EasyAcc 26000mAh Power Bank

4 ports super capacity power bank with 4A input and 4.8A smart output.

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4 ports super capacity power bank with 4A input and 4.8A smart output.

More details

Super Powerful

This power bank is innovatively designed with dual input ports which make it possible to be fully charged within 8 hours. 4 USB ports with highest up to 4.8A output enables the power bank to charge 4 devices simultaneously. 26000mAh high capacity can charge iPhone 6 for 10 times and Samsung S6 for 7 times.

Smart Technology Applied

The applied advanced Smart Technology can automatically identify the devices connected and therefore output the fastest current to achieve the efficiency of original charger.

Safe and Efficient

The power bank adopted LG high quality cell, together with the high-performance IC and high precision PCB circuit, it makes your charging process safe as well as efficient.


167*80*22 mm
DC 5V 4.8A (max)
DC 5V 4A(max)
26000 mAh
454 g

Reviews (346)

    by KN922 20/10/2017
    It's a POWER CENTER! Charges my iPhone, iPad, and another Android tablet simultaneously with no problem. It is the one thing I always carry around whenever I travel. I've been using it for quite a while now and it does not show any signs of depreciation yet. It's pretty fast too, last really long since it is 26000 mAh battery.
  • Good quality power bank.
    by kevin phillips 15/10/2017
    I bought this going by other reviews and it's not bad easily charge my phone up 9 or 10 times. Very quick charge 6 or 7 hrs, so far not bad. The cables that comes with it heavy duty and yoh can see that it is good quality. I am very happy with it.
  • Five Stars
    by L. Kirkham 15/10/2017
    Keeps my daughter happy :)
  • Better than expected.
    by Rebecca Peterson 10/10/2017
    This power bank is worth every penny. It charges my galaxy S7 edge and galaxy tab e incredibly fast. I can charge each multiple times without having to charge. The flashlight has come in handy more often than I expected it to. The only downfall is it does take quite a while to charge, even when using both inputs to charge it, but that's to be expected with how huge it is. The power bank was a little bigger and heavier than I expected, but not unreasonable.
  • Fantastic battery life. Indispensable piece of kit.
    by Brian Wall 10/10/2017
    This has been one of the best products I have bought this year. It provides multiple charges for my phone and tablet, each time coping well with the demands. I have used it on flights to power my tablet whilst watching films, usually a big drain on the battery, no problems at all. I have used it in hospital and it works perfectly. Taken it camping for a weekend to my and my family's phone. Only down by two bars for the entire weekend. I carry this with me wherever I go now and it is invaluable. The dual charging ports allow really fast charging, at least compared to other power banks. I haven't had to use the light in anger, but it seems very bright and a useful addition.
  • Good unit; but bulky and heavy for lite travelers
    by Dennis G. 08/10/2017
    The unit works as advertised as a battery. Plenty of ports to charge components and the flashlight is handy. It is quite heavy though...more so than I expected. The weight is probably listed in the details, but could be an issue for very light travelers. Holds a ton of charge for a long time though.
  • A must have
    by Heather 08/10/2017
    Sturdy item, you can get multiple charges out of this (not sure how many as not been counting) it keeps my sons phones and pads charged up for our long weekends away easily.
  • Highly recommend it!!
    by Luke Ansell 03/10/2017
    Superb battery life. Charges my iPhone 5 a good 6-7 times from dead.
  • Has done 800+ miles of the Appalachian trail in my ...
    by Outdoor Guy 25/09/2017
    Has done 800+ miles of the Appalachian trail in my backpack. Works as advertised, giving about 5-6 charges on an S7.
  • Easyacc is worthy the money
    by Richard Zom (ZomOfTheDead) 22/09/2017
    keeps the light on for my tablet, phone and portable hard drive when Im at school plugging away on projects
  • Charges quickly and many times. Quality item highly recommended
    by Amazon Customer 20/09/2017
    I researched a lot of chargers before embarking on my trip away to live on a desert island in Fiji and knew I would need something I could power up with my solar charger and then charge my mobile phone, iPad and possibly other items too so this was ideal. The bank has multiple sockets and can be charged up quite quickly. Even quicker if you use two cables at once. It is fairly heavy but you would expect that from a quality product. Very well made and has withstood heavy travel all over the world and different weather types. Would recommend.
  • Five Stars
    by james 20/09/2017
    Bob on and easy to use and quick enough to charge
  • Brilliant, it arrived quickly and the charge lasts for ...
    by Elliott 17/09/2017
    Brilliant, it arrived quickly and the charge lasts for ages, Charged our phones whilst camping for the weekend no trouble.
  • Excellent but questionable lastability
    by Marty 12/09/2017
    I actually love this product but mine has just failed after close to 12 months of use (two ports stopped working). Fortunately it was just within the 12 month warranty and for this reason I only gave it four stars. I actually bought another one as the capacity really got me by whilst travelling Nepal and India in remote locations although it is very heavy to lug around.
  • Excellent product. Highly recommended
    by Amit 12/09/2017
    Works delightfully well. Very easy to recharge and use. Once charged it remains charged for months even if not used.
  • This device is very unlikely to fit comfortably in your pocket
    by David Job 10/09/2017
    Quickly after getting involved in a community of augmented reality gaming, I realised the importance of having a portable battery pack. This device is very unlikely to fit comfortably in your pocket, I can manage it, but its mass makes in uncomfortable. Fortunately for my use case I am often kitted out with a backpack. A cable from bag to phone through a belt loop has been a perfect solution, and has allowed me to travel 3 or 4 days with intense phone use off a single charge. Never underestimate the value of having more power than you think you'll ever need.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 07/09/2017
    Excellent power bank best one so far
  • 26000mAh Power Bank
    by martin hughes 07/09/2017
    Great product. Easy to use. Charging whilst using 4 mobiles and after charged still showed all 4 bars (showing how much power left.
  • Five Stars
    by REDD 06/09/2017
  • Exelente
    by Rodrigo Andrade 05/09/2017
    Exelente 200÷ recomendable