EasyAcc 9000mAh Waterproof Power Bank

Waterproof, Dustproof, shockproof portable Power Bank with a compass and LED flashlight perfect for outdoor activities and travelling. 

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Waterproof, Dustproof, shockproof portable Power Bank with a compass and LED flashlight perfect for outdoor activities and travelling. 

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Unbreakably powerful

We give this Power Bank a tough body with Ingress Protection Rating of IP67 to make it waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

Best partner for outdoors

This Power Bank solves all the problems with a compass and LED flashlight that cut through darkness and lead your way while charging your phone. Feeling safe outdoors is just easy like this.

Reliable energy station

With the input of DC 5V/2A, charge this power bank in a short time before going outdoors to save your time. The strong output of Max 2.1A with 9000mAh capacity enables feeding your device at top speed with enough juice to keep it runing all day. Take it anywhere you go with the carabiner included.


101×64×27 mm / 3.98×2.52×1.06 inches
DC 5V 2.1A (max) Port1:DC 5V 2A Port2:DC 5V 1A
DC 5V 2.1A (max)
223 g / 7.87 ounces
Battery cell:
9000mAh / 33.3Wh
Product Certification:


Reviews (230)

  • Great Portable Charger
    by Ruffie P. 24/08/2017
    Great durable charger! Holds a great amount of charge. 2 maybe 3 phone charges on it. I went camping and charged my phone battery over night and when I woke up it still had two bars of battery left.
  • This thing is still going strong after two years of ...
    by Nate Ash-Morgan 26/05/2017
    This thing is still going strong after two years of use. Really the only downside is the door that closes over the USB slots is extremely difficult to close or open....I just leave it ajar. But if you are about to go through a rainstorm with no shelter, closing it up and then forcing it open later (maybe with a butter knife) is worth it. This thing lasts a long time, and the light is bright enough to be of some use. It does require you push a button to get it to charge, and of late you need to make sure to push it hard enough (a very slight push sometimes doesn't do it). All in all though, this has served me extremely well. I've used it nearly daily for two years with no sign of reduced usability.
  • Nice device
    by N. Dittes 08/05/2017
    Works great though to charge your phone at least twice. Just remember to unplug it when your phone is fully charged, otherwise you're needlessly consuming the charge of your powerbank.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 26/04/2017
    Top product for a good price
  • Recharge problems
    by A. Kohlstaedt 30/03/2017
    Worked fine until it came time to recharge it the first time. On one, it only charged 3/4, on a second, it only charged 1/4. I left this review and I also contacted EasyAcc suppport. In each case, Support emailed me within a day after my making contact. With their help I determined that the units are fine, the cables are fine, and it is my Apple iPad charger that is apparently not working properly (it recharges my iPad & iPhone, but not the charger). So thumbs up on a good product with excellent support.
  • Five Stars
    by Bernadette R. Miller 25/03/2017
    Was given as a gift and they absolutely loved it.
  • happy
    by sssr 25/03/2017
    Two years and still going strong.
  • Four Stars
    by Olaf Jakub Wolski 01/02/2017
    it is very good. However it stopped working
  • Four Stars
    by keen buyer 04/01/2017
    very useful in my travel , though kinda heavy , wish it's a bit lighter
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 11/12/2016
    Great for hiking
  • Four Stars
    by D P Mills 14/10/2016
    A+ quality item quick delivery
  • Four Stars
    by bigkap 03/10/2016
    As expected
  • Durable quality long lasting battery packs
    by Matthew T Jones 25/09/2016
    I have had this battery pack for 18 months and it's still going strong. I use it for cycling and keeping my battery charged on long rides . These packs are so good I just bought their double port 20000 mah pack , no verdict yet as I haven't used it, it's a lot bigger than this one but I hope it's as efficient ! Planning to feed my cree light and mobile device from the one pack for long cycling journeys . I would definitely recommend and I have bought them as gifts for Christmas which went down well with everyone
  • Great value for the price
    by M. Mcwhorter 21/09/2016
    I bought this thing to keep my phone charged on a 5-day hiking trip and boy did it deliver. I got 4 full charges on my iPhone 5 with this. It's a bit heavy, but it stores a LOT of power, and it's nearly indestructible. Great value for the price.
  • Charges your phone or tablet within an hour from 10 ...
    by Helpful shopper. 20/09/2016
    Charges your phone or tablet within an hour from 10 % to 100%. The power supply itself takes a bit to charge but worth the money if you need juice for a camping trip.Also the charging cord is long enough to have the power bank in your cargo pocket and have your phone in your front pocket.
  • Five Stars
    by cristiaseg 12/09/2016
    Great Items. One year after it is still 100 functional​!
  • Five Stars
    by P. Tinungki 08/09/2016
    Great power bank. Sturdy, practical, portable, and helpful in many situations for your small electronics.
  • Derable, Reliable and Very Very Efficient.
    by Luca C. 04/09/2016
    If there were more than five stars I would put them. I am addicted to technology and using smartphones a lot. The main weakness of smartphones is that they are very thirsty and most of us can barely go through a day so I decided to buy an external charger. Many charges that I have bought in the past have sooner or later disappointed me for their performance, for their sturdiness or for the basic functionality. This is the first external battery that made me fall literally in love with its reliability, as a matter of fact I have bought three that I have given as a present to my family and friends. I can guarantee that it is solid waterproof in the sense that I have purposely drawn it in a ice bucket, in the sink full of water and it just stayed intact (please do not try this at home in voluntarily). It charges my smartphone faster than my original charger. Is just a no brainer in my opinion and the only cons I could find or better make up is that it is not sleek or thin or some other chargers can be. But balancing with the plentiful of PROS is a 5 star recommendation indeed!!! Hope you have found this interview useful.
  • Excellent
    by thebarbecuemaster 30/08/2016
    Very well build and charges my iPhone with no problem quickly . This charger has to micro usb charging cords and has a useful flashlight. I'm ordering a second one . This is the best charger I have bought to date . Better then anker
  • but it was a good product, still works btw
    by Williams 28/08/2016
    **** man I got confused on which side opened it so I burned it and hit it with a knife, then I realised it was the other part that opened it, they look so similar, now it is ugly because of my stupidity, but it was a good product, still works btw.