Compact Handheld Design

The foldable handle is convenient to hold in one hand, and takes minimum space when being folded.

3-Level Fan Speed

Fan speed is convenient to adjust. By pressing the power button, you can adjust the fan speed from low, medium to high.

Use on Multiple Occasions

Except for convenient handheld use, the built-in umbrella clip mounts on an umbrella for walking in the hot outside. 

Reviews (254)

  • Five Stars
    by Herb Wales 15/10/2017
    Very powerful and the battery lasts a long time nice bit of kit
  • Good Quality
    by barry Howes 13/10/2017
    Good value..good quality..very pleased with purchase.
  • Love this fan and would definitely buy it again
    by DAS 12/10/2017
    Love this fan and would definitely buy it again!!! You can fold the handle and point it at different angles and the highest speed is pretty high! I use it for those wonderful hot flashes. It is the bestest!
  • Highly recommend
    by Grace J 09/10/2017
    So powerful for such a small fan.
  • Easy Acc Handheld Electric Mini Fan Portable
    by maniccollector 08/10/2017
    excellent little fan perfect for them times you need to cool down quickly with various speeds its always near me on my desk excellent would recommend to all good well made solid
  • Must have for ladies of a certain age
    by Val Marshall 08/10/2017
    Quiet and powerful I wish I'd bought one years ago, love it
  • Best handheld fan ever made
    by Georgia1980 07/10/2017
    This is the best handheld fan ever. Three powerful settings which will keep you cool on even the hottest day. It is easy to recharge and a great shape to hold. I've had mine for nearly a year and it is still working perfectly, and I use it a lot.
  • Very cool air, great product
    by Sonia Lynam 07/10/2017
    Thank you to Ade, who mentioned the strip that needs taking out of the battery slot before it starts working. I've had this since May and not used it due to it not working without plugging it in and the lead is very short. Other than that, it's a great fan, blowing out quite cold air at some speed. I'm using to manage hot flushes. Great product.
  • 10 stars if I could!!!
    by Griselle E Hernandez 07/10/2017
    This mini fan is more than perfect. Is so powerful, amazing!!!! My 1yr old and I have survived the now 4 wks post hurricane blackout and Caribbean heat thanks to it. Battery lasts so many hrs, more than 10 in the lowest speed, and is easily recharged. Is pocket size so is very easy to carry. Soooi lucky to have it!!
  • amazing really good and powerful
    by Amazon Customer 06/10/2017
    amazing really good and powerful, also it bends and can be charge from a usb or battery replacement, don't forget to take out the plastic thingy from the batteries so it will charge
  • This is honestly one of the best purchases I've made
    by BEvans304 04/10/2017
    This is honestly one of the best purchases I've made. It is an excellent handheld fan that is charged by USB! I love it!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 03/10/2017
    Amazing fan
  • Five Stars
    by mrs c. stevenson 02/10/2017
    Brilliant little fan and very powerful.
  • Wish I found this years ago!
    by motormag913 01/10/2017
    Amazingly quiet yet powerful 3 speed fan. Being able to charge it by plugging it in instead if batteries AND having it hold a charge for several days, is a dream. Not to mention being able to fold the handle to use it on a desktop... perfection!!
  • Great product.
    by Jess 01/10/2017
    Very solid product. Everything was as per advertised. Prompt delivery as well. I would buy it again if I need another one. Great product.
  • Just the job
    by CMS 30/09/2017
    This is brilliant. I am unfortunately going through that time of hot flushes. I have this in a little bag inside my handbag. I have a large handbag. Its great for getting out and cooling off. In fact some other people have seen it and will be ordering for themselves as its a great little fan for many uses. I will definitely be taking on holiday for use in the sunshine but also good for my flushes.
  • Love it!
    by Amazon Customer 28/09/2017
    OMG!!! Love it!!!
  • This fan is great, it’s really powerful for a small fan and ...
    by Elaine Spaven 28/09/2017
    This fan is great, it’s really powerful for a small fan and ideal because it’s rechargeable. I would definitely recommend it
  • Five Stars
    by M.MESBAHI 28/09/2017
    very handy fan and does the job very well.
  • So glad I bought this fan!
    by BellaSouth 27/09/2017
    Wow, this is one powerful little fan! I was hesitant to buy it because handheld fans I've had in the past were wimpy and loud and needed frequent battery replacement. This wonderful fan is strong, it's relatively quiet, and lasts a LONG time. I also love how you can bend it to "sit" on a countertop or table. Highly recommended!