Industry-Leading Efficiency

The 15W USB Solar Charger adopts the SunPower solar panels, that features the highest energy efficiency of 21.5~23.5%. As compared to the traditional 13.5%~15.5% efficiency, the charging time now is greatly shortened by half.

Broad Compatibility

Each port features a smart chip that charges almost all USB devices with 5V input. By intelligently detects your device type, the port can output the right amount of current (up to 2.1A) just as your original charger does.

Pure Off-Grid Charging

Power from power banks may run out, but solar power lasts forever.


Reviews (73)

  • Five Stars
    by ANDREW 23/03/2017
  • Good charger for gadgets that don't need lots of juice
    by Amazon Customer 26/02/2017
    Works best under powerful sunlight. Charged my TAB 2 quite well. My Tab A barely charged at all, even with the 2.4A slot and strong sunlight.
  • Five Stars
    by Joel McCracken 26/02/2017
    Worth every penny!
  • Recommend, good and sturdy
    by Love 12/02/2017
    Works great even when its been soaked by rain. On a sunny day, can charge several phones at once. Great product thought maybe a little pricey.
  • Not 28W, but a good product
    by Compass 01/02/2017
    Easyacc claims this panel can produce up to 4 amps. I use this panel periodically to charge various power banks. I found the most it can produce is 3.1 amps, or a little over 15 watts. It's a little disappointing that it does not produce as much power as stated, but this is a common thing in folding solar panels. I can charge my anker 26800 dual input power bank in about 8 hours with this device. If you attach it to a backpack, the grommets will fail in a month or so.
  • I bought it after reading the reviews and I just ...
    by Pierre A. 12/01/2017
    I bought it after reading the reviews and I just tested it right away on a sunny day, works well but I can't really say much more since I don't have a reliable way to measure the current. But the first impressions I've got are really positives.
  • AMAZING, never go camping without it
    by Kim 02/01/2017
    This is my favorite purchase ever!! We have used it many times camping, it even charged my 2 tablets (at the same time, very fast) so we could play games. It is a staple on the packing list to go camping which we do a lot. Well made and convenient to use. I also loved how affordable it was.
  • VG
    by james H. 11/12/2016
    VG very good. Does what it should. Like to review more like this.
  • Five Stars
    by Veselin 10/12/2016
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 15/11/2016
    It simply works as advertised.
  • Second chance and definitely worth it
    by notorp 01/11/2016
    Arrived seemed to work for about 10 seconds and then stopped UPDATED EasyAcc contacted me following my review surprised at the issue I had experienced with their product. They were unhappy I had been inconvenienced and that I had a bad experience. They acknowledged that I had already had a full refund and yet still offered to provide the same item to me free of charge so that I could experience their product correctly (and update my review - I suspect). Shortly after a parcel arrived with a new EasyAcc 28W Solar Charger 4-Port USB panel (for free). As before I unwrapped the panel but sadly since it is now Autumn in the UK I did not have enough daylight to properly test the unit. I did a quick test indoors using my ceiling lights. I have confirmed by placing the new panel under my ceiling lights that they were sufficient to trigger the red LED charging indicator and to start charging my USB battery. The previously faulty panel did not do this under identical conditions. That following weekend with my devices connected to the 2.4 and 1 Amp usb slots (the EasyAcc panel has two of each) I was able to see the red charging LED illuminate from just daylight. I must admit the red LED is a really useful feature which my other panel does not have. So far the panel has sat and charged everything I have thrown at it. It is true that the daylight hours now in the UK are somewhat limited compared to the summer but the EasyAcc panel seems to be working stably and reliably. I can only assume my other panel was damaged in shipping or I was unfortunate and got a bad unit. I'm really happy with this panel and absolutely amazed by the proactive and efficient customer service at EasyAcc. Having struggled to get in contact with support from other manufacturers after email them for months to get warranty returns sorted to have a company, EasyAcc, pro-actively contact me to try and resolve a bad customer experience is earth shatteringly amazing. Fantastic even.
  • Great long term camping solution
    by Moon Dog 27/10/2016
    I have had this panel out a half dozen times, and it has been fantastic! On a bright day, it is just like plugging into the wall! I have used it to charge phones, 2 different 10,000mah power banks, AA batteries with a , and operate . It took about 2 hours to fully charge 4 depleted AA 2600mah batteries in the Powerex charger. The angle to the sun seems to be more important, than the amount of light. With it pointed directly at the sun, it would still produce enough power of charge 1 phone at about 650mah, even in overcast skies. But it would start dropping out in the late afternoon, when the sun began setting. It would be fully exposed to bright sun, but performance was noticeably diminished as the angle between the panel and sun changed. This required a lot of adjusting in those later hours. It got a real work out this summer after 10 days at Bartle Scout Reservation. It spent almost the whole time on top of the easy up, with a couple USB cables dangling down for the adults to keep their devices going. Or to power my fan during an afternoon nap!
  • its great to wear on my backpack as i ride my ...
    by Tony 17/10/2016
    i got this so i can keep palying pokemon go. its great to wear on my backpack as i ride my motorcycle.
  • This produced chargers the charger excellent
    by tempest 16/10/2016
    Hiking in the back of beyond ,you need chargers you can rely on , This produced chargers the charger excellent 5stars
  • Great solar charger
    by Ajasont_Angles 14/10/2016
    Great solar charger. I use it on all of my backpacking trips and it gets the job done. One note is that it doesn't seem to work very well on iPhones.
  • Endless phone charge while camping.
    by Andy Wood 08/10/2016
    I take this camping with me every time, my phone now never runs out of power even on fairly dull days.
  • Amazingly useful but sometimes needs a nudge to get it going
    by Mike Gould 05/10/2016
    Great for camping & trekking. Charges my phone and backup battery with surprisingly little sun. (Though it is quite big). Can be temperamental though. I've left it outside the tent overnight hoping the morning sun would charge my phone and it didn't work. Folded it up and unfolded it and it burst into life.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 03/10/2016
    Excellent product. Fast delivery.
  • Five Stars
    by Bear 13/09/2016
  • the charger folds up nice and small to make it portable to take with ...
    by Rebecca Lesauskas 09/09/2016
    This is a solar charger with 4 charging ports. Place it in the sun and when it's charged, you can put your cell phone and other USB devices in there to be charged. The sun panel is very strong with the new technology they are using. It can detect your device, and will give it the amounts of currents it needs. When not in use, the charger folds up nice and small to make it portable to take with you camping or on vacation. I needed something strong that would work and I am very happy with this. This comes with a travel case, backpack rope, micro USB cable for charging the unit, travel pouch, backpack rope, 2 clips and a handy user manual. Works great and very convenient.