EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan - 4 inch

EasyAcc metal laptop fan With On / Off Switch and adjusttable angle.

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High-quality Material

The EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is made of high-quality material, which provides a steady stand for the fan, todecrease the rate of accident.

Small Size for Saving More Space

Here the EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is less than 6 inch portable frame, which is easy to be carried and saves more space for your desk.

Noise Reduction Design

EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan runs smoothly and quietly for it has a unique noise reduction in motor. Enjoy the cool wind without any annoying noise.


10.65 oz

Reviews (163)

  • Fan-tastic.
    by Amazon Customer 15/03/2017
    Mate, this fan does everything you would hope a fan does. The blades spin round so quickly that it blows air in your face to help you cool down when you're hot. Like, my job is well stressful & sometimes man gets hot & bothered right & when I do get hot & bothered this fan cools me down, swear now. It is well quiet too! I had to go my fan 5 stars because it does exactly what I wanted it to do. I would definitely buy this fan again if I had the need for two fans but one fan is enough at the moment. Maybe in summer when it gets even hotter then I may buy another one.
  • Great buy
    by Hotdoglover 15/03/2017
    Really pleased with this little fan. It's so quiet and displaces more air than I imagined it could. Everyone at the office has been admiring it next to their clunky loud fans.
  • Perfect for my desk
    by ellie 06/03/2017
    Perfect for my desk. Open plan working, one heat does not fit all. Quiet but powerful little fan made my life bearable today working in an office full of chilly bods. In a huge room full of fresh air phobics this was a little bit of heaven. Prime membership gave me same day delivery too, so grateful for that on just a small monthly payment.
  • Five Stars
    by Charles W. Smith 16/02/2017
    Works great in office where you have no plugs.
  • Terrific small fan great value
    by bob e 05/02/2017
    Produces a nice breeze and the perfect amount of white noise to drown out pesky co-workers. Brings peace to my cubicle.
  • Five Stars
    by SAINT 03/02/2017
    Exactly as describe.
  • Five Stars
    by Jaena Patel 26/01/2017
    Does exactly what it is supposed to do
  • Five Stars
    by leif nielsen 26/12/2016
    Ok fine
  • Great item, well made and works as it should.
    by Amazon Customer 25/12/2016
    Great item, well made and works as it should.
  • It works!
    by bridget 13/12/2016
    Perfect very quiet. Have on my desk @ work.
  • Three Stars
    by matty 09/12/2016
    ordered a few of these but one makes a rattling noise. rated 3 stars. *UPDATE* after leaving the above review the company contacted me and offered to send a replacement out to myself free of charge. very good customer service, updated to 5 star. thank you
  • Great fan
    by M. Hunt 06/12/2016
    These are great little fans. They are great for office use where you have no control over the temperature
  • replaced with better one
    by Adrian 14/11/2016
    The first one, I received wasn't great and very noisey but they replaced it with another which was much better
  • Four Stars
    by Shabeena 04/11/2016
    Does the job not silent but not too loud either
  • One Star
    by Amazon Customer 26/10/2016
    Initial order did not last very long so was swiftly sent a replacement
  • it's great as a desktop fan
    by Ivan K. 15/10/2016
    A little smaller than I thought and the wind barely felt. However, it's great as a desktop fan.
  • Blows me away!
    by Amy Abbott 03/10/2016
    This product arrived very quickly after ordering and it was very well packaged. It has quite a long cable range which makes life at the office easier depending on how far away your USB is. The fan is the right size to sit on your desk and create a gentle breeze to cool you down. It doesn't produce much noise which is good as I get distracted easily and it is light and portable to put in your bag to take away. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to cool down or prefers a breeze when they work. Thank you!
  • Great for battling hot flashes at the desk! 🌷
    by Kindle Customer 02/10/2016
    Hi. I'm giving this tiny, but a powerful enough personal fan the five stars. My reasons are simple one just like the fan. It does its job, what it was made to do; spin quietly and cool my face when I'm at my desk, using the computer or not. Sure there's air conditioner on, but at times the heat generated by the PC gets your little world hot, and you begin to sweat, smudging the makeup you'd taken time to apply ever so carefully. This little fan is just the thing also when the darn hot flashes comes on suddenly. That is the reason I was thinking of when buying this fan. Perfect. Enough of a breeze to cool my face quickly, so no one can see my hot flash moments. How embarrassing is that! Anyway, it's a convenient little fan which I can declare that it is fan-tastic! 😄👍 Didn't add photos. What's the point. It looks exactly as the photo pictured.
  • Great little product
    by Amazon Customer 29/09/2016
    Handy little thing great to use at work when only you feel hot in the office, its quiet which is the best thing
  • I love mine.
    by kalen 29/09/2016
    I had an issue with mine after about 3 months. The seller promptly replaced due to warranty. I would highly recommend this fan, it is a nice metal and runs pretty quietly while outputting a good amount of air.