Smart output and faster recharge

The port of this power bank is smart so that it can automatically detect the input of the connected device and thus charge the device at fastest speed.

Portable size with super power

The unique design with bar size and round edge make it tiny and cool in appearance but at the same time it can charge iPhone 6 for 2.5 times or Galaxy S6 for 1.5 times.

Safety guaranteed

High-quality LG lithium-ion battery cell and multiple quality tests before sale guarantee the safety and durability of the product.


98× 42 ×22mm
DC 5V/2A
143 g


Reviews (136)

  • Great little charger for iPhone
    by Amazon Customer 19/10/2017
    My iPhone 6 battery was losing power quickly, so I bought this EasyAcc portable charger to bring with me on a recent vacation as a backup, so I wouldn't run out of juice while taking photos and using my map navigation. This charger is excellent. It's small and portable. I stuck it in my pocket attached to my iPhone while taking photos, etc. and it got me through the day easily. In fact, I was able to fully charge my iPhone three times with the fully-charged EasyAcc. The 5 blue lights indicate how much power is left, and the on/off switch is handy. I highly recommend this little charger and the price is right. Great value for your money!
  • Five Stars
    by Cliente Amazon 06/10/2017
    I like the size
  • No issues here... I really like it.
    by Mrs. Shafer 21/09/2017
    I bought this to charge my Galaxy S8 when out and about. I use a quick charge cable with it and I can charge my S8 usually in about an hour (maybe just a tad more). I posted a picture for comparison since it says it's the size of a lipstick tube. Its twice the width of a lipstick or lipgloss tube, but right on the money in terms of length. I mention this because I was really expecting this to be the size of a lipstick tube (length AND width) and was slightly disappointed when it wasn't. However, compared to the 20,000 MAH battery that we have this is a HUGE improvement. By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I do get a full charge on my S8 and just enough left over for in case of emergency. I tried charging my S8 twice to see if it could do it (since I noticed that I had 2 lights still lit on the battery), but it only gave me part charge. However, I had already figured as much since I had made sure to only get enough juice to charge it one time so as not to have to carry a ginormous battery pack when out walking.
  • Five Stars
    by Peter Fleming 15/09/2017
    Like this manufacturer. Have used a few times since I bought it. Great product and price.
  • Five Stars
    by Mrley88 12/09/2017
    works fine
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 31/08/2017
    Very happy
  • Excellent
    by Kindle Customer 29/08/2017
    Very good product, quick to charge and to charge devices.
  • Five Stars
    by Dillonphoto 25/08/2017
    Great little item
  • Five Stars
    by amazon customer 22/08/2017
    does the job intended for
  • Probably the best battery pack
    by Walsh 08/08/2017
    I've ever owned. And I've bought several over the past few years. Quality product!
  • Five Stars
    by M. Jones 18/07/2017
    Cracking product as always from EasyAcc
    by Lori M. 16/06/2017
    fast delivery. it was half charged, charged it fully, my phone. samsung S4 was at 7% battery life, plugged in the power pack, it took one hour to charge my phone to 100%. it will charge my phone 2 1/2 times before needed to be recharged. VERY happy for the price. THIS IS WORTH THE MONEY!
  • A must have
    by Bear 15/06/2017
    I got this in 2015 and it's still working great today. Charges my phone about one and a half times. Though I wish it charged a little faster.
  • Essential for Festivals, Great Size - Recommended
    by Alec Rigby 18/05/2017
    Nice size, neatly fits in a pocket, and charges my Samsung Galaxy a couple of times on one charge. Excellent for festivals or any time you may not be able to charge your phone for a day or two.
  • Four Stars
    by Nikos 14/05/2017
    Good power bank . Takes a lot of time to charge it.
  • Started great. Then Died
    by Simon W. 04/05/2017
    Started off as a great product.. Just died on us... But their Support is second to none... their dispatched a replacement and happy bunny.. :)
  • Five Stars
    by Holli 11/04/2017
  • Quite good. It charges my phone a couple of times
    by Siska 03/04/2017
    Quite good. It charges my phone a couple of times. It's not too heavy or big so I can easily place it in my pocket or handbag. Worth the money!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 05/02/2017
  • Great for travel, no complaints here
    by Amazon Customer 20/01/2017
    I bought this charger bank for my little brother for Christmas. He does a lot of traveling because of the sports he plays and would always have the issues of his phone dying, so being able to contact me or my parents was difficult at times. But now with this charger bank - his phone is always charged when he's on the rode. It's small enough to be slipped into his duffel bag or backpack and I've heard no complaints from him. The product does its job well!