EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank

Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank with 3.1A Smart output for your smartphones and tablets

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Brilliant 10000mAh Power Bank with 3.1A Smart output for your smartphones and tablets

More details

Ultra Slim

iPhone-7-plus-size, 10% thinner than competitors

Fast Charging

Advanced smart technology, automatically identify the device connected and output fastest current to achieve the efficiency of original charger.

Safety Insurance

9 protections from all-around the power bank, provide more reliable and safer using experience


144 x 75 x 14.8mm
DC 5V/2A
226 g


Reviews (1420)

  • Double-tap the power button to such on/off the light
    by Amazon Customer 23/03/2017
    Great so far. The instructions don't mention that you need to double-tap the power button to turn the light on/off, so I'm putting this in the review to save you scrolling down.
  • Absolutely brilliant
    by Amazon Customer 22/03/2017
    Brilliant Absolutely brilliant,i have had this product for a month now and it is still working and looking amazing, feels like its mads of high quality materials and the battery has a extremely long life, the function of cheking how much charge it has and turning on the flash light function works well and is easy to use, this can easily be used in a environment that would be a bit rough with it, i extremely recommend it for its price I will update this if something happens
  • Four Stars
    by Sicariolegal 22/03/2017
    works fine
  • Good product at a good price
    by mongitore.d 20/03/2017
    I bought this model because my brother had one and he was happy with it. The built quality is discrete, you can't expect much from a 13£ product, but much better the other product you can buy at th same price. In the description you can find the raw dimension, just to give you an idea, it's not much bigger than my phone (Honor 8) so it's easy to keep them both in your hand if you need to make a phone call or send a message while you're using it. The most important thing in a power bank is its real capacity, I'm using it with my Honor 8 (3000mAh) and it was able to completely charge the phone two times from 15-20% up to 100%. The only downside is that it don't support the fast charge, but I already knew that when I bought it and at this price is an acceptable sacrifice.
  • This is very good. Holds a charge really well and charges multiple ...
    by Anthony K. Tama 16/03/2017
    This is very good. Holds a charge really well and charges multiple devices really well. Only issue is that the cord to charge the bank has an issue in that it needs to be in a certain position to charge. I suspect it got kinked at some point which may be my fault but I'd expect it to hold up a little better. Still a very good product.
  • Thank you amazon
    by Amazon Customer 16/03/2017
    I wa's happy how it came cheers
  • Five Stars
    by Jubayer 13/03/2017
    Very good product
  • Still waiting to see how long it last, but ...
    by Mary 13/03/2017
    Still waiting to see how long it last, but essential in this world of smartphones and drained batteries. Sleek, compact
  • Thin, light, and gives a good charge.
    by Luket 11/03/2017
    Works great.
  • Super awesome!!
    by EatLeadTalibanScum 11/03/2017
    This will recharge my phone, S4, over 5 times easily at a very quick rate of charge. Faster than the wall charger. Money well spent.
  • Five Stars
    by Judith E Butler 10/03/2017
    Arrived on time and seems fit for purpose.
  • Worth it
    by Jim Fili 09/03/2017
    Works better than expected
  • Five Stars
    by David Petrie 08/03/2017
  • Pokemon Power
    by Michael J 06/03/2017
    It has a lot of charge and serves its purpose well - mainly, to recharge my phone when playing Pokemon! It lasts for quite a few days before getting recharged itself.
  • Five Stars
    by Eve 06/03/2017
    Best battery pack
  • Improve the LED flashlight
    by DenhamYipPee 02/03/2017
    With the rounded edges it feels good in the hand and does the job but the only drawback is the LED flashlight being in the dim side,
  • a friend of mine had a previous model and he recommended it to me
    by Amazon Customer 28/02/2017
    a reliable powerbank, a friend of mine had a previous model and he recommended it to me. It is very good and i recommend it myself to others.
  • Stopped working after a few weeks BUt the company will replace it FOC and honour their warranty, great news
    by AndyT Nor 28/02/2017
    The product stopped working after a few weeks no LED's not output and won't charge, it died but was only used on a few occasions to "Top Up" the mobile phone not charge it from near zero. A bit disappointing. UPDATE: The manufacturer has since written to me and has told me they will send me a free replacement to honour their warranty. This is a very positive step for them to make and to back their product warranty, I have therefore re-starred this supplier as an honourable and good supplier who stands behind their products and upgraded them to 5 stars. Excellent!
  • Light won't turn of
    by Amazon Customer 28/02/2017
    Everything is fine but my light will not turn of ! How do I turn it of lol.
  • Absolutely brilliant!!
    by Richard purvis 27/02/2017
    Absolutely brilliant !!! Holds charge for days even a week or so. Has been a godsend when out and about and I would definitely recommend it.