Premium Material

Soft and flexible TPU case fits your tablet like a glove, providing you a comfortable grip and a decent protection.

Slim Profile

Made light and unobtrusive, the case adds minimal bulkiness to your tablet without ruining easy interacting experience with a slim profile.


The case shows off the original beauty of your tablet with crystal clear TPU material. And makes a perfect match with your tablet.

Reviewer Mom 09/21/2016

Good case, protects my tablet

This tablet protector is great. it allows me to protect my tablet and not have to worry is it gets trapped by one of my kids because it is a silicone-based case. One thing to note about it is that it's made from a thicker TPU material so that it gives support when it's on your tablet.It has openings for the camera, buttons and earbuds so you have easy access to everything you need. The case is a clear color so you won't really even notice it's there. It will prevent your tablet from sliding around too because the case has a rubber feel to it. I received this product at a discount for an honest review, all opinions expressed are my own and are based on personal experience with the product.

Cigarbuff 09/16/2016


This skin is perfect! I have a case I love for my Tab A and it is for most tablets. I wanted a skin for my Tab A in addition to this case for when I take it off to take a picture with the camera and this one will fit. It also gives me added protection if I ever drop it. I leave it on it all the time! Very happy!

Maria cartagena 09/08/2016

Great case

Great case covers well and has.a great silicone texture. Very smooth and durable. Thanks for the discounr

3LeftFeet 08/28/2016

It does give me a bit of a better grip on the tablet

This is a lightweight simple case. It helps quite a bit with preventing scratches and other normal wear and tear on a tablet. Just don't expect to get massive drop protection because it isn't built for that.I hardly notice that it's even on my tablet. It doesn't make it bulky or get in the way of plugging in cables. It does give me a bit of a better grip on the tablet, which is nice. Because it is clear, I can flashback to my teen years and make my own personal collage to put between the case and the tablet so I can personalize it. ​(I received this product in exchange for an honest an unbiased review. The opinions that are expressed here in this review are actually my own and are not influenced in any way by the seller, manufacturer, or anyone else who may be keeping my cell phone hostage unless I say nice things about this product.)

Corrina 08/27/2016

Crystal clear view

Came on time and very well packaged.Then came in a big brown strong envelope and inside a clear bag.The case is very flexible and easy to put on my tab.It feels soft and is completely clear and doesn't hardley look like you have a case on the back.It doesn't slip in my fingers which is great as I would want it to smash I do everything on this

Amazon Customer 08/26/2016

Good case for the price

received this product at a reduced rate to do my honest review on it arrived in 2 daysthe case is made touch see through plastic all the connection hole are where it shuld been and once it was on the table hard to tell there was a case so people still know what tablet you where buyingif i had to purchase a tablet i would get this for the price nothing is better

dsgib1996 08/20/2016

Great price for a good case for small drops an bumps.

I was sent this product for free in return for my honest an unbiased review from Easyacc. I have given it 4 out of 5 stars as there are more protective cases out there but for the price you are paying for it you can't complain. The case itself is tough but flexible which is great if you are someone who takes the case on an off all the time, the case is see through which is great if you like the look of your tablet and don't want the back of it covered by a tough but bad looking case.It came packaged well enough as it is a protective case it doesn't really need a lot of protection in delivery. Overall I think its a good protective case if you are only looking for a small amount of protection for your tablet to keep it safe from small bumps and drops.

Beemom2 08/09/2016

Awesome case!

I bought this case for my brother for his tablet. I bought it because the last tablet that he had the screen cracked. When he bought his new tablet I decided that I should buy him a case so that he doesn't break this one.This case is very cool because it's clear so it doesn't look like there's a case on it which is what he wants. It's not very thick but it is nice and durable and it's very pliable so it's not hard. It's easy to apply and take off as needed and you can still use your camera while it's in the case. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to tell my friends now they can use the case and it not get in the way.*Disclaimer I received this product at a discount to review the product, and to give it My honest unbiased review, and opinion. I test out all the products I receive and use them before I give my opinions whether they be good or bad, they're true. When I give My unbiased opinion I try to put myself in the purchasers place as if I paid full price for the item, so It's truly unbiased. I don't get paid for any of my reviews from anyone. Not from Amazon or the individual companies, and I very much enjoy receiving, and reviewing products for all sorts of different products.

Samuel Watts 08/06/2016


I received this case for a product review, and I really think it would be a worthwhile investment to buy it.It fits the device very well and the ports conform to all the right slots of the device.The actual case is made of a high quality material that is slightly bendy but also very supportive of the device's shape.The case is absolutely crystal clear and it really does allow you to show off the device you own.In conclusion I absolutely recommend this case, and it is one of the best clear cases I have ever seen in this price range, especially for a device that is this big.

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EasyAcc TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

EasyAcc TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Fits and protects in a most unobtrusive way.

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