EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank with Built-in Cable

There is a built-in micro USB cable in the power bank and the ports are smart. 

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Unique design with smart output

Ultra-slim design saves much space. The smart output can automatically detect the input of the connected device and thus charge it at fastest speed.

Portable size with built-in USB cable

Super portable size of 133*70*13 mm make it possible for you to take it anywhere you go, and built-in USB cable makes your charging easy and convenient.

High quality and safety

CE, RoHS, and FCC specifications confirmed, with the high quality Samsung/LG lithium-polymer battery which has a total capacity up to 6000mAh, the quality of this power bank is ensured.


5V / 2.4A Max
6000mAh / 22.2Wh
5V / 2A Max


Reviews (330)

  • Love this extra charger.
    by Kathy Shatwell 22/10/2017
    Charges very fast.
  • Ordered on 12 / 2015. Used tens of times ...
    by Ephraim Amir 15/10/2017
    Ordered on 12 / 2015. Used tens of times. Still full power on October 2017. Writing this review as my power case purchased in July 2016 has just died on me. The only issue is the location / length of the built in cord that is too short for convenient handling
  • Five Stars
    by Michael 05/10/2017
    Easy to carry and charges phone fast.
  • Super compact, pleasant to hold in hand or pocket
    by Sasha 04/10/2017
    Works very, very well. Super compact, pleasant to hold in hand or pocket. Convenient, heavy duty built-in cable.
  • Good shopping
    by Medardo Antonio Rodriguez 26/09/2017
    The in place cable/connector don't fit to charge a device in the packet.
  • Decent battery, strange connector placement.
    by Yiding 22/09/2017
    This batter charges my phone twice, which seems about right given the capacity. Construction feels pretty solid. The only issue I have is the built-in micro-usb connector. Its placement means that when plugged into my phone, I can't just hold the battery behind the phone. The battery either has to be rotated, or be offset, which makes using the phone while plugged in slightly awkward.
  • Bought it for my ADSB receiver, but my GF ...
    by Jason M. Connors 16/09/2017
    Bought it for my ADSB receiver, but my GF uses it more to keep her phone charged, maybe I should have gone with the one that has a lightning cable attached.
  • Five Stars
    by A_Lindberg 11/09/2017
    Great charger!
  • Compact and hidden cable!
    by pete wilkens 09/09/2017
    Love the slim design, unlike many other chargers. Easy to fit anywhere. Hide-away USB cable is a great feature
  • Would Highly Recomend
    by Kindle Shar 07/09/2017
    Best portable charger I have found. Love that the plug cord is attached. so easy to use and strong for repeated charge.
  • Pass through charging, excellent engineering
    by Michael 04/09/2017
    I'm very pleased with this charger. The captive power cord seems nice and sturdy, and my Android detects it as an actual charger (fast) not a USB port (slow). A *very* nice feature is the fact that it supports pass-through charging -- unlike many chargers, this unit will actually charge your device, and then itself, while plugged into your charger... which means it's a perfect "UPS" for a Raspberry Pi... it will keep the Pi running for several hours during a power outage, and when power returns, it starts topping itself off again. Brilliant engineering design. The flashlight is a neat extra bonus.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 01/09/2017
    works fine
  • Good battery
    by Becky Shealy 31/08/2017
    Good battery, small size for the capacity. Reasonable price.
  • Rugged unit. My biggest problem is that I keep giving them away.
    by J. E. Noynaert 17/08/2017
    I carry this unit daily, and they hold up well to bouncing around in my pants pocket. I am on my third one. I have given the other two away. I gave one to friends who had a family member on an extended hospital stay. The other I gave to a friend I took to the airport, and he did not have a power bank for his trip. I just got an email from him saying the batter was a life-saver. I kind of doubt I will be getting it back; I think he is in love. The flashlight is a nice touch. It isn't extremely bright, but it is adequate for close-up work, like if you drop something and are looking for it under chairs and tables. It has been responsible for recovering car keys several times. The cable is very stiff. It can be award to hold it behind the phone while you use the phone, but I usually can make it work.
  • Great Customer Service
    by Xue 14/08/2017
    This product does the job. You get one full charge with 3 lights, and the last 2 lights gets a half charge. Just a couple months ago, my powerbank just stopped working, as the charging light would not turn on, and I was glad my purchase still fell under warranty; I emailed the company and got a new one sent to me and it is doing well. I only gave it a 4 because I feel like charging the bank is long, as well as charging my phone takes a while. But I'll update if there's a change.
  • Cheaply made, didn't last
    by Lisa 31/07/2017
    UPDATE: 08/11/17- After giving this a bad review, the seller contacted me via email and offered to give me a new one, as the old one was apparently defective. I accepted the offer, and received my new external battery yesterday. I haven't had time to test out the sturdiness of the micro charging head. Only time will tell. I was very impressed with their customer service, even though the window of return had expired. So, I am updating my review to a four star. I have had this since June 1, 2017. Now, a week ago, the micro USB head came off of the charging line, sticking into my phone. I have always been very careful when connecting and disconnecting. I am not pleased with the longevity of this product. I can still charge my phone using a micro USB cable, but who wants to lug one of those around, too?
  • Five Stars
    by BuzzSaw 30/07/2017
    Perfect so far.
  • It's Fantastic! Buy it!
    by BS 30/07/2017
    This battery packs a Lot of Power! It has five LEDs that rather accurately show the charge on the battery. It's very versatile. It has a built-in USB Micro connector cable and a USB outlet to connect any other type of USB cable to. I like it so much that I plan on buying a second one! I Highly Recommend this battery!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 26/07/2017
    No regrets buying this product!!
  • Five Stars
    by Keith Brock 24/07/2017
    Convenient. Charges devices quickly.