Lose Yourself in Music

APT-X technology and CVC 6.0 work together to let you enjoy lifelike, digital sound quality that stands out from the noise around you, just you and your music at that moment.

Engaging Sound

With APT-X audio decode technology, it's to give your music a depth and balance that keep you daily soundtrack fresh and alive. So wherever you are, you music's front and center.

Wear Comfort

Designed with ergonomic ear hooks crafted from soft metal, EP2 not only fits your ears firmly from falling off, but also unburden your ears with U shape at only 18.5g, whenever you are and whatever you do, jogging or hiking.

Rechargeable Battery

The polymer lithium battery charges in just 2 hour and delivers up to 6 hrs of playing time.


Reviews (79)

  • Five Stars
    by Portia 01/04/2017
    Bought for a 12 year old, he uses it everyday and has no complaints so far.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 09/02/2017
    Boyfriend loves them!
  • He said the sound quality is good and fits comfortable around the ears
    by PrisyllaYenglai03278 01/02/2017
    These were a gift for my husband.. he has been needing a new pair of wireless headset. He said the sound quality is good and fits comfortable around the ears. I'd say for the price, it is worth it!
  • Economic and useful.
    by Amazon Customer 01/02/2017
    Love it
    by PONDGURU OUTDOORS 29/01/2017
    These are far and away my favorite headphones I have had in the last few years. Sound quality is very good, battery life is typically a straight 6-8 hours and comfort level is unmatched by other headphones I own. Normally I charge them when I am having lunch for 30 minutes and they will last a full day from 8am - 4pm when the kids come home from school and I take a break from work. Awesome headphones - RECOMMENDED
  • Great!
    by Mr W 31/12/2016
    Brilliant on first impression. Easy to set up and really good sound quality. Bargain for the price.
  • First set was wonky but the replacements have been great
    by Stephen Mayhem 26/12/2016
    These headphones started great when I tried them around the house. I bought them for running, though, and when I used them on my runs, they sounded awful (like a radio station with a lot of static). I'm not sure why running caused that issue but I contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement within a day. So far the new pair has been great both at rest and on the run.
  • Great
    by Mynaz 26/12/2016
    A very good product. Arrived quickly, and cane with the standard micro usb charger and manual, as well as the product itself. In ear, the earphones are very comfortable and have a nice weight to them, though light enough so that you cannot feel them there. Sound is very crisp also. So easy to connect I have not even opened up the manual! Overall a great product and very happy.
  • Good Headphones!
    by Amazon Customer 16/12/2016
    These Bluetooth Headphones are great if you have a budget and do not want to spend money. The packaging is very poor although the quality of the headphones is good and the battery is long lasting. But take time to charge!
  • Excellent
    by Amazon Customer 15/12/2016
    Excellent bit of kit at a very good price
  • Very decent for a reasonable price.
    by NYCShopper 29/11/2016
    I received these 5 weeks ago, and I'm quite pleased, though it must be said that I have had little experience with Bluetooth headsets -- this is only my second pair, after a similarly priced pair of Vivatar junk. I use this primarily for phone calls, and to listen to audiobooks, podcasts and news/talk radio, and the sound is excellent for those. Phone calls are clear: I can hear others well, and they can hear me better than 99% of the gazillion wired earbuds I've used over the years. The headphones answer calls easily, and transition smoothly back and forth from phone to other programming. I haven't listened to a lot of music with these yet --I'll update if and when I have better information. As far as range of distance is concerned, I can get about 20-25 feet from my phone, though there are some bad spots in my apartment. A recording lets you know when you're moving out of range. When I'm in range of the phone, there is no breaking They are lightweight very comfortable. The ear-hooks hold the phone in place comfortably (for me, at least). I definitely get several hours use on a battery charge, and recharging is pretty fast. (Sorry I don't have more specific information on that). They will turn off automatically if they haven't been used in a while, and there's a recording that advises you they're shutting down.
  • Five Stars
    by I. Belousov 25/11/2016
    really love these. they are an absolute steal at the price.
  • Five Stars
    by jamie 21/07/2016
    Easy to set up and does the trick no wires hanging around
  • Amazing headphones for such a cheap price.
    by Amazon Customer 19/07/2016
    Best earphones i've used, easily! Thats all I need to say about these. Pros: Amazing sound. Little sound leak. Good bass. Good battery. Very light.
  • Crisp and Clear! great product
    by Carl Meehan 12/07/2016
    After using these headphones for a while, i can honestly say they are extremely impressive, the sounds quality and bass are near perfection, and can be compared to more premium headphones.
  • Excellent headphones
    by Or Ibo 04/07/2016
    Excellent earphones. I am now getting another pair after these served me well in a cycling expedition for three weeks. I used them primarily for the gps riding instructions and fr receiving and making calls while riding. Very easy and good controls and sound is good for the price and the size. Very easy to pair. In some days the battery lasted for over 12 hours but I wasn't listening to music all that time.
  • Good set. Good price
    by Amazon Customer 30/06/2016
    I first got a pair for my girl, i told her since Im ordering them Im going to try them first. I was blown away. First of all (Im no audiophile) the sound came in clear and the bass was punchy. I was able to hear lyrics very clearly. Second they are lightweight, I forget the are hanging around my neck. Lastly they have great range. No skipping or chopping until I was well away from my phone. Then I got me a pair and the range wasn't as good as the first. Aside from the range still a good pair.
  • not a great ear piece user but have to agree these are ...
    by C. R. Tompkins 24/06/2016
    not a great ear piece user but have to agree these are easy and very comfy, just slip them on and in and away you go . simple button press and volume .. great product
  • Great comfort, fit and sound quality
    by Bao V Nguyen 15/06/2016
    This is a great, great pair of headphones. Paring was simple and easy right out of the box. Hold it and turn it on until it starts blinking blue/red, and you're in paring mode. That's it.|||First off, the over the ear design allows for the very good comfort. It stays in my ear as I was playing shooting some basketball around. It fits wonderfully in my ear. There was no discomfort at all and it was very nice to wear during exercise.|||The sound quality is great as well. Good bass response for the size of the unit, good mids and good highs. Overall, the music seem very loud and very with a little punch of bass in R&B and Rap songs.|||The built quality is very good. The plastic is made to withstand sweat and moisture and is easily wiped off as well.|||Overall, the headphones is really good and perfect for the active person. It allows you to be active and listen to music without falling out of your ears every couple of minutes.|||I received this product for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Best I've had yet, without spending a fortune.
    by Roberta Spangler 15/06/2016
    I have small ears, and it's hard to find earbuds that are comfortable and stay put, especially the bluetooth type. These may not be the best on the market, but they're the best I've found so far, and I didn't have to give up a lot of money. I use them more for exercise music than anything, but they will connect to two devices. Sturdy build, but lightweight enough to not annoy, and decent battery life. I'm hoping to have them for a long time.