EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Experience the new convenience with this small magnet magic.

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One-Hand Control

Strong magnets and 3M stickers securely hold your device, whether a phone or tablet. The magnetic connection lets you attach or detach in a most convenient way.


At only 38 × 38 × 33mm / 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.3 inch, the thumb-sized car mount requires minimum space to adhere.

Build Quality

The main body is made of premium aluminum alloy that resists wear, scratches, and corrosions like a breeze.

Joseph&Marylyn Murray 09/20/2016

small but incredible!

I got this product few days ago in a plain sturdy white box and it comes with several magnetic adhesive pads, 2 extra sticky pads for the bottom of the case, alcohol pads and the ball with an instruction manual too. I like how they packed it, looks appealing to the customer.This is an incredible magnetic car mount. It seems so small but can hold larger phone. Isn’t it amazing? The mount has really strong magnet that will tightly hold your phone. They are extremely powerful. Once the phone attached to the magnetic mount you’ll even hardly separate them. Rest assured that your phone is secured enough that it won’t fall or slip. I am happy with my purchased.*I have receive this product without cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review solely based on my experience using the product. Hope I have provided enough information in my review so that you can determine whether or not this item will be right for your needs.

Andrew Dworski 09/01/2016

Great product

I love the proudct beacause it secures my phone. The adhesive works well, and has no problem sticking tk the car or phone. The mount is great because it rotates 360 degees, and is great for use with gps. I love this product.

Dalia 08/25/2016


Kept trying to find a car mount for my phone. This one works like a champ.

Allen 08/17/2016

the product itself is excellent. The magnet is extremely potent allowing it to ...

At first, I was surprised when I received the product because it came in such a little box. When I opened it, there were many objects inside that confused me at first. The instructions somewhat helped, but they were not that clear. However, now that I understand the mount, the product itself is excellent. The magnet is extremely potent allowing it to do its work well!

LakeNormanMark 08/06/2016

Solid- well made.

Perfect mount for that odd spot that other mounts just can't do. Stuck the metal disk to the back of my Tech21 case and it's still well attached months into using this product.

Ricky hendrickson 07/17/2016

I love it very much

Yes and more . I love it very much.

musser 07/13/2016

This is an Awesome phone Mount

I-Really-like-this. Elegant look and sturdy feel the mount stickers to any cleaned surface (alcohol wipes included). Mountable anywhere you see fit or desire to place it. It comes with extra disks to put on the back of any phone or different phones of each of the various drivers of the vehicle. No more universal mounts that are not universal to all phones in the family. I got more than I bargained for with this one size fits all mount. This mount would adhere to the window as well. Being small and not bulky allows the EasyAcc Universal Magnetic to be anywhere.

Danielle 07/10/2016

Best Phone Mount!

The strength this little mount has is incredible! It seems too small to hold larger phones, but holds my HTC One Max, with case, without any issues whatsoever! It comes with everything you need - base mount, magnetic disks (all with 3M brand tape) and even alcohol pads to prep the surface before adhering the tape. There are two sizes of magnetic disks - less strength and more strength, depending on your needs. Once mounted, your phone can then be turned at any angle with ease. Plus, all of this comes in a great box that would really make an awesome gift for anyone that owns a phone! Another A+ for EasyAcc!!!
This product was made available to me for free or at a discount, however, the thoughts and experiences expressed here are genuine and 100% my own. As a fellow consumer, I rely heavily on reviews before making purchases myself, so I try to be as thorough and helpful as possible. My opinions are based solely on my personal use of the product and is not influenced in any way, shape, or form by the discount I received.

SwiftTech 07/07/2016

These Magnets Are STRONG

These magnets are no joke, They are extremely powerful, almost too powerful (that’s a good thing).
Since this comes with a 3M foam double sided tape, it can stick to virtually anything, even some moderately rough surfaces, allowing you to hold big phones such as the iPhone 6S Plus and even small tablets like the iPad mini. The stand is made of a strong and solid metal, not cheap glossy plastic. This makes the product feel really premium and good to use.
Overall, I would recommend this as a stand. It is small but mighty, and suitable for many applications.
I received this product at a promotional discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.

naji 07/04/2016

This is the best car mount of all time!

This car mount is awesome! When I first got this product I was very impressed with the packaging and how well the box was constructed. This company didn't just Throw their product into a plastic bag but rather a retail box. It looked as if you could purchase this from a big brand electronic store such as Best Buy but for a much cheaper price! When you open the box you will see the mount that has a 3m sticker over the adhesive side of the package. Once you take everything out of the box you will have the adhesive base, the magnet that looks like a ufo... It magneticly attaches to the base. This magnet will also hold your phone in place. The BIGGEST grip I have about this magnet is the instructions! They can be at times hard to understand, but luckily they include pictures that are in color. This really helped me identify where each piece goes and how they work. This car mount has very strong magnets that really make sure your phone won't fall or slip from it. It is so strong that I was able to still use the magnet on my phone with a case attached to my phone! Overall I would have to say this is a excellent product and you couldn't go wrong purchasing it especially if you drive uber or lyft! This was a product that I received for free, but I did give my honest and accurate opinion about this product. This was excellent and is a great pick up if you like to use your phone in the car but don't want to hold it and drive. It's also very resourceful for a Google maps or Apple Maps it helps a lot as you can clearly glance over to your screen and see where you need to head next! This I will have to say is the best Car mount I've ever used!

Oai Huynh 06/28/2016

Five Stars

It work very well

Jon 06/18/2016

I was concerned until I used it

 I have been using the EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount for a couple weeks now and I have to say I am incredibly impressed. When I first received this product I was a bit unsure of it - could it really hold my phone(s)? Would it really stay on my car? The short answer to both of those questions is Yes, it can.
The car amount arrived in a simple white box. Inside the box contained the ball, the base, several magnetic adhesive pads to stick to your phone / case, and 2 extra sticky pads for the bottom of the base. There was also a booklet of instructions. That was it. Simple. Elegant, even.
Physical Attributes:
This thing has some weight to it! It is a magnet, after all. They have a nice copper look, and although it isn't my favorite color, I can't help but deny that it has some style.
When you first go to put this on your car, the instructions tell you to apply it with some force for 10 seconds or so. I did that, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't even budge. Although, I was concerned that removing this might leave a mark on my car. However - 2 weeks later I relocated the mount and to my delight there wasn't even the slightest clue that I had previously installed this! No marks, no ripping of the dash. Nothing.
Installing the magnetic ball into the magnetic base is easy. And you'll never separate them once you do it. Not that you'll need to. But the magnets are STRONG. After that - simply put the top on, pick a "Disc" for your phone, and install it. I used a larger one since I have a pretty large phone. The instructions didn't really explain why there were multiple, but I figured it was pretty obvious - depending on the size of your phone, pick the size of the disc you're going to want.
You can use the disc on the back of the phone, or case, or even inside the case. The instructions mentioned maybe not wanting to put it on the back of your phone because of appearance, which I agree. I took my Otterbox off and put the disc inside, reinstalled it, and was happy to see that the magnet was more than strong enough to still work even through the thick rubber.
After that, enjoy the mount! Seriously - it worked great. You can rotate the phone, rotate the mount, etc. I use it daily as a GPS and it never falls, never moves unless I move it. It's awesome. At the same time, it's really easy to remove the phone - just pull it off!
One tip I would say - make sure where you're going to install the mount is a good place. My first location didn't allow full rotation, or use, of the phone. I could only use my phone in the horizontal position because of the "lip" of my dashboard. I had to relocate it after a couple weeks so I could use it in the vertical position as well. Give it a test before you actually stick it on!
This thing is fantastic. It works great. It's easy to use, it holds a Galaxy S6 and a Galaxy Note 4 without any issue, which means it'll hold any other phone just fine. It's stylish, and it's a great price.
Disclosure: I received this charger at a discounted rate or free for my fair and unbiased review. EVERYTHING I have said in this review is my honest thought and has not been affected by the method in which I received this product.

Zeel shah 06/17/2016


I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review. To start off this is one of the best car mounts out there. It is compact and small but it does the job much better than expected. It includes 3 different size magnets that stick to your phone. I recomend this for anyone who wants an amazing hand free experience.

Raylin Rodriguez Falcon 06/07/2016

Five Stars

Perfect Very Very good

Tony Lam 06/05/2016

Five Stars

5 stars +++

Top Techy Reviews 06/01/2016

Works Really Great... You Can Even Use it Without Sticking Adhesive to Your Phone Too!

Phones have become our GPS's now as well. We use them in the car to listen to music, navigate traffic, and even listen to the radio. This is why having a good phone holder is important as it allows you to conveniently allow you to access needed services when driving.

Anastasia 04/27/2016

Durable, stylish and works

I used to have a clip on car mount that you put on the air vent, but it broke, so I got this. This is so much better than those air vent car clips/mounts! This car mount is very durable, the base is nice and heavy so you don't have to worry about it falling off or anything where you decide to mount it. I really love the rose gold colors! It's very stylish and very fancy.
At first I was confused about how to set it up and it took me a while to figure out but once I did, set it up, mount it up in my car, then it was perfect. I like how small it is, it does not take up much (or any room at all) and it can mount any size phone (even the bigger ones).
The magnetic part of this car mount (you have to paste it on your phone/case and the base) is very strong and holds the phone very well without making it fall off.
I have been using this car mount for a while now, and it is still as good as new, the sticky part still sticks very well and the magnetic part is still very strong. Overall I am satisfied with this product.

Notice: I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All of my opinions are my own. My goal is only to help other fellow shoppers in making the decision if this and other products are right for them or not if they are looking to buy it, because I rely heavily on other people's reviews when I want to buy something and I appreciate and respect those honest reviews, I strive to be always completly honest and helpful weather I paid full price, discounted or got the product free, and weather I liked or disliked the product.

Trdant 04/27/2016

Car mount is very sturdy and easy to install

This car mount is very sturdy and easy to install. It comes with some 3M magnet circles. You stick one to your phone (not directly, I just stuck mine to the case) and one to your dash board or window. It holds strongly and I like it much better than the car mounts that have suction. In my opinion, those only last a short period of time and never really re-adhere. I've been using this one for several weeks and it has not come undone. It's rotates in all directions so you can easily view it. I would recommend waiting a day or two to use it to make sure it's good and ready and will not come unglued. I use this for a heavy and large LG V10 phone. No issues with my phone being too heavy. I was sent this phone case mount in exchange for my honest review.

Z 04/26/2016

Good product

Good product works well, I would advise not sticking the metal disk on the back of your device as it is not easily removable, it would likely work best on the back of you case or in between the case and the phone.

Luis_101 04/21/2016

Attractive rose gold mount

 I have been using this magnetic mount for two weeks and this is my conclusion so far:

- It comes in an Apple-like white box.
- It comes with extra 3M double-sided patches.
- It provides you with plenty of possible viewing positions.
- Comes with 3 metal sheets (two small and one big).
- The magnet is very strong and stick to the phone.
- The user manual it comes with is very explicit and helpful.
- It comes with an alcohol patch that can be used to clean the surfaces it will be attached to.
- The rose gold finish is very attractive.

- It does not allow me to use my stylus in my Note 3.
- The metallic sphere turned black after a while.

>This magnetic mount was provided to me as a free sample or with a discount for review purposes. Hope my review was helpful and answered some of your questions.<

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EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

EasyAcc Universal Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Experience the new convenience with this small magnet magic.

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