Industry-Leading Efficiency

The 15W USB Solar Charger adopts the SunPower solar panels, that features the highest energy efficiency of 21.5~23.5%. As compared to the traditional 13.5%~15.5% efficiency, the charging time now is greatly shortened by half.

Broad Compatibility

Each port features a smart chip that charges almost all USB devices with 5V input. By intelligently detects your device type, the port can output the right amount of current (up to 2.1A) just as your original charger does.

Pure Off-Grid Charging

Power from power banks may run out, but solar power lasts forever.


Reviews (31)

  • Great for your BOB...
    by Amazon Customer 11/02/2017
    It is as described... Wonderful product... Buy this one...
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 02/11/2016
  • Brilliant product.
    by A Customer 01/11/2016
    Fantastic product. This did everything I asked of it. We took it on a 15 day hiking trip in the Pyrenees and it allowed us to be completely independent of mains power while keeping our phones charged. I was looking at more expensive models and decided to try this and didn't regret it. After a while you learn the tricks for getting the most charge most quickly. Strangely I found early evening (around 16.00-17.00) was the best time but that could have been the mountains. We were able to keep two phones and an ipod charged just by setting it up during breaks and when arriving at our evening camp, so I didn't need to strap it to my pack while walking at all. I kept this in the outside pocket of my pack at all times to it took a bit of a beating but never failed or complained. For the nitpickers I would agree that the two usb ports would be better rotated 90 degrees in order to allow the zip to be closed more easily with a device or two in there. Also be careful as the supplied leads are power only and can't be used to carry data or sync a device to a computer. Obviously this is not a problem for charging but don't forget to take another USB cable with you if you want to take photos off your phone etc.
  • Not such a reliable power source
    by S. Roger 01/09/2016
    I purchased this for a camping trip, unit looks well made with very good feel to it, is light and appears well made, it would seem that it may not be all that well made as mine does not work at all, even in bright sunlight. Returning UPDATE; reading another review I read that a similar issue had happened to quite a few, plugging in a charge pack seems to fix whatever the issue is.mine is now working and in bright sunshine charges an iphone6s in an hour!
  • ... I live on the gulf coast and we get horrible storms that knock out the electricity
    by dianne kilgus 28/08/2016
    I ordered the EasyAcc 15W Solar Charger because I live on the gulf coast and we get horrible storms that knock out the electricity . I needed a way to be able to charge my cell phone And my iPad to stay in contact with family and friends. The EasyAcc 15W solar Chager is perfect for me, I can clip to my backpack while I'm out hiking and it charges by itself, it's not heavy nor bulky so I don't even notice it's there. If I'm at home I just set it on the patio in the sun, it holds the charge for quite awhile and is easy to use The only con I have found is I cannot charge it with electricity
  • Let's Go Camping!
    by ExAlaskan 13/08/2016
    Purchased this EasyAcc 15W solar panel even though it received a D on fakespot. We've had good luck with other EasyAcc products and figured we couldn't lose because of the lightning deal price. Read all the product reviews and the questions and answers section and decided to take a chance. Boy are we pleased! Found several things to like about this panel. Comes complete with a 2 ft micro-USB charging cable, 2 carabiner clips, travel pouch, 3 ft backpack rope and user manual. It's ready to go on that hike or extended camping trip! Used my USB port tester and could never get the full 2.1A output advertised for the Smart Charge Technology, even in the direct harsh sunlight of the SW desert. Panel did deliver 1.91A on each port when tested individually (almost 10W, not bad). Panel did not require real precise positioning in the sun to get that level of output. Panel properly charged all of our devices and some spare battery packs we normally take with us, so this is not a showstopper for us. Never expected a 15W solar panel to charge as fast as our 2.4A PowerIQ (not Quick Charge) technology wall charger! PROS • Solid grommets (4) for securing panel to backpack (unlike other brands that have loops). • Folds up nice and compact for transport and closes securely with hook-and-loop fastener. • Love the "dry" bag that you can insert the entire panel in for storage. • Zipper on charging port pouch that keeps smaller devices contained when panel is on backpack. Sometimes small strips of hook-and-loop fasteners just don't do the job. Can put a cell phone or battery pack in this pouch, connect it to a charging port, zip the pouch closed and not worry about it falling out when hiking. CONS • No real showstoppers for us. Read the paragraph above about charging and be realistic about solar charging expectations. This is a well thought out quality product that appears to be very durable. Recommend you consider this product if you are inter.....
  • Great for camping/boating.. Minor quirks...
    by matt 08/08/2016
    Bought this with the intention of using it intermittently when going off the grid on a month long sailboat cruise. I had previously bought an 1000 watt inverter to charge cell phones etc. but did not have a chance to install it before the departure. I purchased the solar charger to nurse my cellphone through a few days until i could get around to running the wire. After 4 weeks, this solar panel was working so well that I actually never installed the inverter. I was very pleased with it. It worked to charge an android tablet, iphone 6, blackberry and battery packs. I have the 15Watt/2 USB port model and it managed to keep (3) devices at or near full charge for the month with moderate use of the devices.. With that in mind, if you're a power user and/or have (3) or more devices, i'd spring for the 28W model. In all I thought the unit performed rather admirably. I used it every day for over a month straight. A couple minor quirks that may help you: - The panel will NOT discharge your smartphone battery PROVIDED your smartphone is ON. If you turn your phone OFF and leave it connected, it will discharge in overcast or overnight. In my experience, battery packs WILL discharge on it if left unattended in overcast and overnight situations. I assume this has something to do with the smart charger feature (varies the output amperage). My guess is it relies on some voltage drop or change in load from the device to close the circuit... but i'm not an electrical engineer... - Do not leave the panel in direct sunlight with NO LOAD (i.e. nothing charging) on the panel... In my experience it doesn't take too long for the panel to overheat. If it overheats, it will not resume charging until the panel cools. If it happens, just put it in the shade and once it's cool to the touch, it will resume working. Look for the red LED light in the pouch. - It claims to provide the fast charging with up to 2.1 amps and it does... Just don't plug two Apple devices and expect the 15 W .....
  • It really works!
    by Tanya S 05/08/2016
    I have tried a few portable solar chargers, and really was not impressed. This charger blows all of those away. It charges my phone fast. The charge time depends completely on how sunny it is and what time of day. On a clear sunny day at noon, it charges in about an hour. Takes longer when it's not as sunny but still works. Now, if I'm playing music outside and my phone starts to die, I just plug it in and run my music from the sun! I got it for camping but have used it kayaking, hiking, playing Pokemon go, and I'm about to bring it to a music festival. I got the smaller one, but kind of wish I got the bigger so I could share with more people and it would charge faster. For now, this one will do great.
  • Perfect for the price
    by Joe 04/08/2016
    Yes and no, it doesn't have a built in battery which holds supply voltage to charge when needed. But charges decently in the sun and is compact to be carried easily.
  • So simple
    by D.M.A 29/07/2016
    I have two power banks for my tablet and phone which I use a lot and carry one in my bag always as you never know. When we're off in the camper traveling however and park up where there is no power supply, that's a problem. I could of course buy many power banks but that would cost a fortune. Seeing this solar charger and others like it would make a huge difference if they work well. My initial thought was, is it going to work in normal British weather as in cloud cover or does it have to be in direct sunlight. After reading some reviews I gathered it would or should work if a little cloudy. There are a few features I like about this solar charger, it's light enough to carry around and folds nice and flat to save space. It's waterproof but of course I wouldn't suggest submerging it in water, I assume that just means safe if it started raining. It has a smart charge intelligence circuit, which can detect the device you're using and then adapts to the amount of power your particular device needs. Amazing I thought, it makes good sense so as to stop overcharging. It also has two usb ports to enable you to charge two devices at the same time. After reading all this good stuff was eager to buy it and did. It comes in a very neat compact box and inside it also has a waterproof bag or pouch to protect it while you're not using it. It's also equipped to enable you to easily carry or clip it onto your rucksack if you're going to use it on walking trips. You can charge your device whilst walking too it's another well thought out feature. I wanted to try it out immediately but it was elk after tea time so I thought I'd wait. So I opened it up the next morning on my window sill and connected my phone to it, it was in a good light. I went to work and checked back at lunch time to find it had completely charged. It amazed me, even though solar power has been used for decades I was still amazed. I was being a little pessimistic I'm honest as in oh it may need all day.....
  • Works great - if you have the weather!
    by tek-monkey 21/07/2016
    This is an initial review based on one day of use, I will update after a camping trip. Yesterday was hot, damn hot, hotter than we normally have in the UK (33c where I was) so it was probably an unfair day to test this solar panel as it was giving peak results not 'normal' for the UK. It did however prove the capabilities of this unit when the sun allows it. at 18:45 I put the panel in direct sunlight and hooked up an iphone 5 with 46% battery. An hour later the sun had moved and the unit was no longer in direct sunlight, and the battery was on 67%. I'm not sure how long it was in shade for, probably only 10 minutes, but I have to say I'm really impressed with this unit. Its currently on my windowsill at work charging my tablet, not as fast as yesterday admittedly but then again we have tinted windows so.... As others have stated it has 2 USB ports, but I'd probably only use one in normal conditions as I'm not sure what the power generation will be in normal UK weather, I'll probably leave mine outside the tent charging a portable battery then use that to charge my device at night. This will lose some power in the conversion but means I don't have to sit with the solar panel for a few hours. I received this item at a discount in return for an honest review, which I feel I have given. I shall update this review after I have used the device on a proper trip off the grid.
  • Great for camping!
    by Tim Arthur 14/07/2016
    I use this Solar Charger to charge a tablet, lantern, and cell phone when camping. I bought an additional battery charger (PNY AD 10400) and let it charge from the panel, as it can quickly charge all devices instead of tying up the devices while charging via solar. I can then let it charge all day to bring it back to 100%, if necessary. That way I can use the devices while I don't have to monitor the charging.
  • Brilliant product, charges well wish it could bring the sun with it!!
    by Ryan Stiggants 11/07/2016
    I received the product and despite the awful British weather I have had a small amount of time to test the product. The product works really well and charged my device in less than a few hours. I am hoping to use it this summer at V Festival as it will be a great way to keep my phone charged without the countless portable chargers! Once again great product that works really well, easy to travel with and good for when the Summer finally kicks in.
  • Better than I thought it would be
    by Bill Hoff 07/07/2016
    Charged my cell phone about 9% in about 10 minutes under direct sunlight. I'm surprised how far solar charging has come. If you're buying this, keep in mind that non-direct sunlight charging is poor if not non-existent. It folds up neatly to roughly the size of a tablet, and weighs about 434 grams (about 15.3oz) with the included bag, which I assume is a dry bag. That included bag, and the included carabiners for attaching it to a bag are a really nice touch.
  • Great one solar panel, 15 W is pretty good!
    by Keither Selling 03/06/2016
    We love solar items, whatever use solar to charge, my husband wants to get one. This 15W solar charger is pretty. It feels and looks very professional. The quality is great. The material is very sturdy and durable. I like it has a zipper component to store the chargeable device. The solar charger panel comes with every accessories that I need to charge. It has two ports of USB chargers. I am able to charge the phones with it in one afternoon. The solar panel can be folded. When it folds up, it is slim and not too heavy. It does not take up a lot of space and weight in the backpack. We like to put one in the car so when we travel to places, we can charge the phones or devices with this panel putting at the front near the windshield. It is cool to charge devices that way. I got it at discount in exchange for an honest review. This is a very nice one. It is pretty durable and it works wonderfully. It is slim design, and nice 15 W capacity. Highly recommended!
  • Five Stars
    by Andrew Hensley 30/05/2016
    Good panels, good output, folds up nice and small.
  • 15W Solar Charger
    by R.Greevy 29/05/2016
    This solar charger is so easy to use and has two ports and 15W of power to charge all my USB devices it is very well made and a usable size and not heavy which is always a bonus. I received this product discounted in exchange for writing a review. Thanks
  • I was very happy to received my package
    by Tracy 19/05/2016
    I received this item a while ago. This is the EasyAcc 15 watt foldable solar charger. I was very happy to received my package. Once I brought it inside and opened the box I noticed everything was correct and as it should be. Nothing was damaged and it was still in a perfect unopened package. Once I opened it I noted that all items that were listed to be included were included. Including this item. The product is the same as pictured and was exactly as advertised. I love it. I would recommend this item to a friends. It charged my phone from 10% to 100% with no problem. Just set it in the sun :) I will continue to use this for a while and if anything changes or is worth noting I will come back and update my review. I received this product for free or discounted price for my honest and unbiased review which I have given. I am really happy with this product. Thank you!!
  • Great when you are "off the grid"
    by Karl 13/05/2016
    The Solar Charger arrived in a retail style box, included in the box are the solar charger, micro USB cable, 2 carabiners, rope and protective case. The charger has a built in pouch to store the accessories and also houses the USB ports for charging your devices. When I opened up the charger my first thought was about the quality of the build which is excellent, each aspect of the product including the solar panel, the in-built pouch and USB connectors are all very well made. The travel pouch is a soft material which provides limited protection but this is fine as the charger folds so that the solar panels are protected anyway. I finally got a good few days of sunshine where I could use this in ideal circumstances. My testing was with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which has a 3600 mAh battery, there were no running apps and WiFi was off, during bright afternoon sunshine it took 4 hours for a 50% charge. Overall this is a great product for those who are “off the grid” for long periods of time, I would recommend. received this product free or at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, this by no means affected content of the review I posted which I hope you found useful and informative. If you have any questions, then please feel free to leave comments below and I will do my best to answer them.
  • Magic to get power from thin air
    by Cody 12/05/2016
    This pannel is awesome when you can charge a device on free energy its like magic because power is literally coming from thin air. This pannel is very efficent, probably the most efficent version of these little things. This thing has 4 cells in 2 pannels(flaps) It also has 2 usb ports that put out. My plan to use this with my gopo to do all day timelapses. Also use this at the beach or while camping will be nice. Keep in mind it gets super hot in the sun. You want this in direct sunlight but your phone to be in the shade. If you put your phone in the pocket on the pannel itll overheat really fast and if you dont catch it early enough you could ruin your phone. One of the 4 cells has black marks in it like it cracked or something but it still works quite well. Not sure if thats 3 of 4 working or if dispite the damage it still works but im still getting a charge. Not sure how this happened because it feels very sturdy hard to believe shipping caused that but its possible. Im wondering if this is water resistant enough to put on my kayak. It would be awesome to charge my devices on the water. I also toyed with the idea of charging a usb battery off it and then having lights for at night and to be able to charge my phone come an emergency. Bottom line is its magic to put a pannel out and a minute later see my phones battery % go up........ from the sun! How cool is that. A phone is a valuable servival asset and a dead battery is what it takes to make it useless. With this pannel you can keep your device topped off dispite not haveing a outlet anywhere. I would like it if there was a battery in it or to attach to it so that when the cloud shades the pannel your phone isnt going nuts charging then not then charging then not. Also sun starts to go down and you can no longer charge this means your only getting power while your plugged in. With a battery you could charge all day long and power your phone or device when convenient.  I received this device at a discount.....