EasyAcc Brilliant 15000 mAh Power Bank

ultra compact dual USB (2.1A / 1.5A Output) portable external battery charger, no need to worry about your battery running out.

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ultra compact dual USB (2.1A / 1.5A Output) portable external battery charger, no need to worry about your battery running out.

More details

Smartly Powerful

15000mAh capacity gives your gadgets enough juice to keep it running. Compact design with super lightweight, you can easily hold it in your hand together with your phone when talking on the go.

2 USB outputs

This Brilliant Power Bank offers Dual USB outputs for your gadgets. You can feed two compatible devices at full speed.

Powerful yet portable

With the ultra compact design, you can easily put it into any bag or even your jeans pocket. This portable power bank therefore is suitable for wide range of occasions including outdoor activites, night out and travelling etc.


133*71*23 (mm)
DC 5V/1.5A
DC 5V/1.5A
310 (g)
Battery cell:
15000 (mAh)
Product Certification:

Reviews (991)

  • Five Stars
    by G A. 11/07/2017
    very good
  • Holds a lot of juice
    by Joy Erickson 31/05/2017
    This was a much better investment for me than smaller batteries, as I use it for longer trips (e.g. 4 day hike, week in Peru). The price to power ratio was one of the best I've seen. I leave it for months on end sitting on a shelf, and it's still fully charged. On my last hike, I charged up my smart phone each night, and one of my hiking partners charged his - It wasn't even half used up. Features I like: Holds a lot of power for a long time, has a 2.1 Amp output that's great for smart phones, and has LEDs to show it's charge level. It's heavy, and too big for a pants pocket, but fits great in my back pack & carry on pockets. Comes with 2 very short cables. I keep it in the cardboard box it came in, which helps protect it in a fall.
  • Amazing best one yet
    by Jason 15/05/2017
    Works like a beauty and it doesn't heat up like the other
  • This is a great battery pack
    by Rey Casanova 28/04/2017
    This is a great battery pack, it has come in really handy especially when we travel. It holds a long charge, charges phones really quick and does not drain as easily. I bought 5 of these for our staff, and they are all still using them. Very highly recommended.
  • Lasts long
    by Alex 23/04/2017
    Love it. Takes a long time to charge but lasts a long time
  • Awesome
    by Chris 20/02/2017
    Best investment ever , having lots of technology gadgets that are forever needing recharged this is perfect charged my iPhone to 100% every day for a week and still has power left
  • Five Stars
    by Tahir H. 18/01/2017
    Nice item
  • Great external battery bank
    by Coaster 15/01/2017
    Great external battery bank. A tad heavy but for the capacity it is forgiven. The inclusion of both a 2amp and 1amp charging port is great!
  • Five Stars
    by Tina R. 08/01/2017
    They were gifts and they liked them
  • Four Stars
    by Carole Caines 18/12/2016
    great wellpleased
  • This is brilliant for recharging your phone
    by DaveFromTheDale 12/12/2016
    This is brilliant for recharging your phone. You could go off grid for 5 days at least whilst using internet etc on your phone. Heavy to carry in pocket but worth it
  • Brilliant
    by Jackie Dazzler 10/12/2016
    This is brilliant. Went to a 3 day festival and it charged mine and my sister's iPhones for all the days and still had charge left. Very impressive. Not particularly and big and quite light.
  • Power bank
    by AG 09/12/2016
    Great piece of tech....Quite heavy though, but effective for travelling
  • really good
    by Amazon Customer 09/12/2016
    Works perfectly, really good buy
  • Recommended
    by Stopbuyingthings 29/11/2016
    Would recommend this. Very useful for camping to recharge phone and camera. Good capacity to charge a couple of times.
  • This battery went with me through probably 7 military field ...
    by Michael 28/11/2016
    This battery went with me through probably 7 military field exercises and survived. I waterproofed it myself and it never failed, and that is through all seasons as well.
  • awesome price, thank
    by Connie Demedeiros 28/11/2016
    durable, so handy, awesome price, thank you
  • Five Stars
    by Al 23/11/2016
    Super Useful, I can charge my phone a few times before I have to recharge brick.
  • Five Stars
    by Alicia Fagner 23/11/2016
    Works perfectly.
  • Five Stars
    by Pablo 19/11/2016
    It works really good