IPX8 Waterproof

With the industry-high IPX8 level waterproof, the case can be submerged 100 feet underwater. Now just take your phone to outdoor activities like diving, swimming ? without any worry.

Transparent & Responsive

The case adopts high-sensitivity material for screen touch, so you can interact with your phone freely. The high transparency of the case allows unhampered camera functions.

Universal Compatibility

The case fits phone size of up to 5.8”, applying to most phones on the market. Extra space of the case allows for small items like keys, cards, to take on the go.

Reviews (9)

  • Five Stars
    by Mike Ikoghode 24/10/2016
    Amazing does the job and need not to worry about your phone breaking
  • Superb quality petfect for beach 🌊 use also scuba diving !!
    by Jonathan M 16/10/2016
    Great product used this on holiday and is perfect for when on beach it stops sand and bits getting into phone !! Another great option is the fact itswaterproof pop in your iphone and it's perfect for scuba diving too great for underwater shots !! Superb quality too love it really useful !!
  • Works Great, Easy To Use
    by Katherine B 24/09/2016
    I was a little hesitant about using this product because it is a little less pricy than others and my sister bought something like this (not this product) and it ruined her phone! I figured I would give it a shot since my two year old has pretty much ruined my phone anyway, so I didn't have much to lose. I'm posting some picture along with this review. These are to show that yes, I took this product into the water and yes it took pictures (not great ones cause my phones camera sucks. Not the bags fault). This product is super simple to use. It has two little clips at the top that you seal shut after you put your phone in it and, wha lah! Good to go. I used mine for about 2-3 hours at our local water park and had no issues. My phone still works just as badly as it did before I put it in the baggy. No water got in the bag It sealed it very securly. I love that I can wear it around my neck and just kind of forget about it. Not to sure about the durability and how long it will last. If one of the clips breaks I don't think you can just replace it. Prolly have to get a new one. But with the price I think it's fair and should last at least 1 summer swimming season if not longer.
  • Useful to have
    by ThomasYoung7 13/09/2016
    A handy case to have if you are on a boat or at a theme park with water based rides or at a swimming pool. This will protect your phone completely and will not allow the phone to get wet at all. It is very secure and it has a lanyard as well to hold it around your neck. Easy to use, matter of unlocking the top, put your phone in, then lock the top. It couldn't be simpler. Overall a great product and handy to have and I would highly recommend it. Ten out of ten for the product and service provided. Thanks!
  • This waterproof case is very nice and high quality materials are used for this
    by U I 13/08/2016
    The quality proceeds the waterproof case displayed in the pictures. This waterproof case is very nice and high quality materials are used for this. The waterproof case cover is so big that it can fit any size mobile. I was able to fit in my Nokia Lumia 1520 which is a huge mobile as you can see in pictures. The mobile touch screen can be used from the waterproof case easily and works perfectly. It also comes with a ribbon which can be used to hang the mobile around your neck. The is quite handy.
  • Great for price!
    by Katelyn 12/08/2016
  • Amazing photos and useable underwater!
    by Review+ 08/08/2016
    *** DISCLAIMER: We received this “Waterproof Case" from “EasyAcc" in return for an honest and genuine review of the product. All views and opinions are strictly our own and are not affiliated or influenced by our partnership with "EasyAcc" *** The case comes a standard brown envelope with the logo and product name on the front opening up you have the case inside a plastic bag, the case has a picture of an iPhone inside as well as instructions on the back of it, there is also a wrist strap/ lanyard. This universal waterproof case is amazing for people who are looking for an adventure underwater as when your phone is in the case, you can still touch the screen and the camera pictures are clear! I have a iPhone 6 and that fits comfortably in the case so I reckon a iPhone 6S + would fit as well. When you receive the case I tested it by putting it in a bath with tissue to see if it defective and this one worked perfectly! There are 2 clips which are a bit of pain to open if you have no nails but they ensure that the bag does not leak – the way they work is just by twisting them both to open the seal! You have 2 ways of wearing the case one way is around the neck and the strap fits comfortably around my neck and causes me no pain! The other way lanyard smaller to fit around your wrist, so I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference. The black colour of the waterproof looks really cool when it has your phone inside and is underwater!
  • Perfect for Outdoor - Water-bound activities!
    by Jack Bunting 07/08/2016
    I was kindly sent this product at a discounted price in exchange for my review, which is my unbiased, honest opinion. I was very surprised with this water proof case! Before i received this product i would simply wear my apple watch and leave my phone at home, i always wanted to take my phone with me as this would allow me to stay in contact while out doing water sports, as well as this i was not able to take pictures with my apple watch underwater, where as i can with now my phone! It came well packaged, in a little brown "bag" and the case its self was then further protected by a plastic bag!, the material used feels very high quality, and you can still use your phone perfectly fine while underwater! This is because you can use the touch screen through the transparent front "bit" As well as this it came with a very handy loop, which allows you to easily hold on to your phone, it is also big enough, that you can wrap it around your wrist, if this is convenient... Overall i would recommend this product to anyone that enjoys outdoor activities where you are afraid of damaging your phone!
  • An amazing product with no downsides! A must have for travelers!
    by majed 05/08/2016
    Excellent product comes neatly packaged and super fast delivery. The case suits any kind of mobile device and I tried with an iPhone 6, an Oppo Find 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S4. Not only can you store your phone in this product, but you can also store any loose change or any important notes that you do not want getting soaked. At first, I was not too sure if the product would keep my phone dry 100% and also allow me to use the screen, but now due to the high quality and accurate material on the screen, I can control my phone and I'm actually convinced that my phone will stay dry now that I have tried out this product. I took it out to the seaside upon receiving it and it was simply amazing. I was able to film everything that was going on and you can be sure to capture some great memories. The seal on the product is really good and is easy to use, simply just open the clips at the top and slot your phone in, or rather, whatever your heart desires! As I previously mentioned, you can store anything in it, including cash. This is a great quality product and the price is simply amazing for a quality product like this one. EasyAcc have once again outdone themselves with this fantastic quality product. It even has a lanyard to make it easier to transport and/or film. It is also aesthetically pleasing! As you can see in the photos, the product completely protects anything inside it, even when submerged. I would highly recommend this product along with the manufacturer. It is a must have for any traveler who likes being in water. A superb product that can be used daily and for holidays and trips with the family! I received this product at a discounted price from the seller in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I can assure you that I have done so. If you find this review helpful, please rate it so. Thanks