EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank

Huge capacity 20000mAh power bank with 2 input ports and 4 USB ports which can automatically identify your devices and charge them at full speed. 

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Huge capacity 20000mAh power bank with 2 input ports and 4 USB ports which can automatically identify your devices and charge them at full speed. 

More details

Super-efficient input and output

This power bank is unprecedentedly equipped with dual input ports which have total input up to 4A so that it can be filled up within 6 hours. Four USB ports with a total 4.8A output make it possible to charge four devices simultaneously at full speed.

Exclusive Smart Technology

This 20000 mAh power bank can automatically detect the input of devices connected and therefore output the most appropriate current due to the Smart technology applied in it, making the charging process safer and faster.

Safety Insurance

All-around security protection effectively prevents your devices from overcharging, over-current and short-circuits.


167*80*22 mm
4.8 A
4 A
20800 mAh
445 g

Reviews (1996)

  • Five Stars
    by Lee Collins 17/10/2017
    Can't Fault It
  • Power bank. Too big to fail apparently. For ...
    by James Lennon 16/10/2017
    Power bank. Too big to fail apparently. For the life of me can’t figure out where I put my card in or where the money comes out. Thinking I may of misread the product description. Or it was mis-sold to me. Anyone got the number of a no win no fee solicitor specialising in mis-sold banking products?
  • Great device..Use to on/off button to make work...
    by CWO4 D 14/10/2017
    This product works as advertised. My only minor gripe is the instruction should state that you have to push the button the on/off button for the system to work. I drained my phone on a recent trip and thought the unit would auto-charge once plugged in; I pushed the button a couple times not realizing it requires the button to be pushed once ...it resulted in my draining my phone by accidentally turning it off. I planned to return the unit because I thought the battery had failed. I went online and watched a UTube vid then discovered why the unit did not work. I later did a test on another trip and confirmed that you have to push the power button once and then the battery will charge devices. I highly recommend this product and hopefully, they will update the instruction on its use.
  • Great
    by SoapyBubbles 14/10/2017
    Fantastic product. It’s true that it can take a long time to charge up especially if you don’t use the double charging. The light is pretty bright and it works VERY well. It can charge up my iPhone 6s in no time at all. It is heavy though so not suitable for having in a pocket.
  • Great!
    by Jord Davies 13/10/2017
    Great power bank!
  • Great product.
    by Penelope Cheese 13/10/2017
    Works great.
  • Five Stars
    by amrietok 13/10/2017
    Quite good! I satisfied!
  • A must have for emergency
    by Motherofbullies 13/10/2017
    I have owned my battery pack for four years and have used it twice. We were recently evacuated due to fires in our area and have been without electricity. I remembered that I had a battery pack in the drawer, it had not been pulled out and charged in months (if not a year??!!) I plugged my phone in and within 1/2 hr my phone went from 20% to 85%. This thing is a lifesaver.
  • Really good Power Bank!
    by Gally 13/10/2017
    I bought this power bank following a long power outage after a storm. I had to go over to family and charge my phone, I'm handicapped and don't work so having a phone is important for me. I fully charged it and tried the flash light, it's bright enough to see with and that is good enough for me, I have actual flash lights in the house if I need a brighter one and save battery on the bank. My husband uses one at work because he listens to music all day and it drains the batter on his portable music box. I bought this Sep 18, 2017 and charged it and it still has a full charge! I have not had to use it yet, but it is there when I need it next time. Always good to be prepared.
  • Love it!
    by Melly 13/10/2017
    We charge iPhones and androids. Love it. Its the 2nd one we bought. Would recommend and but again.
  • Charges just as good as a wall socket and just as long.
    by Tennek 13/10/2017
    I can charge it, leave it in a drawer for 6 months, take it out and charge my phone 3 times and still not go below the 3 quarter full light. It's heavy and a little large, it only has 4 lights to indicate battery life. When a light goes out that represents 75% then 50% and so on. I've only gotten to the 50% light once. I've charged a Lenovo Yoga, Samsung Galaxy S7, and I-phone 6, and they charge as if I had them plugged into the wall back home. Love this product
  • Great power bank it has 4 charging outlets and 2 ...
    by david brant 13/10/2017
    Great power bank it has 4 charging outlets and 2 inputs to charge faster if you want if you buy it I recommend buying the case
  • Great product but heavy
    by Grandma C 12/10/2017
    I really like this power bank my only criticism is that it is heavy
  • I use it daily it even quick charges my nintendo ...
    by Bart 12/10/2017
    I use it daily it even quick charges my nintendo switch and my phone at the same time 2-3 tines before needing charged.
    by Robin Moser 12/10/2017
    This thing is a lifesaver. Especially if you are traveling in Europe and don't have your converter on hand. Or if you are on a plane or train. Or if you are at an amusement park or outdoor event and your phone is dying!
  • very good and long lasting
    by Edward bacon 11/10/2017
    can hold 800% of my phones battery, i've had it for 3 months now and ive only had to charge is twice, very good and long lasting power
  • Great!
    by Fay 11/10/2017
    Amazing! Keeps my son's kindles charged all day long! Loved it so much i bought another one
  • Delivers on the promises
    by dmk 11/10/2017
    Power bank operates closely to what is stated. I didn't measure actual capacity with a power meter but I tested it by charging Amazon Kindles and phones. The number of charges I got correlates with the advertisement for this product. When not in use, the bank holds the charge for a long time (as any lithium cell should). In general, it's not easy to find good quality for moderately-priced products that contain lithium batteries. Too many fakes or low quality products. This one seems to hold true to advertised capabilities so 5 star rating.
  • Such a good product a little bulky but to be expected for ...
    by Stuart martin 10/10/2017
    Such a good product a little bulky but to be expected for the power output got us all about of trouble on holiday
  • Both are awesome and work as advertised
    by Francisco P. 10/10/2017
    Purchased this along with the EasyAcc 10000mAh Power Bank. Both are awesome and work as advertised. This thinner lite-weight 10000mAh goes in my wife's purse and she doesn't even know it's there until she needs it. This larger EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank I keep in my backpack for work trips and camping. The flashlight on these need to be quickly double tapped to turn on, this eliminates accidentally turning it on.