Built-in USB cable

This power bank is equipped with a built-in USB cable, cable-free, trouble-free.

Unique design

There are four LED indicators while no on/off button. Just use your finger to tap the indicator like knocking the door, it will show you how much power it has.

Safety guaranteed

This power bank adopts high-quality Lithium-ion polymer batteries to ensure a high conversion rate as well as short-circuit and over-current protection. The power bank will automatically shut down when such situations occurred.


134*69*10 mm
4000 mAh
120 g


Reviews (46)

  • Five Stars
    by sav-e-buyer 22/01/2017
    Good compact battery with built-in cord for charging and use.
  • Sturdy. It works. light. Just a tiny bit too thick. Still happy.
    by Amazon Customer 14/01/2017
    It is sturdy. One just plugs it to the phone and: voila, it works. To charge it, one just plug the micro end down, pull the bigger end up and plug it to a electrical USB outlet. It is light enough for me. I wish it is a bit thinner. 99% satisfied.
  • Charges and works great.
    by jansta 12/12/2016
    Power bank came in the post very quickly. Charges and works great.
  • Great impulse purchase
    by tivolife 14/11/2016
    I bought this as an impulse purchase and I keep it in my car for emergencies. Great product. Size is perfect. I have an iPhone so I keep a lightning cable in there too. I have the short 4" cable. I charge it off my cars USB port which takes forever but it's for emergencies so I'm pleased,
  • it worked great.
    by Amazon Customer 06/11/2016
    Once I figured out that you need to plug it in on the side to charge it and you need to plug the mini in the same slot to turn it on to charge, it worked great.
  • Great value
    by Rob Nelson 07/10/2016
    A great value for a portable charger. Charged my Galaxy s7 from 5-90% WITH heavy use. If you're like me and go through a full battery every day, this is excellent for giving you some extra juice to get through the day.
  • A great, slim power bank that is pocket friendly, and charges a 3A phone battery from dead to full.
    by Michelle Dale 05/10/2016
    Given the high power nature of smart phones nowadays, I was finding the batter dead on my phone around 8pm each day, after being taken off charge at 7am.. This was annoying. I wanted something that could top up my phone a bit towards the end of the day, to see me through till bedtime, when it could go back on charge. I didnt need a large capacity.. Just 4-5 Amp would be good.. And I found this on Amazon. It IS quite long - 13cm.. but thin. I would say its pretty much an exact match for my wifes Sony Z3 Compact. It just about charges my 3000mAh phone from 5% back to 100% with a tiny little bit left to give. It also has a usb cable built in, which is a bonus, as I dont have to carry a separate one! So for me, its perfect! I does feel like you got 2 phone in your pocket. lol. one in each.
  • Very good charger and it fits in my pocket however the ...
    by Kasey 02/10/2016
    Very good charger and it fits in my pocket however the battery does drain quickly and it takes forever to recharge the device.
  • reasons why to BUY THE BATTERY!
    by Amy 30/09/2016
    This is easily fast to charge. Its lead is short so its good that it doesn't tangle. Its a very neet product! All compact I would say. The battery is light and the size is perfect, fits straight into my pocket when I'm out. The battery indicates how much charge it has and comes with instructions. The service of this was great as it was well packaged and the battery was ensured for no damage at all! The delivery was next day after ordering. I'm happy to say, this battery is great for the price and I highly recommend this!
  • Would highly recommend. This is the second one I have purchased
    by Noe Ruiz 16/09/2016
    Fastest charging, cheapest, thinest, and most convenient portable charger! Would highly recommend. This is the second one I have purchased. This one is for my girlfriend. And she loves!
  • One Star
    by Hardgard 12/09/2016
    Initial unit had a problem, and the company promptly replaced it. It's an excellent well-designed slender unit.
  • Good deal. I hope it lasts longer than some ...
    by TG 11/09/2016
    Good deal. I hope it lasts longer than some of the other brands and units I have purchased in the past.
  • Five Stars
    by Judith L Zoerb 06/09/2016
    Really nice to have. Works Well
  • The EasyAcc Ultra-Slim Power Bank definitely exceeded my expectations. ...
    by Ricardo Cardona II 06/09/2016
    The EasyAcc Ultra-Slim Power Bank definitely exceeded my expectations. I was originally looking at a charger from Anker for my wife but a tech blog I followed pointed out the price (w/ promo code) on this little guy at $4.99. Man was this a steal! I charged it up to 100% and had it charge my Sony DSC-W80 and my PS4 controller from 0 to 100% on a single charge from the battery. The little guy still had juice! I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for but that's not the case with this battery pack, I got waaaaaaaay more than I paid for...
  • Mobile phone charger
    by Jackie McCreadie 03/09/2016
    Really pleased with charger. Very robust. Exactly as described. Prompt delivery. Would recommend to family and friends.
  • Pokemon fun power!
    by Mark Tolland 13/08/2016
    We used these with the kids to go Pokomon hunting without having to take a break. Yippee!!
  • Great product! Lightweight
    by Amazon Customer 28/03/2016
    Great product! Lightweight, easy to carry around, and charges my Xperia Z3 real quick. Just bought a second one for my partner. You won't be disappointed.
  • Slim and Portable Power Bank for Samsung Note 5
    by OysterBlue 13/02/2016
    Very slim power bank. I use it for my Samsung Note 5, it does hold enough power to charge my Note 5 from 10% back to 100%. I am able to fit power bank into my jeans' pocket along with the phone. Worth Buying.
  • Five Stars
    by laurapr27 19/01/2016
    Fast shipping great product
  • Good Power Bank
    by Amazon Customer 30/12/2015
    I have had this product for a couple of weeks now. The battery is pretty big, I use it to power my Arduino, but I can also use it to charge my phone. It's enough battery to charge my iPhone 6s about 2-3 times. It has almost the same size as my iPhone, it's just a bit thicker than it, but still slim enough for my pocket. I don't need the cable thats built in, since I have an iPhone, but it would be very helpful for Android users. I rate this power bank five stars, because I didn't see anything negative at it.