EasyAcc Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6

Tempered Glass Invisible Shield Film Guard Cover Crystal Clear HD Bubble Free (Second Screen for S6, Anti-Sharp Scratch, High 9H Hardness)

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Tempered Glass Invisible Shield Film Guard Cover Crystal Clear HD Bubble Free (Second Screen for S6, Anti-Sharp Scratch, High 9H Hardness)

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Perfect HD viewing experience

This invisible screen protector provides your Samsung galaxy S6 with a light transmittance of up to 99% and uses an OCA layer that shows the actual colors on your screen as well as effectively prevents glare and the rainbow effect.

Hard-Diamond-Like (H9) screen protection

Super scratch-resistant at a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (the hardness of a diamond is 10) effectively prevents scratches from sharp objects. A special tempering process effectively prevents the screen from cracking when your phone falls. The process also prevents the protector from shattering like normal glass.

Easy to apply, easy to use

Involves advanced anti-static silica glue technology, making it easy to apply without trapping bubbles or dust underneath. High touch sensitivity is maintained with the touch of perfectly smooth making your user experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Material Tempered Glass
Dimension 136 x 65 x mm
Weight 0.08 kg
Leonardo Audisio 09/20/2016

Five Stars


Larry 05/16/2016

Five Stars

Great product

Eamonn316 04/15/2016

The 1st choice Galaxy S6 screen protector. Gold standard!

An excellent choice for a Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector. High quality tempered glass that has saved my screen. I accidentally dropped my phone face down from shoulder level and the whole screen protector cracked down the middle. Without the screen protector my display would have surely been destroyed but lo and behold upon removing the protector my phone screen was still immaculate.

Application of the tempered glass is as per usual and requires a few steps of preparation. If you follow the instructions correctly you can be confident that your phone will be protected from scratches, wear and tear and will also survive being dropped. Also has a nice shine and gloss that shows off the Super Amoled display on board the phone.

A truly 5* purchase, thank you EasyAcc!

Artemis G. 03/13/2016

excellent protection

It is a little bit thick but protects excellent the phone screen. My phone has dropped couple of times (even in rocks unfortunately) and the protector didn't break. I will definetely recommend.

PS: this review is made 1 year after the purchase.

Miss B. 02/26/2016

Worth every penny.

This is by far the best screen protector I have ever used. Great product and quality. You don't know it's there!

Amazon Customer 02/21/2016

cheap and easy to fit

Does what it should, cheap and easy to fit!

Stoph 02/20/2016

Well worth the price

Well packaged, easy to apply, can hardly tell it's even there! I've no idea how much protection it really offers, and I guess I won't know until I accidentally drop my phone. I'm certainly not going to try for the purpose of this review!

MK 02/19/2016

Good product

I have used this before and had no problems with it, until I experimented to remove it because of small scratches. It has protected the original screen very well and therefore I purchased it again. Got it on time and very easy to put in.

Amazon Customer 02/15/2016

Great screen protection

Easy to apply, almost not visible when on phone.

AMB 02/13/2016

Applied easily, if not perfectly.

Overall I am very pleased with this. It comes nicely packaged and the instructions are easy to follow. Despite following them to the letter and on a brand new handset (literally right out of the box) which had been cleaned and with no visible dust, the very top bit below the front facing camera hasn't adhered correctly. It's only a really small part of the screen protector, maybe 0.5cm, so I've kept it and will learn to ignore. Otherwise, it was a doddle to apply and I'm confident that my screen is well protected from scratches. I might buy a replacement in future and see if that applied any better but for now it's not affecting a usable part of the screen so it stays.

Amazon Customer 02/12/2016

Five Stars

It is perfect screen protector. I recomend this to everyone!

Robert green 02/09/2016

What a Fantastic Screen Protector Galaxy s6

I Purchased a Samsung Galaxy s6 Protector Screen you will not go wrong with this product well worth the money. It has saved my screen from getting scratch and plus from being broken. I have had Excellent Service with Amazon.Thank you Rob

Bethanyrayne 02/01/2016

Very good product. Absolutely pleased with my purchase

I used a TuffSkinz screen protector for the first 18 months of my phones life and it kept the screen in perfect condition but was getting a bit marked itself in doing so.

It was time for a new screen protector and I couldn't find a TuffSkinz one for the HTC One M8 so after reading reviews I picked this one and I must say I wasn't disappointed.

I followed the instructions which where simple and everything I needed was supplied.

I have a TIP for anyone who is intimidated about positioning the protector on the phone once they have removed the cover.
On the TOP side (opposite to removable cover) of the glass place two pieces of sellotape, top and bottom of the glass leaving 1" hanging over. Position glass on phone and when you're happy you have it in right position fold over the overhanging tape so it sticks to the back of the phone.

You will now see that you have a hinge which will always place the glass in the same position, you can now remove the cover on the glass and fold it over where it will adhere to the glass. Hold in the centre and remove sellotape from glass and phone.

Follow the instructions as supplied by manufacturer and just add the sellotape bit. Hope this helps.

As to the product, it went on easily and NO BUBBLES and looks as good as the original, phone works perfectly, touch sensitivity is not impaired and display is great.

Picture is after fitting

Liz Jacques 01/25/2016

happy customer

Bought for Xmas pressie quick delivery exactly what I wanted

Tinabeana 01/20/2016

Five Stars

Good product, easy to fit. After 4 months of use (and a fair few drops) its still intact.

Elliot M Biggs 01/19/2016

Fantastic Screen Protector

Fantastic product, well packaged, fits perfectly on the screen without any air bubbles and feels really nice when using the touchscreen. Finger marks and glare are also minimal.

paul gear 01/17/2016

Small price for peace of mind !!

Does the job good price , very happy with purchase fits well to m9

Hugh McIntyre 01/15/2016

Screen crystal clear and easy to fit

Screen crystal clear and easy to fit. Much better than old screen saver which was plastic variety. So much brighter.

Amazon Customer 01/13/2016

Could be onto something...

Like many people before me, I used to use the flimsy plastic ones before. And whilst these may have offered protection of sorts, that was only if you could get the bloody things on in a straight line with no air bubbles or other imperfections.

Then I came across tempered glass protectors. And curious, I ordered one and didn't ask any further questions.

They work. You line it up with your screen, drop it onto it, and watch as the glass takes on the screen below it. I did end up with a couple of air bubbles, but these dissappear with some pressure and pushing, and the whole thing is flawless.

It is difficult to get screen protection on the HTC One M8 exactly right. Especially for the flimsy plastic ones, even when you got it lined up as straight as you could, always seemed to catch on the bezel and not quite flatten fully. I ended up having to cut them down a tad.

This one just went straight on, perfectly flush, and looks great.

Forget the flimsy plastic ones. Seriously. These things are great.

Amazon Customer 01/09/2016

Four Stars


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EasyAcc Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6

EasyAcc Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6

Tempered Glass Invisible Shield Film Guard Cover Crystal Clear HD Bubble Free (Second Screen for S6, Anti-Sharp Scratch, High 9H Hardness)

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