EasyAcc Stereo Gaming Headphones with Powerful 40mm Driver

Impressive sound adds to the reality of the gaming world.

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Impressive Stereo Sound

Thanks to the premium 40mm driver unit, this gaming headphone delivers rich stereo sound to excite your hearing nerves. Now you can enjoy maximum reality from the ongoing games.

Comfortable Wearing

The advanced ergonomic headband is adjustable to fit all users. The large-size on-ear pads wrap your ears snuggly, so you just stay comfortable through long-time.

Easy-to-Reach Functions

On-cable functions let you control volume and microphone switch at just a press of the button away. The microphone is adjustable for all directions to fit any special angles.

Reviews (12)

  • Great headset for Xbox one
    by Amazon Customer 03/01/2017
    When I first got this headset for use with my Xbox one s I had never used a headset and so had a small problem. Plugged in and with the volume wheel on the headset turned up all the way the sound was too low and I was left disappointed. Anyway eventually figured out you control the headset volume through the Xbox dashboard and it was set to halfway so I jacked it up a bit and praise the lord the deaf could now hear again. This headset is sturdy, comfortable enough(i would adjust it slightly after a couple of hours which is probably to be expected with any headset) has a longish lead which is wrapped in such a way that it is neat and has a Velcro wrapping which will stick to your jumper/top as you play so its all very comfortable. The sound from the headset is very good you can hear all the little background noises and whatnot. I haven't used the mic yet but considering you can adjust all the settings in the Xbox dashboard I don't envisage any problems and I would have no problem recommending it for use with Xbox one, cheers.
  • Not the best headset out there but good value for money
    by Amazon Customer 30/12/2016
    I bought these a few months ago to replace my Creative HS800 Fatal1ty which, after moderate use, started to have issues with sound coming and going from the left ear piece. Having spent about £50 the first time I did not want to spent that much again on something that would need to be replaced in a few years time. This was the right sort of price that I wanted to spend. The fit is comfortable even after a few hours and the sound quality is acceptable. The mic could be better, I've had people comment I sound like an airline pilot. But for the money if it lasts the next two years I'll be happy. One very minor annoyance is that when the mic is upright it tends to rattle about when you move your head.
  • Really great value for money
    by Joe A. 10/12/2016
    Really great value for money, and I don't rate them so highly because of revolutionary sound/microphone quality but that for the money they are the best I have used. I find them very portable and the cable is long but not too long. However, the only problem is that the microphone tends to rattle when you have it upright which is a small price to pay for a value for money headset but it's still annoying
  • The best cans I have ever owned
    by Lilith 09/11/2016
    I bought these headphones for myself as I was always borrowing my husbands to listen to music/YouTube etc they arrived tonight and WOW what can I say they are fantastic I can't believe the quality of the sound for the price they are the best cans I have ever had and I have had hundreds the only problem is I now have to wrestle them from my other half 😎😜😜😜😜😘
  • Respectible budget headset!
    by OMGitsJezy 20/08/2016
    Respectible budget headset! Packaging: was good, simple no fuss! very bright and easy to read and very nicely presented. Initial thoughts: straight out of the box without taking the protective wrapper off you can feel its very light weight but very sturdy built. Very long braided tangle free wire with strong gold plated connections is always a bonus, looking at the headset its clearly been made with love and respect for the product! The build quality is really good, attention to detail is perfect! which is rare for a budget headset..... Performance: this is were you forget it's a budget headset! I have tested it with more than a hours gameplay on CS:GO, COD, Forza, Destiny, Minecraft, Halo, Overwatch and Dota 2 ! and each game sounded faultless in my opinion! the microphone is better than most budget headsets and more like what you would find on a $40-$50 headset ! which is ideal if you would like to use it for live streaming ? Overall I would say this headset should be around $35 as it's better than given credit for.
  • I was provided these headphones to give an indepth and ...
    by Angus James Davidson 12/07/2016
    I was provided these headphones to give an in depth and honest review. Feel free to check out my video of these headphones. I have added a list below to summarise my review. Pros: -Excellent value for money -Solid overall sound experience -Fantastic design Cons: -Poor mic quality -Disappointing 7.1ch effect -Poor bass
  • Awesome for general use and gaming
    by PR REVIEWS 01/07/2016
    Arrived well packaged in a branded box. The sound quality is excellent, both for gaming, for acoustics, for music and for calls. I tested with some friends on Skype and they said the microphone was good quality. Build wise it's extremely sturdy, with well-made ports,usually the weakest point and no-tangle wire. Visually it's a very attractive headset. They fit snug, the weight is perfect, really light, very nice fit, some of the most comfortable I’ve tried. The design of these is different to any others that I own, the stability is given in a sturdy plastic top band that holds then in shape. The comfort is given by a loose leather headband. This means that as you pull them down on your head it extends and give you a very comfortable position without the need to adjust. The sound is crisp and clear,cant fault these. The cable is made from non tangle synthetic and it feels very high quality. Should last years. Highly recommended.
  • Great all round headset
    by waddle 27/06/2016
    I bought this gaming headset as i needed a headset i could use with my computer while gaming. This headset comes with two 3.5mm jacks one for your mic and the other for your headphone. This headset also comes with an adapter that puts the two jacks into the one so if you want you can use this headset in two different ways. The ear pads feel really comfortable and the head rest part is nice and padded so you can wear them for long periods of time and not have any discomfort. The sound quality from this gaming headset is really good and has good bass on them. Disclaimer I got this gaming headset at a discounted price in return for my honest review. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and i will be happy to help
  • Great value headphones
    by zjeeva 27/06/2016
    These are a decent pair of headphones. They look great and are of solid build quality. When using the headphones you can definitely feel the power of the 40mm drivers booming against your ears, while the sound is remarkably clear. The orange accent looks amazing and you can move the microphone up and down to move it out of the way which is great unlike many other headphones. These headphones do not have the standard side adjustments to adjust the size of the headband. Instead, it uses an elastic material and two pipes over the top to allow you throw the headphones and it should fit straight away. The cable has a volume adjustment dial as well as a microphone on/off switch which is very useful. It does not require USB power and just requires you to insert the green jack for audio and pink jack for the mic.
  • Great
    by TechTuber 26/06/2016
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01G53E8YY It comes in nice neat packaging. The headset fits snug on your head and comes in nice colours that suit really well. It is made from nice comfortable materials and the audio quality is amazing one of the best i have used. The cable is made from nylon and will not fray or break easily. Overall i would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a good gaming head set.
  • Overall this is an extremely good headset, with good sound quality and a pretty ...
    by Joe Stewart 16/06/2016
    My review of the Gaming headphones / headset. Overall this is an extremely good headset, with good sound quality and a pretty good microphone. The headset itself is extremely comfy and rests on your head with no trouble and will slide, down to your size very easily and rest there nicely . The sound quality of the headphones are 10/10, the sound is separated well between each ear piece (mono and stereo), the base quality is also perfect, as if your a gamer that is listening for base such as footsteps on CS GO (Counter strike Global Offensive) you can hear the very well separating them from other things, such as game sounds. The microphone quality rated by my friends, and my own personal listening would be about and 9/10, The quality is very clear compared to in built laptop microphones, but also very loud if you keep the microphone too close to your mouth, but it's easy to adjust away from your mouth. The headset comfy-ness and looks are about 9.8/10, The headset is extremely comfy, and adjusts easily to the size of your head with the adjustable bands built into the headset. The looks of the headset is extremely nice and probably one of the nicest looking headsets I've ever owned in my own opinion. To conclude this headset is 100% worth it's value and probably worth more and i would recommend buying the headset. If you have a question about this item, there's an "Ask a Question" button on this page where i will try my best to reply.
  • Excellent build quality that provides a believeable 7.1 experience
    by RBReviews 16/06/2016
    *Tested on PC both with and without a HTC Vive* This 7.1 surround headset is a great piece of kit for this price. I don't have any other 7.1 headsets so I was interested to see just how good 7.1 surround is in headset form. I have 7.1 speakers already, but no headset. In the box: 1x 7.1 surround headset 1x 2-in-1 adaptor Ultimately people want to know the following when buying a headset: Comfort Build quality Sound quality Microphone quality Style Comfort: The headset is really comfortable. The ear foams were large enough to go over my ears with room to spare, and there was no 'head squeeze' to speak of. The ear foam itself is also thick enough to stop my ears rubbing against the pads - a thumbs up over some others that I've tried at this price. Build Quality: It's a well built unit with a great professional feel to them. They feel like they have been designed and made with a lot of care and attention. Sound quality: The sound quality of this headset is great! You do get a little bit of a fishbowl effect when compared with open backed headphones but you get more of the bass at the same time; it's a common trade off with closed back headphones. Volume controls are in line on the cable for convenience. Microphone quality: The microphone quality is great! I recorded myself and played it back and was surprised by how good the quality was. I couldn't hear any hiss at all. The microphone arm rotates all the way up into the headset arm as well to stay out of the way, which is really helpful in VR. The arm itself is made from flexible plastic can be positioned as close or as far away from your mouth as you'd like; A great advantage over other headsets in this price range. The mic can be muted by an in-line switch. Style: This thing looks great! It's a really nice professional looking headset, one that you'd be happy to be seen at your local LAN party with. Tip: Use the included adaptor if you plan to use this on a 2-in-1 stereo connection It's al.....