EasyAcc 30W 2-Port with QC3.0 Wall Charger for UK

World’s fastest charging ever experienced on USB ports.

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Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

The Quick Charge port offers up to 4 times faster charge than conventional charger.

Smart Universal Charge

Besides Quick-Charge models, the charger adopts the cutting-edge Smart Charge technology, that offers fast charge to almost USB devices as the original chargers do.

Reliable & Safe

Adopting durable materials, and certified by CE and RoHS, the product is tested to ensure long time use. The charger and your devices are rigorously protected, thanks to the multi-circuit protection system.

Reviews (34)

  • Had to buy more because my office love the fast charging port and having two slots means ...
    by dbyn 12/03/2017
    Had to buy more because my office love the fast charging port and having two slots means my colleague plugs in instead of just stealing my charger!
  • Good product, great service
    by Darren 25/02/2017
    The item does seem to Quick Charge my HTC 10, but the problem I had is the top pin on the plug side snapped off - it's made of plastic and isn't sturdy enough. Since getting the problem I was contacted by the manufacturer. I have to say the service I received was fantastic. It turns out my item was faulty and they were happy to replace it.
  • Good Alternative / Replacement for Original supplied Quick Charge (QC) USB Chargers
    by Trisha Xuk 23/02/2017
    I got a couple of these when I got a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (with "Quick Charge" fast-charging). I'm really lazy when it comes to plugging and unplugging chargers for my regular haunts (like going to work, bedroom, downstairs while watching TV or eating/cooking, so I always get a few spare ones. for a new phone. I;ve had EasyAcc stuff before, and it's generally been really good, so I opted for a couple of these to try out, instead of getting the original Samsung charger. My impression after having these for 2-3 months, is that they are excellent. They have that premium feel about them with a really solid shiny black build quality. The two supplied USB ports, are lit up internally with a blue LED, deep inside the charger. This means you can find the port in the dark, but you can use it in the bedroom without getting blinded by a normal, exposed LED indicator. Also, once you shove a cable in, the light is almost entirely blocked from view. I think this is a great bit of design thought, and puts the product into the premium bracket. Additionally, one should note that there are two USB charge ports available; both with access to the high wattage, but one is coloured green inside, to indicate 'Quick Charge' support. The other supports 'Smart' mode, For non-Quick Charge devices, which still require a high output port. The only change if I made it, would be to have a third port available; but I'd rather have 2 well provisioned ports, rather than 3 ports, where all ports can't be guaranteed full high output charging. If I need more chargers; I think I'll probably get more of these. Fuss free - don't run hot. Feels well made, safe and premium in quality.
  • Great quick charger
    by The Calluminati 03/02/2017
    Great quick charge 3.0 charger and the extra usb port allows me to charge my tablet as well. And the extra usb cable included is an added bonus
  • Dual Quick Charger
    by roywoodham 31/01/2017
    Does what it says on the box. Good value. Highly recommended.
  • Perfect now.
    by Gordon R. Hendry 22/01/2017
    First one was faulty (it happens), manufacturer sent out new replacement which works perfectly. 5 star customer service and now a 5 star item.
  • Five Stars
    by groovydad 11/01/2017
    Just the job.
  • Brilliant
    by RobertMH 04/01/2017
    Excellent charger. Have been trying for ages to find a replacement USB charger that would charge my wife's Asus transformer book. This works perfectly. The high speed charge port delivers the 9v 2.5A required as opposed to the normal 5v 2A from std USB port. It is auto sensing however, so also works a a great charger for all my other USB devices.
  • Cable didnt work
    by Dude from Mars 04/01/2017
    The changer it self is okay but the cable supplied didn't work. I won't be sending it back on the regard.
  • Charges stuff
    by simon young 20/12/2016
    Well made good product
  • EasyAcc usb charger
    by mr j cr 20/12/2016
    Small and compact, well made, sturdy. Does the job well -charges my mobile and also has enough power to charge Tablet battery reasonably quickly.
  • Nice
    by K J 14/12/2016
    Not sure what to say about a charger. It charges, it looks well made, well finished and the turbo works on a motorola
  • Exactly as advertised. Charges phone and kindle lots faster ...
    by blossom 14/12/2016
    Exactly as advertised. Charges phone and kindle lots faster than a standard charger. Arrived quickly. Will use seller again.
  • Five Stars
    by Peter 08/12/2016
  • have 1m micro usb cable and make a very good job. Charge my smartphone and my tablet fatser ...
    by Daniel C. 05/12/2016
    This charger is very well made, have 1m micro usb cable and make a very good job. Charge my smartphone and my tablet fatser then my original chargers. I used to charge my LG G3 phone and my Google NEXUS tablet.
  • Brilliant
    by cole 03/12/2016
    Amazing in 10 mins ive full charge. Would recommend to anyone. It doesnt overheat the way other chargers do
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 02/12/2016
    I say thank you for it in all order.
  • Very Practical device charger
    by Oscar vL 23/11/2016
    Nowadays most of us have at least two USB-chargable devices that we need to charge every night, in my case my tablet and my phone. As you get more and more devices that need charging you start finding that all of the plug sockets in your house slowly get swallowed up by USB chargers, this should at least free one of your sockets up. The charger is high quality with a fingerprint-magnet glossy finish, it has two USB ports. One port supports Qualcomm Quick Charge and the other is just an ordinary USB charger port (up to 2.4A). Qualcomm Quick Charge is a type of charging port supported by certain Android phones that allows your phone to charge *very* fast. If your phone doesn't support Qualcomm Quick Charge, or you don't know what this is, don't panic - the port works just like an ordinary charging port if the device doesn't support it. I really liked this charger and found even after charging two power hungry devices for over an hour it was just warm - not even slightly hot. This indicates it has good quality, high efficiency internal components. Overall I'd highly recommend this charger to save charging ports and support a multi-device life. It's very well priced and seems great quality. Please note I received a free sample of this product in exchange for a review, the seller didn't have any input into the content of the review and simply asked me to write a review for it. This means my review is unbiased and uninfluenced by the seller.
  • As described and works well
    by Amazon Customer 08/11/2016
    All fine
  • Great product
    by mark 14/10/2016
    Very easy to use and allow charge from main so pretty quick changing.