EasyAcc Universal Multi Device Organizer Stand

 Black universal multi device organizer stand for iPhone 6 6plus, iPad Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 S6, Smartphones & Tablets.

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 Black universal multi device organizer stand for iPhone 6 6plus, iPad Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 S6, Smartphones & Tablets.

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Put Away All Your Devices

EasyAcc universal multi device organizer stand has a design for gathering four devices in a compact space. Devices of differenct sizes are organized by it tidily.

As A Stand

More than an organizer, it offers you a hands-free reading or watching experience while laying down or sitting.

Simple And Compact

With the dimension of 6.8x3.7x1.2 in., it's almost the same size with iPhone 6s. Specially, rubber work as a good protector to avoid scratches on devices during using.


175*95*25 mm
140 g

Reviews (84)

  • Four Stars
    by Lady Vee 05/06/2017
    Like very much
  • does more than it says on the tin
    by K. Davis 14/04/2017
    I've actually used this to house three 2TB portable hard drives and a 4 port multi USB 3.0 hub so my home work desk more organised. Everything sits perfectly in it and is very secure.
  • Perfect stand
    by d. hom 03/03/2017
    Love this stand. . .sturdy. . .well made. Used to try and prop my devices up near my bed, but now iPad, mini iPad and iPhone all have their own "beds" albeit standing up.
  • Better than expected.
    by Seattle Buyer 07/02/2017
    I like this product more than I thought I would. I wanted something to help organize my many phones and tables on my small desk. This stand seems small and flat to me. It doesn't take up much space. Yet, it not only holds phones and tables, it is also stable enough to hold my MacBook Air laptop! I like it. I'm going to order another one.
  • Nice and solid but the gaps could just be a ...
    by Craig 28/01/2017
    It makes a difference to the spaghetti of charging leads and phones everywhere. Nice and solid but the gaps could just be a bit wider. Fits the kids nice up to date models, but my old thing in its armadillo case is a bit of a squeeze.
  • Four Stars
    by Amazon Customer 26/12/2016
    The organization has become the easiest and nicest
  • good but only without cases
    by Miss L. 14/11/2016
    good for my i phone but i pad won't fit in unless i remove case
  • Strong sturdy design, feels well made
    by Chris & Karen 08/10/2016
    Strong sturdy design, feels well made.. It has 2 rubber strips on the bottom which help hold it in one place It does struggle to hold phones or tablets in cases, but this is to be expected. Would buy again.
  • Four Stars
    by F. M. Pryor 29/09/2016
    Very usefull
  • Works great. I wish it had slightly wider channels to ...
    by LinckG 14/09/2016
    Works great. I wish it had slightly wider channels to hold my Kindle with the case on.
  • good deal
    by challenger5005 29/08/2016
    good deal
  • It holds up the phone nicely and you do not need to worry about the ...
    by Allen 18/08/2016
    I needed something to organize my table and this was the product I was looking for. This organizer can tightly hold up to 4 devices which allows me to charge my devices from one spot. When watching a video, I will sometimes put my phone into the organizer. It holds up the phone nicely and you do not need to worry about the phone moving or falling down. You can position your device vertically or horizontally - it will fit either way. The presentation of the product is also very pleasant.
  • Back To School Dorm Room Goodness: EasyAcc Four Slot Charging Stand Review
    by Lawrence Dortch 09/08/2016
    This is a quick and simple review because the EasyAcc Four Slot Charging Stand doesn’t do much but what it does do it does well. The EasyAcc Four Slot Stand is a stand for your various devices like tablets and smartphones. You can stand them up stacked one after the other without them touching and enough room for each to access it’s charger. Good: It works well and does the one thing is supposed to do. Good: It can hold up to four devices at once so people or families with multiple devices this allows you place all of your devices in one place and charge them. This is great if you have kids and want to make sure their devices are charged everyday. Good: It have rubber feet so the EasyAcc Charging Stand won’t slip off of the table desk or wherever else you put it. Good: It feels sturdy like it can handle and accidental drop or two and not get destroyed. There is really nothing bad about the EasyAcc if you only expect it to do what is intended to do. I would like to see a model with integrated charging ports so can plug in the stand and then each slot would have its own power cable. I would also like to see it offered in different colors so people who want to match the décor of the home or office can. All in all the Easy Acc is a simple device with one job and one job only and it does that job very well. This is Great way to keep your devices organized. The sample for this review was provided by EasyAcc. Please visit [...] for more info and to order.
  • Intended for a different purpose...
    by soarlikeaturkey 24/07/2016
    Other reviewers have said that the gaps are a bit narrow and, for a device with a case on, I agree! My phone and iPad mini have Lifeproof cases on and they just don't work with this! I however do have several Vinsic ultra slim power banks and these fit perfectly which was my intended reason for purchase in the first place! For that purpose this rocks!
  • Great organizer
    by Geo 23/07/2016
    I used to have a mess of cables in my nightstand. My IPad under two smartphones, with the consequences of scratches on them. To see one of my gadgets I had to stir the others. This stand is great. It allows me to organize the disaster, and have easy access and visibility of all. It is made of excellent material. It is lightweight but strong enough to support four gadgets. It has rubber bands that protect your equipment and allows excellent visibility angle.
  • Everyone plugs in when they come over and it looks better than a bunch of phones all over the desk
    by Midnightgranny 18/07/2016
    This sets on my desk with a multi charger behind it. Everyone plugs in when they come over and it looks better than a bunch of phones all over the desk.
  • Five Stars
    by Enzo Garcia 15/07/2016
  • A good way to sort out a couple of devices
    by Patrick M. Iaconis 09/07/2016
    This is a handy little stand. The base is sturdy and stays put on the desk, the rubber lining inside the slots prevents the devices from sliding, and the four slots conveniently fit multiple devices. As mentioned in some of the other posts, large protective cases will not work with this stand, which is my reason for only giving it four stars. For visual reference, I took the attached photo with a variety of devices in the slots. From front to back are a Samsung Galaxy S5 (in a clear TPM case), an LG G Pad 7.0 (also known as V410) with no case, an Apple iPad 2 with Smart Cover, and an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (with no protective cover). The S5 and the iPad 2 fit in pretty snug, but still moveable. The thickness of the iPad 2 requires close attention to ensure the cover stays in place. I also have a protective back cover for my iPad 2, but it would not fit in the slot when used with the Smart Cover. The G Pad fit fine, but definitely was not going to accommodate the "padfolio-style" case I have for it. The iPad Pro almost has too much play, and would benefit from a Smart Cover or back cover. However, with the Logitech Create keyboard/cover combo I have to turn it into a laptop equivalent, it is too thick to sit in there. However, if I flip it to use without the keyboard, it will sit in the slot with the cover draped over the back. This, however, made it unstable as the front of the stand started to tip up. Having a couple of devices in the other slots stabilized it. Overall, I think it is useful, though it could benefit from some type of adjustment for the slot size. Pay close attention to the dimensions to ensure your device fits. Full disclosure: I was provided a free sample in exchange for a fair and honest review.
  • Great stand for organization of iDevices while charging or just on standby (not in use)
    by Jville808 09/07/2016
    EasyAcc Universal Multi Device Organizer Stand for iPhone 6/6S/6 plus, iPad Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S5/ S6, Smartphones & Tablets - Black Great little stand to keep things in order when charging multiple iDevices. Between my son and I, we have iPads, iPhones and iPods. When several need charging at the same time, you'll find them laying all over the place charging. With this stand, we now have a go-to place to charge them all. It does not charge them though, it is just a stand...for some organization, and it does just that which is awesome all by itself. Highly recommended! I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. The discount has no effect on my opinion. I'm a consumer just like you first and foremost. I look to reviews on products I buy all the time, and wouldn't want to lead people like myself astray for anything, much less whatever discount I may have gotten on this item.
  • Keeps bedside table tidy!
    by Armando 23/06/2016
    Does what it says on the tin and does it very well. I will hold my phone (iPhone 6s Plus) in a thick Spigen SGP11614 6S Tough Armor case. It will hold tablets (iPad) too fine. I use it with an Anker Powerport.