Compact Handheld Design

The foldable handle is convenient to hold in one hand, and takes minimum space when being folded.

3-Level Fan Speed

Fan speed is convenient to adjust. By pressing the power button, you can adjust the fan speed from low, medium to high.

Use on Multiple Occasions

Except for convenient handheld use, the built-in umbrella clip mounts on an umbrella for walking in the hot outside. 

Reviews (153)

  • This little fan is amazing! It's only about 4 inches across
    by Claudia Castle 21/07/2017
    This little fan is amazing! It's only about 4 inches across, but works better than a lot of bigger fans. I think that must be because of the unique design of the blade. I forgot that it had 3 speeds and was very impressed with it when I first turned it on. Then I discovered that by pushing the power button a second time it went to medium and then to high. The batteries were fully charged and in place. Just make sure you remove the battery cover and pull out the plastic tab that is between the batteries and the contacts or the fan won't work. It's compact and lightweight so it's easy to hold and can fold to stand on the table. Works great either way. The handle is about 4 inches long. It can also be hung up, but I haven't tried that yet. Folds up to about 4 inches across by about 2 inches deep so it can be carried in a pocketbook to go with you anywhere. It comes with a micro usb charging cable, LG battery and user manual. I bought an electric charger with 2 extra batteries to go with the fan. Delivery was very fast and packaging was fine. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a small handheld fan.
  • Don't Think Twice...You Need This!
    by CinchoSis 20/07/2017
    I usually don't take the time to write product reviews, and I've been with Amazon since their inception...HOWEVER, this product is so freaking fabulous that I had to post this comment. It is so great that I am about to purchase another one and keep this one which was a gift for my niece who plays college basketball and works out regularly.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 20/07/2017
    My husband and I both appreciate the small fan! Well made...
  • Five Stars
    by Betty 19/07/2017
    Best small fan I have purchased, keeps me cool when not in air cond.
  • I am very happy with this purchase
    by Lori 15/07/2017
    This fan really moves some air! For anyone reading the reviews that say it only works when it is plugged in, there is a tab in the battery compartment covering one end of the battery. This needs to be removed before you use the fan with a the battery. I am very happy with this purchase.
  • Five Stars
    by E. Hernandez 13/07/2017
    Works great!
  • Traveling thru Italy for 3 weeks in June where the people do not believe in a/c and look at you like you're a Martian for being
    by April 12/07/2017
    You have no idea how this little fan saved my life. Traveling thru Italy for 3 weeks in June where the people do not believe in a/c and look at you like you're a Martian for being hot. The best-- flight to Paris was 9.5 hours and just very warm in my part of the plane. I had this lovely little fan on for 95% of the flight and it never stopped. Used it in all the hot museums with no a/c and boy the looks I got!! Other tourists were so jealous. I also took a charger just in case but never needed it. It's so small it fit easily in my hubby sling when I wasn't using it. Also fantastic to use over night in our rentals bc im used to "white noise". I will order 2 more for my family.
  • Keeps me cool while waiting on NYC trains
    by Wendy Jimenez 05/07/2017
    powerful for it size. Keeps me cool while waiting on NYC trains.
  • Best buy ever
    by R T 05/07/2017
    Best buy ever! Took this to Europe for a trip. Used it at night for a cool breeze and it worked wonderfully. On low, it will last more than 8 hours if you can't plug it in while using it. Then, for added bonus, we had to hand wash some clothes. We hung the clothes up, put the fan on them and they dried in half the time. Used it to defog the bathroom when taking a shower too. Cooling, clothes drying, defogger. This little thing does it all and I will definitely take it on any trips with me in the future.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 02/07/2017
    Fab little product, charges up via USB and is powerful concerning its size
  • Great fan
    by pcc1 01/07/2017
    Excellent fan. Love it.
  • Five Stars
    by silverwing 600 29/06/2017
    Easy to use compact
  • ust buy it!!!!! I am in my 50s and boy do I suffer from heat. Everywhere I am, there's a fan. This fan is my NBF
    by Saintspenny 29/06/2017
    Amazing little fan!
  • Five Stars
    by Hung Chau 28/06/2017
    Love it... Work great in Cancun... Battery last pretty long at low setting
  • Fits into modt handbags
    by ladybabe 28/06/2017
    Brought this as a gift for a friend and she loves it she has also found it fits into most handbags which has been perfect in the hot weather she even fit it into a clutch bag for a recent function she attended and provided you font have it on fastest setting for long she stated that it lasted a full work day (8hrs). She can highly recommendeds this product
  • Expectations Exceeded!
    by Amazon Customer 27/06/2017
    This fan exceeded my expectations. The variable speeds are all great and the blades spin fairly quietly. Super impressed. Just wish it came in more colors. I'll be ordering more sonoir family isn't fighting over who gets this one.
  • I am very happy with the product
    by Silvia 27/06/2017
    I requested return, but it is my mistakes. I was not fully understood how to use it. Once I knew, I am very happy with the product. My sincere apology for return request.
  • Five Stars
    by william orsini 27/06/2017
    Very good
  • My new favorite gadget!
    by Jonathon 27/06/2017
    Superbly designed fan. Provides anything from a nice breeze to a mini twister. Fairly quiet too.
  • Powerful & quiet
    by A. Bland 27/06/2017
    Quiet on low, just slightly louder than a PC fan so wouldn't be noticed in an office etc. On full it's very powerful, almost excessive, also loud but that's just physics. literally about 10x the power of those little AA battery powered foam fans. Surprisingly good build quality. It's bigger than appears in pictures.