7.1 Surround Sound

The advanced 7.1 surround sound delivers rich stereo sound, helping you determine enemies’ directions. The vibration effect adds to the vividness of battlefield.

Comfortable Wearing

The advanced ergonomic headband is adjustable to fit all users. While the large-size on-ear pads wrap you ears snuggly, so you just stay comfortable through long-time.

Easy-to-Reach Functions

On-cable functions let you control volume, microphone switch, vibrations at just a press of the button away. The microphone is adjustable for all directions to fit any special angles.


Reviews (19)

  • Good gaming mic for the price!
    by Knopi 11/05/2017
    This is the first gaming mic/headphone set I have had. That being said I think they are quite good. The sound quality is excellent and has a pretty surprising amount of bass for headphones. The mic is calibrated well, so it only picks up what I want it to. I have tried three other mics here and they all had feedback and/or picked up traffic outside my window, etc. This one is clean, and when my hubby tried it, he doesn't have to repeat himself - which is impressive because he mumbles a lot! It seems to be built pretty well. The pressure strings on the head rest could be a weak point but time will tell. The USB wire is solid and connects well though. All in all, I think this product is recommendable. Hope this helps!
  • These headphones are very good especially for the money
    by richard alderson 13/04/2017
    These headphones are very good especially for the money,you can hear everything clearly in games like call of duty,I would definitely recommend
  • Amazing sound quality, very cool look!
    by Thistle 08/04/2017
    As a gamer who lives alone, I never really wanted to bother with headsets. Why would I need to, when I can just use my speakers without bothering anyone? But I wanted to try voice chatting, and for that I needed a mic. It's a lot easier to get a mic with a headset than without. Little did I realize how much better game sounds could be with a quality headset! It's so cool, it's like I opened up a whole new aspect of my games! The sounds through are simply outstanding with these. I'm used to earbuds, so I was worried this headset would be heavy and hot, but they're not. They're lightweight and the cushions are so soft I kept forgetting I was wearing them. I really love the style of them. The red glow on the sides is so striking, and the tip of the mic glows red when it's on, so you won't forget and broadcast something you don't want to. Very cool and useful headsets!
  • This is a nice headset. The sound quality from this very good
    by chue 05/04/2017
    This is a nice headset. The sound quality from this very good. One star off due to the mic quality. It feels cheap and the mic is on the low side. In addition, you have to talk very very loud for the mic to get a decent record otherwise it sound as you are whispering.
  • and so glad I did
    by Graham Hesford 21/03/2017
    My previous PC gaming headset failed, so treated myself to a new one as an early birthday present, I looked at others, but kept coming back to this model...and so glad I did! Lovely build quality (actually better than my previous set, which were also more expensive!) strong cabling, absolutely awesome sound, cool understated styling, and the price, insane. These feel really premium. Tried them with my go-to game for surround sound, Alien Isolation...my oh my, fantastic, and the rumble feature, which I thought would be naff, is actually very very good, a neat feature that works brilliantly. So happy and impressed. Delivered quickly too. These have GOT to be the BEST 7.1 gaming headset at this price, hands down. If I do have a gripe, it's probably the in-line remote, it's kind of large, but, that said, it feels sturdy and well made, as does the headset itself. The microphone is excellent too, very clear, with no distortion, like the headset sound. Very much recommended. If you're in the market for a budget gaming headset with 7.1 capability...look no further, these are stonking.
  • Super high quality sound and awesome sound effects
    by Amazon Customer 14/02/2017
    Never invested in a decent pair of headphones before - I started tinkering around with the sound settings and enabled the surround sound settings and environment effects O.O wow it was incredible! Listened to Blue Stahli and it felt like I was at the concert hall xD - and then I decided to play Payday 2 with my friends... O.o let's just say that for less than £30 this is a steal for sure. I would tots recommend.
  • Five Stars
    by Suzanne Mesones 06/02/2017
    Great for the price
  • I would highly recommend this
    by john 12/01/2017
    quality headset for the money. I would highly recommend this item
  • Best Windows 7.1 Surround-Sound Gaming Headset! All Day Comfort!
    by Umar Abid 29/12/2016
    So my journey and here my third usb headset. The first headset was Sumvision Nemesis AKUMA 7.1 gaming headset software which was good but the wire was not beaded after 1 year it came lose and opened so then I searched and found second headset Sades Shaker Wired 7.1 Stereo Gaming Headset with Removable Noise Cancelling Mic but the mic came and was not working and headsets were uncomfortable to wear so I returned to amazon and now this my third headets the EasyAcc 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headphones. Now when it arrived was very fast and seller was epic and good so I have to worry to buy from EasyAcc.U Store. This seller also has support which was good. Know before I begin you first have to download the drivers but the cd comes with has all the drivers from xp, windows 7, window8.0, windows 8.1, windows 10. If you need to download the drivers, you can find it here [...] Now when I opened the box they looked good and solid build. How long these will last well I cannot say but lets hope it last more than year as I use my headphone every day. The mic is not removable but it can be let up until it is needed. When you plug this in to any port on your headsets the headsets light up to me I don’t care but the mic comes on by default which I think ok but I have to mute every time as I don’t use the mic that much. The Vibration Function is strange as it really does feel like earthquake on your head lol. I have not noticed a lot of Vibration Function but only about 3 times since I had these headsets and you can really hear it when it does happen. The sound is really good on these and for £25.99 on 29/12/2016 you cannot go wrong. You can really hear the 7.1 when the software is installed as you will need the software to drive the headsets. The mic is also really good and is very clear. The comfort of these headphone are the best I have ever worn in term of comfort it can be worn all day long without it hurting your ears. I also were glasses so after a whil.....
  • brilliant headset
    by connor tosney 06/12/2016
    personally i found this headset great! i would recommend it to anyone who considers buying this product! the aesthetics of this product is amazing, when plugged in to PC/Console it lights up on the side with their well known symbol and also at the tip of the mic.The black personally i find this to look very nice especially with the red lights that emit from it. Also lets move on to how comfortable it is, now when i put the headset on i realised that the material on the top moves with your head so its pretty well designed in that area. the mic is places to move around the headset earphone which is nice little feature for this headset. now the most important part of the headset is how it sounds, its sounds brilliant, its very clear when spoken into and also another thing to note is that when playing a game it sounds amazing almost like your in the situation yourself. the only way to truly know if this headset is for you is to actually buy it! so go ahead and get one for yourself, you most likely wont regret it.
  • Birthday gift
    by Amazon Customer 04/12/2016
    My daughter is thrilled with this headset i got her for her ps4, she is convinced they must have cost hundreds of pounds, she said they are very comfortable and fantastic audio, they also look really impressive.
  • Five Stars
    by this is a good game 28/11/2016
    great for the price I got it (I got it for £25) I will never come back thanks
  • EasyAcc G1 Virual 7.1 Surround Sound Gamign headset
    by Alfie Barton 16/11/2016
    I was sent this product to review. I have the rated this product 5 stars because It is a very good product. The sound quality is the best and there's a feature where you can have the vibration on or off. it works really well on pc and there is no connection issues. the overall design of the product is amazing. The stretchable head piece is very handy as it moulds to your head leaving a good fit. At the end of the mic, there is a red LED that is red when your mic is not on mute and is off when your muted. This is very convenient as I don't want to be disrupted by people. Overall this product it very good and has a lot of amazing features. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to not be disturb while using the product and anyone who wants to listen to music in peace.
  • Attractive and comfortable
    by Chris 12/07/2016
    This is a set of gaming headphones that works via USB, which means it's suitable for both PS4 and PC. I tested with both, but have primarily been using them on the PS4. I did test on my PC briefly to ensure they worked fine and had no problems with Windows 10. It needed the driver installed for the vibration function, but just for listening no driver was required so could be used plug and play with a new laptop for example. I have been using these whilst gaming on my PS4 for about a month now to test them. They're pretty comfortable to wear - not the most comfortable headset I've worn, but certainly comfortable enough to wear for a few hours gaming, with well padded ear pieces and a stretchy top band. They look prety unique, and very cool/professional. They have a volume button on the headset which works perfectly, and the microphone is decent if using voice chat. Sound quality is very good over all, even at higher volumes, with no noticeable distortion. I'm not an audiophile, but am happy gaming and listening to music with this. The final feature - the vibration. Personally I don't like it, it takes deep bass noises and adds a weird vibration that to me was more like a buzz. Personal taste, I can see some people thinking it's cool. If you don't like it, it can be toggled on/off very easily so it's not a problem so I haven't let that impact my review. It's an attractive, comfortable, good quality gaming headset at a relatively low price, so I'm happy with it. Note that I received a discount on this item and a review was requested. This has not affected my honest opinion of the product.
  • Amazing Gaming Headset!!
    by HS 30/06/2016
    Amazing Product! I have had this product for about a week now and i am absolutely loving it. I have not only used this for gaming but for also productivity, primarily i use this gaming headset to PC game (Mostly Counter Strike). And i have found this headset to be great for this, its connection is through USB so is can be easily used for PC. When connected using USB the leds on both sides and the microphone indication light come on, to create a great red and black theme. The Microphone indication light is very useful especially in gaming as it allows you to know if your microphone is enabled or disabled, you can toggle this feature using the 'MIC' button. On this control station of the headset there is also a vibration toggle button and a volume rocker. The vibration toggle button allows you to enable the vibration function when in use which i find intriguing but yet is not that good so hinders the overall sound quality. The microphone bracket can be pushed up providing it is not being used, this allows you to place the microphone where you find it comfortable. This headset is one of the most comfortable headsets i have used, the headband is soft and snug which allows you to go through long gaming sessions without feeling uncomfortable. The retractable cables attached to the headband make for a great fit as this allows the headset to shape around your head. The overall sound quality is good but as i mentioned before is hindered by the vibration function (Which can be disabled). As a whole i would rate this product 8/10 and would highly recommend it to anyone interested.
  • great sound and very comfortable too
    by Habibi17 23/06/2016
    Disclaimer: I was kindly provided this item for free/at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion about the product, so here goes... These are the best gaming headphones I have come across. They are very comfortable and look really smart too. The twin head strap ensures that the headphones sit comfortably and securely on the head, the ear phones too are large enough and powerful enough to immerse yourself into gaming and with the 7.1 surround it makes gaming a superb experience. The lead is also large enough to connect to a device on the other side of the room and the volume dial on the lead is easily accessible and simple to use. Overall a superb set of headphones.
  • nice headset for pc gamers
    by KPTheTechGuy 22/06/2016
    Let me start off by saying that this headset is very very comfortable. These are one of the most comfortable headsets i've tested. The ear cups cover the whole ear which reduces background noise. This is great because it enables you to hear what you want without that fuzzing noise from a pc fan for the noise of a busy street. Also, the mic on this is amazing too. The sound is crisp and clear and the dials on the inline is very responsive and modern, modern in the sense that there is a dial for the volume not just ordinary buttons. The cable is braided and long, long enough to reach behind and desk. The sound on this headset is amazing and clear. The virtual surround sound is great for fps (First Person Shooter) gamers. I gave this product 4/5 starts because only the mic functionality works on the ps3. You cannot hear in game music in the headset which is downfall especially as many people have consoles. Also, when wearing the headset for a while the areas around the headset can become sweaty and hot which takes away from the overall experience. -Note- I received a free sample from EasyAcc to test out the product.
  • Work well, nice design, look expensive
    by Tech Boy 20/06/2016
    Sorry guys for the poor video quality, i have tried adjusting this so many times to get it correct, but every time i upload the video it just keeps coming out blocky, any advice on uploading a video is welcome. I was given these headphones from EasyAcc to test, and then review. This was sent to me in exchange for an honest, and unbiased review. I have been using these headphones for a week with my PS4, and in a nutshell there decent, but could be better. The microphone is good, and the other person online can hear me well when playing online, and I can hear them well through the headphones. The usb power cable could have been made like a expandable spring design rubber cable, so it can be stretched out when in use from a distance from the console. I used an usb extension cable (male to female), and this worked fine with the headphones. The sound quality is not great, but not poor. The vibration button is a bass optimiser button, so when you press it the bass goes deeper. It does sound good when you have the vibration button pressed, even though the name vibration does not vibrate the headphones it just gives the sound output more bass than usual. They are also quite comfortable, and the volume can be adjusted from the remote attached to the headphones cable. On full volume the music did not distort, and I tried some music from my PC on YouTube, I played deep house to test the maximum level from my pc volume, and the headphones volumes all set to maximum, and there was no distortion. The logo on the side of the headphones, and on the tip of the microphone light up red when its powered on through the USB connection. I would have liked to have been giving the option to use the headphones with other devices, for example, a device with a normal headphone jack port that is on my phone, or on my tablet, this would be good for skype calling on my tablet if i was at home indoors, an extra audio jack port should be situated on these headphones, and audio cable should .....
  • An unusual vibration bass effect but it's an acquired taste to say the least
    by Gabzb 19/06/2016
    The is the second set of vibration 7.1 virtual around sound headphones that I've ordered, hoping that this set might be slightly different to the last but with the exception of the logo on the earpiece and the product packaging, they were identical to the original set ordered so having already technically reviewed them once, I said pretty much everything there was to say already and really couldn't add anything more so instead of trying to re-invent the whee so to speak, I've taken the highlights of the original review and copied them here as it wold be ridiculous to try and find new things to say about the exact same set of headphones. Hence, please excuse any repetition... I've used gaming headsets for quite some time with my PS4 and laptop so when I was asked to try out the "EasyAcc 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headphones with Cord Control and Vibration Function", I jumped at the chance. They arrived quickly, well packaged in their own product packaging and first impressions were good. The headset feels quite light in comparison to some I've tried and they look pretty cool, both on and off. Setting them up was easy although you do need to install the driver on some set ups so be aware of that if you want to experience the full effect of this headset. The extra vibration took a bit of getting used to as although it's not exactly a vibration as such, it does make your ears feel a bit weird with the additional bass effect when you first experience it until you realise what it is that's going on, especially if you're playing a game that involves deep sound effects like gunshot and explosions (i.e. not quite so noticeable with something like the Witcher 3, mid range effects with something like FFXIV but really noticeable with something like Destiny). The controls are in-line which is always a LOT easier than having to go fumbling around blindly at the ear-cuffs while wearing them. As far as the adjustable mike is concerned, others could hear.....