Compact Handheld Design

The foldable handle is convenient to hold in one hand, and takes minimum space when being folded.

3-Level Fan Speed

Fan speed is convenient to adjust. By pressing the power button, you can adjust the fan speed from low, medium to high.

Use on Multiple Occasions

Except for convenient handheld use, the built-in umbrella clip mounts on an umbrella for walking in the hot outside. And the metal clip hangs to a desk or bed edge for hands-free use.

Reviews (110)

  • Mini fan
    by Amazon Customer 25/05/2017
    I just got it and I love it already! Fairly strong for a small fan.
  • how did we live without this?
    by Sohrab 24/05/2017
    Works indefinitely for more than the published 8 hours on low and cools brilliantly. Others come with a small metal clip to hang off book shelves but this one has the same plastic mold but they dont provide a simple clip - hence dinged a star. Fan by itself works perfectly
  • Amazing little fan!
    by Edmarys Lopez 22/05/2017
    Amazing little fan, we take it with us when we go to theme parks and it works perfectly. It has 3 speeds and kept us cool during Florida's humid & hot weather.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 16/05/2017
  • This is perfect on my office desk
    by Psychotria Elatra 16/05/2017
    This is perfect on my office desk. Since summer is coming this will be very useful. No battery needed just plug the usb on your computer and it will give you soothing air. Thanks
  • I love it!
    by IRAHI 11/05/2017
    In my work have an area very warm and early in the morning a girl like do the make up this is perfect for refresh while doing it. Whatever, it is for all places because the size, the weight and not produce noise. It's very good price-quality. I hope it will very durable.
  • Fast shipper great product!
    by Octavio Madrid 10/05/2017
    Fast working fan and usb charging. Fast shipper great product!
  • Love
    by Blaize 08/05/2017
    Love this little personal fan. It is well made and super easy to use. I can good this up and it fits rught into my purse so it's with me wherever I may need it. And being that it's rechargeable, it's even better.
  • Did its job
    by breezy webb 07/05/2017
    I got this for my daughter's softball games. It is very hot out there. This cimbined with my cool oack i was actually able to stay comfortable. So happy i decided on this.
  • Just in time for summer
    by Bright Anna 05/05/2017
    I got this last week and it's been pretty handy. After 3 months of bipolar mother nature spring is officially here and the temps are up ! It charges in about an hour, I let it go over night when it first arrived. Folding handle is nice to fit into med- larger size purses. Pretty good air flow for the small size. Add on a clip and I can see this being really handy for strollers or car seats.
  • Five Stars
    by pam z. 05/05/2017
    Love it-- have two.
  • Good for Outdoor Activities
    by Yanping Wu 05/05/2017
    Summer is coming. Getting it ready for hiking and picnic.
  • cute little fan which works wonders.
    by hina altaf 04/05/2017
    This is a cute little idi bidi fan. I did not know small fans like this one exist until I saw it on amazon and decided to try it out. This fan blows a generous amount of air for being so little. I get hot all the time and this is just perfect. It is rechargable and something I can take while I travel. I specially need my fan when I go to stay in the hotels because i can not sleep without a fan.
  • Great little fan
    by Rob Wayne 03/05/2017
    I didn't expect much when I first bought this but after I charged it and turned it on, I was really blown away by the quality and amount of air this little guy pushed out. There are 3 speed settings, low medium and high. I found it very easy to attach to the inside of my full size umbrella. I like how it can be placed on my desk wit the handle folded and used as a base. The fan seems well built, pushed a lot of air and is easily recharged via usb. I keep it next to my bed at night on high to provide "white noise" I am very happy with this little fan and will buy more as gifts.
  • Small and pawerfull
    by Us 03/05/2017
    This is so amazing. I carry every where. Small but powerful. I can take to the beach , to the game or to the office. Well made Very light. I am thinking in a way to attack to my belt fire when I run.
  • nice mini electric fan
    by leah terracciano 03/05/2017
    I bought this for my mom its very helpful to her especially she old now and she always complaining using the hand fan. this is very easy to use and 3 choices for the speed and don't need to worry about buying batteries, when get weak its rechargeable. the handle is very comfortable to the hands and easy to carry just fold and you can put even for small bag.
  • Mighty Mini Fan!
    by Riverodder 01/05/2017
    I cannot believe the amount of air this little fan provides! It has three speeds and I rarely need more than the lowest setting. It is small enough to fit in my purse. It also sits on my desk and does the job of a big fan without taking up too much space The battery seems to last quite a while. If it looks like it will hold up I will be buying a couple more.
  • absolutely fab.... fits in handbag. ...
    by gordon barnes 01/05/2017
    absolutely fab....fits in handbag.....3speed....does the job....stands up and charges up via usb
  • Powerful 3-Speed Rechargeable USB Handheld Fan
    by Filup d'Rose 26/04/2017
    This is a powerful 3 speed handheld fan. It's USB rechargeable, and has a LED battery power indicator. The battery is replaceable. I'm used to buying those 99 cent ones you find at the dollar stores which were better than nothing. After surviving two +90 F hot spells that continued for weeks in Europe and South America, I decided to include this fan in my travel kit. It is compact enough to carry around in a small backpack or purse, and it will be well worth it when the time comes to pause and cool off. It's a travel fan, and I'm sure it will serve me well. I'm looking forward to my next trip with it!
  • Five Stars
    by Antony Millett 26/04/2017
    Very powerful with 3 settings, very fast delivery.