a charge while using navigation and playing music through my helmet's Bluetooth on my motorcycle. Luckily I had an extra USB cord with me. I was able to get a faster charge with the USB cord plugged into one of the USB outlets. I don't know why the attached charger cord would charge slower but it clearly did. This is a big disappointment since the whole reason I got this one was to have the longer attached cord. The coiled one on my other EasyAcc charger puts too much strain on my phone's charger port with where I have it mounted to my bike. That one, by the way, charges more than fast enough to keep up with me playing music while using navigation on my bike."
  • Does its job
    by stu 05/04/2017
    Does it's job .. impressed with it
  • Very good but....
    by DJM 29/03/2017
    Very good but be careful with the lead into the charger It can stop working if handled roughly.
  • Awesome charger very quick well made!!
    by Tony83 25/03/2017
    Awesome charger very quick well made!! A must buy.
  • Works good. The whole blue end lights up dimly
    by Keven G. 11/03/2017
    Works good. The whole blue end lights up dimly, which makes it easy to see the connection ports at night.
  • EasyAcc have done it again!
    by Matsy 08/03/2017
    I really like this little product. I've always had an issue with USB ports inside my car and tried various different ones from different places. The main issue was the locking mechanism being poor and coming out due to vibrations from driving long distance. This little product comes in a brown box with the companys name on, inside is the product itself and a instruction manual. I took it for a good long test drive today and after 5 hours of driving, it was still in the slot nice and snug and charging my satsav and phone with no issues at a pretty good speed! Not much to say its just a USB car charger, it just works and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in your car as its rather compact. Highly recommended!
  • Five Stars
    by A. Oneill 05/03/2017
    Excellent charger currently being used on an LG G3.
  • great product.
    by Mariusz 28/02/2017
    Very powerfull charger, great product.
  • Best car charger I've bought for my mom's car for ...
    by Daniel M Torigoe 21/02/2017
    Best car charger I've bought for my mom's car for charging her Galaxy Note 2 and my Motorola Nexus 6 while traveling on the road.