Seamless Fit

Flexible edge seamlessly wraps the phone corners like a glove, while the 3H hardness back acrylic material helps to resist daily scratches. All functions and accesses are precisely reserved as your original device does.

Unburdens Your device

With a lightweight and unobtrusive design, the case adds bulkiness to the minimum extent with added protection.

Premium TPU Material

The simple ultra-clear finish perfectly matches your device, and maintains the original beauty of your device.

Reviews (30)

  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 07/02/2017
  • Five Stars
    by Mrs. Helen Carlisle 01/02/2017
    As expected
  • iPad case
    by Mrs Rosemary Pockett 31/01/2017
    Lovely soft cover and you can see the colour of iPad
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 27/01/2017
    Protects the iPad very well
  • Honest case!
    by Toon W. 25/01/2017
    Simple, decent case, I also have the flip case from EasyAcc, but I mostly use this one when I'm at home - just because it's so convenient and adds virtually no weight to the device, while still protecting the back. The material is high quality and does not impair the original look of the device.
  • Back and edge protection without being obtrusive.
    by Dog 21/01/2017
    Perfect for what I wanted. Protects the back and edges of my iPad pro without being obtrusive.
  • Does the job perfectly
    by A.Howell 30/12/2016
    Does the job perfectly, great price for what it is considering how much more apple's own products are. Fits on and off very easily and DOES NOT SCRATCH your iPad like a lot of cheap covers do!!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 15/12/2016
    Very good product, fits snugly
  • good
    by amazoner 05/12/2016
    well grip, clear
  • Clear winner
    by chunkydunky 03/12/2016
    Very easy to fix on and has a nice feel about it without detracting from the look of the IPad.
  • can't be good!! Product does what it says on the ...
    by Amazon Customer 09/11/2016
    Extremely excessive packaging....can't be good!! Product does what it says on the tin.....
  • Amazing
    by MARAM 28/10/2016
    Absolutely worth every penny Highly recommended .
  • It will do the job
    by AdamZA 14/10/2016
    I have only just received this TPU case for my iPad Pro 12.9" so these are my initial impressions. I purchased this case needing to protect the back of my iPad but not willing to spend a large amount of money - as such, I wanted a case on a budget to offer suitable protection. The case fits well enough over the iPad and offers maybe 1mm raised protection over the screen. There are cutouts for everything required, including (rather optimistically) the smart connector, even though by having a case on this I'm not sure how the smart connector cutout would be of use anyway. This cutout is also a bit unsightly (see pictures) and is the weak point of the case. There is barely any feel to the power/volume buttons when you press them. I find this particularly annoying with the power button. All in all, if you're looking for a TPU case on a budget, this will do the job.
  • Perfect, reasonably-priced case
    by Mr. G. Kelly 25/09/2016
    Having spent a not-so-small fortune on the iPad Pro (which I'm writing this review on), and throwing envious glances at the Apple Pencil, I was struggling to justify an expensive case. Only wanting a gel skin type case, I think I nearly swallowed my tongue when I spotted the price of the official Apple case. So I took to Amazon to find a suitable thin, light case, which shows off the iPad, while offering scratch, and a small amount of bump protection. It took me a while to find this, but I found it in the end, and it is perfect for what I needed. I can't really describe it other than to say it's a clear, flexible gel skin case, that fits perfectly and has protected it from a couple of bumps on door frames and chairs, etc. It has cutouts for the four speakers, the lightning port, mic, headphone port, camera, and the keyboard smart connector thing, as well as a moulding for the power and volume buttons. In short, it's everything I want in this type of case, whilst being roughly 10% of the price of the Apple one.
  • Five Stars
    by Koen Bauwens 26/08/2016
  • Three Stars
    by Dayananda 09/08/2016
    Good protection
  • Soft iPad Pro case, great product
    by Amazon Customer 03/08/2016
    Fits my iPad Pro perfectly. I am very pleased with my purchase, now my iPad doesn't feel cold anymore, when I am holding my device; just what I had hoped for.
  • Perfect fit
    by frothycoffee 12/07/2016
    Brilliant cover, arrived very quickly and it's clear so I can still see the lovely gold colour of my iPad
  • Five Stars
    by jandafoam 21/06/2016
    Exactly what I expected, thank you.
  • iPad Pro Case, EasyAcciPad pro 12.9 case
    by Mrs. E. Jones 11/05/2016
    Purchased the iPad Pro case recently and I find it excellent value.