EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Mic, 3.5mm Aux, FM Function, Micro SD Card Slot- Titanium Black

Portable mini Bluetooth speaker for both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices.

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Portable mini Bluetooth speaker for both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices.

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Set you hands free

Getting a call when enjoying the music from the phone? No more hussles to turn down the volume or pick up the phone. This mini speaker allows you to answer the call hands-free wirelessly through it.

You got music, I play it. I am a multi-player

Support micro-SD Cards and FM Radio. Insert the accompanying USB Charging Cable to receive FM signal.

Perfect audio performance to catch your ears

Small as it is, this silver gadget involves Acoustic Air Spring and S-BASS, providing the high standard audio performance for the music lovers.

It can't be any easier to use it

Small and lightweight, it perfectly fits in your bag or pocket for daily use as well as for travel. Built-in rechargeable battery, once fully charged, it can last up to 5 hours. You can also charge it when enjoying the music.


63*63*57 (mm)
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Reviews (3578)

  • Five Stars
    by samantha trezise 20/09/2017
    Very good speaker, very pleased with it
  • Not very loud but nice for personal use
    by 2lowes 20/09/2017
    Surprisingly well built speaker. Not very loud but nice for personal use.
  • Solid speaker overall withone caveat
    by Travis 20/09/2017
    This is a pretty good compact speaker. It comes with a chord that plugs into the microSD slot on the speaker and splits at the opposite end into another audio jack and a mircoSD head, so it can be plugged into almost any device. It is pretty small, but it is solid. It's much heavier than I expected, but I like that because it doesn't easily get knocked around (also helped by a non-slip bottom). It has a radio setting, a Bluetooth setting, and an audio input setting. The volume also gets pretty loud! It's very user-friendly as there are few buttons or functions that one needs to worry about using. I have to take away a star, because the sound doesn't come through perfectly. Just touching the cord close to where it plugs into the speaker causes the treble to go in and out.
  • Good price good quality
    by Kindle Customer 18/09/2017
    I have been using this product all weekend, it has a great sound and goes quite loud. It has followed me all round the house and the Bluetooth has a good range on it, left my phone downstairs and listened to it in the bathroom. The winning feature for me is in the car and acts as a hands free speaker. Well worth the price.
  • Fantastic speaker, unbelievable price!
    by Loro 17/09/2017
    OHHHH MY GOD this speaker is just brilliant!! I can't believe how cheap it was, the sound that comes off it is so loud and the Bass is fantastic, not tinny or cheap sounding. Battery lasts ages. This is proper quality this is. I'm so chuffed with it.
  • Five Stars
    by Rasim Dezic 15/09/2017
    Amazing sound, clear as can be.
  • Worth It!!
    by Jon 14/09/2017
    Worth every penny! This speaker is a lot louder than I anticipated.
  • Very good sound quality but does need charging with constant use
    by Fatima 14/09/2017
    Very good sound quality but does need charging with constant use! I bought 2 as the first was so good
  • Five Stars
    by merlin william bjerke 14/09/2017
    great little speaker
  • Five Stars
    by Kimani 14/09/2017
    Probably the best small bluetooth speaker I have ever bought. The sound is great for such a small speaker!
  • Four Stars
    by Shaun Pfund 14/09/2017
    clear sound
  • this is REALLY good!
    by Candice 14/09/2017
    For a small cheap speaker, this is REALLY good!
  • 10/10
    by MR 13/09/2017
    Quality product
  • Five Stars
    by Nader 13/09/2017
    just great and as expected
  • Awesome
    by Jbull131 13/09/2017
    Stunned at how such a small compact little unit seems to provide a sonic boom of sound. Absolutely love it!!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 10/09/2017
    Nice sound
  • Five Stars
    by Donna Itri 09/09/2017
    Nice small speaker, great sound
  • +1 year and still works like new! amazing quality for the price.
    by Amazon Customer 08/09/2017
    I have had this about a year now still works perfect! still got amazing sound quality for the price i would really recommend!
  • Speaker sound great, good sound
    by dwbrock 08/09/2017
    Speaker sound great, good sound. Battery last a long time on the speaker. It is a good purchase for the price.
  • Five Stars
    by Simon Gilbert 06/09/2017
    Excellent speaker, great sound and clarity. I would buy another.