Exclusive Smart Technology

Designed with Smart output technology, the 2nd Gen. 15,000mAh power bank could intelligently detect the connected device(s) and output the perfect amount of power at the fastest possible speed, making the charging safer and faster ever.

Powerful As Always

Packed with 15,000mAh capacity power in the compact size, it can charge an iPhone 6 about 5.5 times or a Samsung S6 4 times or an iPad mini 3 1.5 times.

Safety Assured

Allocated with grade A+ lithium-polymer battery cell with high conversion rate, passed through a number of safety tests, it's to offer you and your device high efficient and assured safe charging.


Reviews (214)

  • Lot of extra power when needed
    by W. Wiseman 13/03/2017
    I used this as backup power for my cell phone and Garmin unit. I have never been without power. I have gone for 7days charging my gear without discharging the power bank. Great product.
  • lasts a long time. Takes quite a while to ...
    by Michelle Hippke 12/03/2017
    lasts a long time. Takes quite a while to charge the brick, but that was expected. It charges devices quickly
  • Good
    by Lob 26/02/2017
    Had this for a couple of years, still works well.
  • Great accessory for long trips
    by Hippiechixer 18/02/2017
    Great accessory for long trips...airplane neighbor let me use his when my phone died so I got 2 of these for us.
  • Good product
    by Amazon Customer 15/02/2017
    Extremely good build quality, good weight and great aesthetics. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fairly large capacity portable battery bank. Also this product can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously which is personally my favourite feature.
  • excellent piece of kit
    by anji 08/02/2017
    excellent piece of kit, makes the fitting of my filters easier so I dont have to keep buying seperate sizes of filters to go with my different size of lens
  • Stylish Battery Charger,nice colors!
    by Wiseone 31/01/2017
    Only four stars, well how can you LOVE a battery charger ? It's a bit ordinary. However, it is nice and chunky, seems well made ,although the Orange and Black is a bit garish but I like it. It's spec seem to cover all needs. Some may find it a bit slow to charge but with battery charging, best is slow in/slow out so it's not a problem to me. I have seen comments about it being heavy ! A manhole cover is heavy ... this is a battery after all so thats not a problem either. At the present time it seems to be doing it task well, looks good so watch this space ...
  • Works for me now that I figured out how to load it
    by Busted Knuckle 30/01/2017
    Exactly what I was looking for used as a battery back up for my Smartthings hub, Vonets Ethernet adapter, and mobile hotspot. We're in a new construction area and have occasional power outages, and temporary internet so here's the deal in my application - 1 - it allows power through - I have the battery plugged into the wall outlet and my 3 devises connected and all are powered up :) 2- in the event of a power outage - all 3 devices stay powered with -0- interruption - for hours and hours - not tested but should be over 48hrs 3- when power is restored there is a disruption and hub and adapter reset, but are live within 90 seconds (the hotspot as in internal battery and does not reset or require a reset) 4- all items go through a USB expander so ONLY one USB power out is being used ( current draw may be too little for one or more devise so it reset often without it , now it's stable for over a month)
  • Great gadjet
    by Federico 23/01/2017
    Amazing charger a little on the bulky side but powerfull
  • Heavy power charger.
    by C. Wu 15/01/2017
    It works great. Just a little Heavy compare to the 5000 one.
  • I prefer the way it keeps a charge better then the others and it is as reliable than ...
    by cifrank 14/01/2017
    Same as with all other EasyAcc products.....I prefer the way it keeps a charge better then the others and it is as reliable than the other top rated brands without the big price tag.
  • Five Stars
    by ezequiel demarque 07/01/2017
  • Five Stars
    by Ferenc Pinter 06/01/2017
    Big capacity high quality.
  • Works well
    by Erin 04/01/2017
    My husband loves this. It charged is iPhone and iPad to full capacity and it still had battery left in it.
  • Best purchase I have ever made on here
    by CBar 04/01/2017
    Best purchase I have ever made on here. So good that I purchased 2. Love NEVER having to worry that my phone is going to die. My friends love that I have this too.
  • Charger
    by Anthony 02/01/2017
    I've taken this thing all over the world and it's kept my devices charged. 3 ports are a blessing. Recommend getting 2.4 amp charging brick to charge this up in about 6 hous
  • Excellent Product
    by William H. Mynes II 30/12/2016
    Holds a charge for an extended time. I use it while hunting to ensure my phone is fully charged. Works great!
  • Heavy, but can charge multiple devices
    by Thibault 26/12/2016
    While you can plug in and charge three devices, it is heavy
  • Five Stars
    by BARBARA 22/12/2016
  • I keep in bag and it's perfect as it is able to charge multiple devices at ...
    by Amazon Customer 19/12/2016
    A bit heavy so not for carrying in pocket. I keep in bag and it's perfect as it is able to charge multiple devices at same time. Useful when out with 2 kids Pokémon hunting