High-quality Material

The EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is made of high-quality material, which provides a steady stand for the fan, to decrease the rate of accident.

Small Size for Saving More Space

Here the EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is less than 6 inch portable frame, which is easy to be carried and saves more space for your desk.

Noise Reduction Design

EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan runs smoothly and quietly for it has a unique noise reduction in motor. Enjoy the cool wind without any annoying noise.


10.65 oz

Reviews (179)

  • Five Stars
    by nbiron 30/05/2017
    Great little desk fan.... Works exactly described with no issues.
  • Its just a good USB fan
    by Papi Jones 29/05/2017
    Using it right now as we speak. How I got along without it I dont know. Metal housing. Very well build. Silent. Not overpowering but not weak. Its just a good USB fan.
  • Get this fan for work!
    by SAMANTHA 28/05/2017
    I got 2 day shipping and I received it a day early. I use this fan at work and it's quiet and powerful. It actually helps cool me down. It plugs into my computer so not having to find a plug to plug it into is awesome.
  • The airflow is great, but it's a tad noisier than I was ...
    by Mostly a Kindle Customer 25/05/2017
    The airflow is great, but it's a tad noisier than I was expecting. Not too noisy, but louder than another one I got awhile back. I wish it had a lower setting. It's on or off, that's it. (I have two office spaces so decided to try two different fans. I have the quieter one in my office space that's less private)
  • Five Stars
    by JohnnyErr 19/05/2017
    This thing brilliant
  • Perfect for a hot day at the office
    by C-Juice 18/05/2017
    My mum loves it for when the office is too hot!
    by Amazon Customer 09/05/2017
    The setup of this fan was... a breeze kill me, lol. but seriosly this thing is awesome. asdfasd fsdf f asdf
  • Reasonable Price and Good Quality
    by Yanping Wu 05/05/2017
    I checked some similar products on Amazon. I think it's the cheapest one. Also, the quality looks good.
  • it really blows air.
    by hina altaf 04/05/2017
    I get too hot in my office because there is no window in the office. I knew i need a small desk fan to cool me and the computer down. This small fan is just perfect for that. I can plug in with my computer and enjoy working in a nice quiet office with a quiet fan. it blows a lot of air for a small fan.
  • Four Stars
    by Amazon Customer 27/04/2017
    Works ok.
  • Five Stars
    by MiamizFinest 26/04/2017
    it works great for what i needed it for.
  • Just right
    by Nathan Edgy 03/04/2017
    I bought this to sit on my desk in work so that I could keep cool during warmer temperatures. This fan is quiet, and powerful enough to give you a gentle cooling breeze without it affecting fellow workers. It's simple to use - just plug it into a USB socket and press the power button on the back of the fan.
  • The Best Desktop Fan On The Market!
    by Hazza 01/04/2017
    So today I received the EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Fan and I tell you what this works better than I thought it would. Working many hours a day in my office can really annoy me sometimes because it can get really hot and sweaty. The amount of devices such as my computer and monitors can make the room alot more warmer after a period of time. So the other day I went onto Amazon and looked at what would help me to cool down the room and I stumbled across this little fan. At first I wasn't expecting it to be very powerful because of the cheap price but after using it in my office I really did notice a difference. What I like about this fan is that it is very small and portable you could literally take this anywhere with you. This fan can be powered by any usb outlet whether it be a laptop or pc it doesn't matter as long as it has a USB connection and if your worrying about setting it up then don't be as the fan is already built in the box and when you plug the fan into a USB slot it automatically starts working. Overall this has to be one of the best desk fans on the market and I would defiantly recommend this to anyone that is looking to stay cool while working on there desk.
  • arrived within timescale and in excellent condition. Exactly what I needed and is well ...
    by Andrea Smith 28/03/2017
    Well packaged, arrived within timescale and in excellent condition. Exactly what I needed and is well used. Highly recommend
  • Great item
    by linda 26/03/2017
    Great fan
  • Great desktop fan! I love the look of it!
    by Nina Pawlak 26/03/2017
    This is an excellent product! It was delivered very quickly and came in a nice box. Right out of the box I was surprised by the quality of this product. It’s made out of metal and it’s very durable and sturdy. The best thing about this fan is that it’s really quiet! What I really like about this fan is that it’s powered by a USB cable. This means that you can connect it to anything including your laptop, powerbank, computer and you can take it anywhere! Additionally, you can adjust the angle which makes it more comfortable to use. It’s very small and portable which makes it a great desktop fan. Overall, this is a great product! I highly recommend it to people who work in a really hot office.
  • Fan-tastic.
    by Amazon Customer 15/03/2017
    Mate, this fan does everything you would hope a fan does. The blades spin round so quickly that it blows air in your face to help you cool down when you're hot. Like, my job is well stressful & sometimes man gets hot & bothered right & when I do get hot & bothered this fan cools me down, swear now. It is well quiet too! I had to go my fan 5 stars because it does exactly what I wanted it to do. I would definitely buy this fan again if I had the need for two fans but one fan is enough at the moment. Maybe in summer when it gets even hotter then I may buy another one.
  • Great buy
    by Hotdoglover 15/03/2017
    Really pleased with this little fan. It's so quiet and displaces more air than I imagined it could. Everyone at the office has been admiring it next to their clunky loud fans.
  • Perfect for my desk
    by ellie 06/03/2017
    Perfect for my desk. Open plan working, one heat does not fit all. Quiet but powerful little fan made my life bearable today working in an office full of chilly bods. In a huge room full of fresh air phobics this was a little bit of heaven. Prime membership gave me same day delivery too, so grateful for that on just a small monthly payment.
  • Five Stars
    by Charles W. Smith 16/02/2017
    Works great in office where you have no plugs.