Premium Material

Soft and flexible TPU case fits your tablet like a glove, providing you a comfortable grip and a decent protection.

Slim Profile

Made light and unobtrusive, the case adds minimal bulkiness to your tablet without ruining easy interacting experience with a slim profile.


The case shows off the original beauty of your tablet with crystal clear TPU material. And makes a perfect match with your tablet.

Reviews (9)

  • Five Stars
    by OHANES GULBENKIAN 19/05/2017
  • Five Stars
    by Merlin 29/01/2017
    Very good. Thank you!
  • Perfect.
    by Dave2usa 18/01/2017
    Great fit providing nice discreet protection - perfect!
  • Five Stars
    by Michael D 03/01/2017
    Nice. Just as expected.
  • ... type of cover for my Samsung Note 4 and love it. The tablet is much easier to hold ...
    by D. Herron 25/12/2016
    I had this type of cover for my Samsung Note 4 and love it. The tablet is much easier to hold on to and is comfortable to handle and carry with this case. I don't need a book-like cover and this is perfect of me. My tablet is white and this case allows that to show.
  • Reasonable protection
    by Angie 67 18/12/2016
    This is a great case at a reasonable price. The only issue is you can't charge with the case on. It's not a big deal because it comes off easily.
  • 1 (2016) and am so pleased with the snug fit
    by LC 09/10/2016
    I got this item (Soft TPU Case Crystal Clear Transparent Slim Anti Slip Case) from EasyAcc for my Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 10.1 (2016) and am so pleased with the snug fit, excellent grip and appearance. Also, this case is light and easy to remove which allows you to customise the back by inserting a photo of your choice and change it as many times as you wish.
  • Great price for a good case for small drops an bumps.
    by DrewGibson 21/08/2016
    I was sent this product for free in return for my honest an unbiased review from Easyacc. I have given it 4 out of 5 stars as there are more protective cases out there but for the price you are paying for it you can't complain. The case itself is tough but flexible which is great if you are someone who takes the case on an off all the time, the case is see through which is great if you like the look of your tablet and don't want the back of it covered by a tough but bad looking case. It came packaged well enough as it is a protective case it doesn't really need a lot of protection in delivery. Overall I think its a good protective case if you are only looking for a small amount of protection for your tablet to keep it safe from small bumps and drops.
  • Amazing!
    by Samuel Watts 07/08/2016
    I received this case for a product review, and I really think it would be a worthwhile investment to buy it. It fits the device very well and the ports conform to all the right slots of the device. The actual case is made of a high quality material that is slightly bendy but also very supportive of the device's shape. The case is absolutely crystal clear and it really does allow you to show off the device you own. In conclusion I absolutely recommend this case, and it is one of the best clear cases I have ever seen in this price range, especially for a device that is this big.