EasyAcc 3 Pack Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cable (0.5 Meter)

EasyAcc 3 Pack Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cable, USB 2.0 Type A Male to Micro-B Cable, USB to Micro USB Cable, 0.5 Meter [For Charging Only; Has No Data Transfer Capabilities]

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EasyAcc 3 Pack Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cable, USB 2.0 Type A Male to Micro-B Cable, USB to Micro USB Cable, 0.5 Meter [For Charging Only; Has No Data Transfer Capabilities]

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High Speed Charge

Charging can reach a speed of 5V 2.3A (depending on your device), less time for waiting and more time for enjoying.

Just Rely on it

Each cable has a core comprised of pure copper wires arranged in 2 groups of 21, assuring you low resistance and complete safety and reliability.

More is Better

Why not add a couple more for your home, workplace or suitcase? Here, more is better.

Length 0.5m
Pack 3
Bill Casey 11/26/2015

Does the job

I picked these up as my first non OEM usb charger, since those things tend to come with everything. I do like them well as the aforementioned OEM units I get, don't last so long for some reason. They seam sturdy work very well. The connect to the phone through it's case, which is notable. The have a red tip so they are easy to identify so I don't mix them up with other data capable cables. They dont have data transfer capabilities as noted so I keep them scattered about places where I need to charge things.

Brock Tobler 11/22/2015

Great cables from a great company

I have been using EasyAcc cables for a while and they are good quality cables. The cables have a sturdy housing and the ends of the cable are re-enforced to help the ends not bend or wear out quickly. The USB and micro USB ends are rounded so they won't catch on anything  and have a sleek look.
Also the company is always looking to improve their products and cares a lot about their customers. You can't go wrong with these cables.

Mark L. 11/18/2015

Five Stars

works fine

Kakha 11/17/2015

Great cables! Must have

Frankly speaking what can you say about a cable that are everywhere and a bunch of them. I tried to gather mine at home and found 20 of them. Most of them damaged and not working.

After I opened the package, there was a little surprise for me. Cable do actually seem and feel solid. The cable itself, connections feel rigid and durable. I tried all of them and they all work, no problems with that. My kindle was charging and happy. Small ones are great for my EasyAcc powerbank which I used often for my Android phones, but two months ago I switched to iPhone and frankly speaking haven't been using it recently.

I do like these red usb jacks, for distinguishing purposes and just like how it looks.

I'm not sure why these cables are only for charging. Does it make them more durable or lower price? I didn't even know that there are cables that are only for charging. Never payed attention.

Overall I liked the product. Very convenient to have different lengths and I've found them on Amazon and do liked the price. I do like EasyAcc brand, already have two case batteries, power bank and car charger and I'm more than satisfied customer :)

Allyn 11/17/2015

Sturdy and fast

I purchased these to use specifically with my USB Charger RAVPower 36W 4-Port USB Desktop Wall Charger Charging Station with iSmart Technology. I have been very pleased with both the charger and the cables. They are short (which is great for my use) and sturdy. The cable is strong, the fittings on each end are well connected and sturdy. My Galaxies S5 and S4 are usually charged from the 1.2a ports on the charger, while my Galaxy Tab charges on the 2.4a port. Each of the above items seem to charge faster than with the original chargers and cables.
I am very pleased. If EasyAcc makes similar cables for iPads, I will buy them as well.

B.G. 11/16/2015

Great cables to keep your devices charged!

These cables work great! My devices charge faster and the different sizes are perfect for my different charging locations, whether it's in my car, at my desk, or next to my bed on the night stand. I would recommend to anyone looking for some extra charging cables. These are only for charging, and not data transmission, hence the faster charging.

Bradley Chun 11/16/2015

Great if you are charging only, not for file transfer or data.

These charging cables as indicated are designed for charging only. They are different in that they have red inserts instead of standard white or USB3.0 blue. Sure enough, when used to plug my cell phone into my computer, it only charges and does not provide USB data connectivity. These cables should only be used if you know you do not need data. I have only tested it with Android devices and have not tried an Apple lightning USB adapter tip (I suspect there could be issues.)

As long as you are charging only, these are great. I have them paired up with my home rapid charger, my car charger, and I use the small ones with my battery packs. I've measured about 1A draw via software on my phone but suspect that these could handle more with a better measurement device.

Ian Yates 11/15/2015

Five Stars

Ideal short length charger cables. Just the job!

Eric Wentz 11/15/2015

Great for all those external batteries and car chargers that don't come with good charging cables.

Really good charging cables for those of us who have lots of chargers and devices.

I own about a dozen external battery packs from 2800 mAh to 22400 mAh. They have anywhere from 1 to 4 outputs per battery and 1-2 inputs so I need lots of charging cables. I find that some cables are so thin and flimsy they break easily, usually the small ones that are included with an external battery so it is always a good idea to replace those cheap cables. These ones from EasyAcc are nice. They are not syncing cables but I never sync my phone or tablet using a cable so this is not a downside for me. I do wish they were longer but the size is great for family chargers where you can charge 6 devices at once.

The price for these cables is good and the quality is also good so I would definitely recommend these cables.

[I received a sample of this product in exchange for an honest review.]

Shawn 11/14/2015

Does the job for all my devices

I was hesitant to receive this product, as I am not an electronic junky and cannot tell the difference between the many USB cords I already own. I do, however, need to charge my devices from my computer when I am not at my home, so I figured they could be worthwhile. After a few days of using these three lengths of cords interchangeably (two sizes come doubled in the package), there are pros and cons. First of all, the cord thickness is great. I never thought this is something I would care about, but as a women I carry around a large purse in the city and some of my other cords I'm always scared will snap one day when I pull it out of my purse too quickly and/or if it gets caught on something. These are heavy duty cords and certainly seem to me like they will last a long while. Secondly, they are compatible with all my devices (Samsung Galaxy S6, tablet, bluetooth keyboard, portable battery pack/ powerbank, etc.). They are convenient to have on hand. One con I have is that the shortest length cords have been collecting dust for my purposes. Particularly if I'm charging my phone or tablet from my laptop and I want to use it at the same time I am on my computer while it's connected, it just doesn't work out. I've decided to use the shortest length cords as back up cords to connect my phone to my portable battery pack/ powerbank. Another thing worth mentioning to fast charger users - these USB cords DO fast charge, HOWEVER, my particular device (Samsung Galaxy S6) will not recognize it as a "fast charger" and will not display the "fast charging" icon, even though the time to charge is comparable to when I am using the original Samsung fast charging cable. I think this point might matter to some, but not to others. Overall, it's a great package deal if you're in need of new cables. I will continue to use them regularly and update my review, if necessary.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product, but am reviewing it at my own discretion. This is my honest and unbiased review.

Patrick M. Iaconis 11/14/2015

Nice compliment to other EasyAcc accessories

The first thing I noticed after opening the packaging is the three difference lengths of cord, with two each of the 20cm and 50cm lengths, and one 100cm cable. If you're a techie like me, you probably have a pile of different gadgets (a.k.a. clutter) all over your desk. I found that the different lengths were helpful in reducing some of that clutter by eliminating the extra "spaghetti" of wires all over my desk.

The second thing that I noticed is that the USB-A connector on the cable (the part that connects to the charger) is colored with the same red coloring standard as my EasyAcc USB Charge and Data Hub that I purchased a few months ago. That's handy, considering the cable is for charging only, and lacks the D+ and D- data pins that carry the USB signal necessary to communicate.

To test the cables, I decided to use the ports my EasyAcc A44 Quick USB charger and data hub and the standard Amazon USB charger used for the Kindle Fire and Fire Stick. I will attempt to test an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9", a Samsung Galaxy S5, an LG G Pad 7.0 LTE, and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I will also use a Samsung rapid charger to see if it will support the rapid charge mode on the S6 Edge, though not being a cable certified for this, I am testing it outside of what the item is described to do.

Amazon Kindle HD 8.9" (2nd Gen):
My wife's Kindle is notoriously finicky when it comes to both power adapters and cables, so I figured this would be a good test. All five cables were able to charge the Kindle Fire HD on both the 1A and 2.4A ports on my charging hub. When I used them on the data hub port, it also charged. This was surprising because I have a data-capable USB cable that does not put out sufficient power when plugged into the data port. I then tried using the standard Amazon adapter with these cables. All five successfully charged with the Amazon adapter.

Samsung Galaxy S5:
Since this device is capable of utilizing the new USB 3.0 micro-B connector, I was curious to see how it would perform on the legacy 2.0 micro-B, especially when testing between 1A and 2.4A. I ran all five cables on both the 1A and 2.4A ports on my charging hub. Ultimately, all five were solid. Like the Kindle, I've seen some variance with cables before. These tested solid.

LG G Pad 7.0 LTE:
The biggest challenge I had in testing this device was getting it to drain. No doubt, it has good battery life. I used each cable on both the 1A and 2.4A ports, and achieved equal charging performance from what I could observe. However, since my device had difficulty calculating the charge times, and I wasn't able to drain the battery to the point where it could calculate this for each test, I had to take an educated guess.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:
I decided to push the limits a bit by using both my charging station, and a Samsung rapid charge adapter. While all five cables allowed it to charge, none of them allowed rapid charging mode. I can't really hold this against the product, as it is not advertised as supporting rapid charging technology.

In short, the cables are solid, and worked as advertised. In all of the device tests, the cables have a nice, snug fit. Despite connecting and disconnecting multiple times for the tests, they still have a nice snug fit. I do like the different lengths for minimizing clutter, and I like that the color coding on the connector easily identifies them as charging-only.

Full disclosure: I was given a free sample of this product in exchange for my review. I am an IT manager with 25 years of industry experience, and leverage my years of testing and evaluation experience to all of my reviews to provide an unbiased perspective. My review is based solely off of my opinion of the results of my testing.

Jonathan hadiwijaya 11/13/2015

Good quality cables and different length that suited your micro USB needs !

these cables charges very fast for my phones and i also tested it using multiple devices. Please note that these cables doesnt have capabilities to transfer data of any kind from/or to computer but that means that these cables charge faster by delivering the maximum amp that the phone can take. The build of the cables is also very good quality not those flimsy cheap cables that are cheap but very easy to break or charge devices very slowly. Since these cables comes 3 different sizes 2 of 7.87 inch and 20 inches and one 39 inches cables. Not forgot to mention the 1 year warranty that the seller provides really assured me that buying these micro usb cables was the right choice. Definitely would recommend these cables for anyone that are looking to stock up micro USB cables.

LEVEL 77 PIKACHU 11/11/2015

Micro-USB Charge Cable Set

EasyAcc's set of micro-USB 2.0 charge cables came in varying lengths that are suitable for a wide variety of situations. This includes one 6ft, two 3ft, and two 1ft. The longer 6ft cable is perfect for longer range charging from my laptop, game console, or USB wall charger. 3ft is the most standard length of the set.

The advantage of the shorter 1ft length cables include being less prone to tangling or getting caught in things. For example, when I often charge my Android device using a portable battery, the original cable (at 3 feet length) is often overkill and a lot of it just sticks out of my jacket pocket, vulnerable to being caught and hooked to things. I almost dropped my phone one time because of this. Having a mere 1 feet charge cable helps in this case. Being shorter also means its more manageable and easier to store. I keep this in the smallest compartment in my backpack as backup, as micro-USB is such a common standard and is compatible with so many things.

So far, I have not experienced any "not supported" error message when using this cable with my micro-USB devices with any of the charging sources, including USB wall chargers, laptop USB port, and external battery. Even my PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller, which is extremely picky when it comes to charging cable, fully works with EasyAcc's cable set. Charging rate and speed is also very similar to my other micro-USB charge-only cables.

The one downside to these cables is that there's no data transfer functionality, as they are designed with ONLY charging in mind.

Overall, a set of micro-USB charge cable with solid performance that I can leave in places or take with me when I'm out. I'd keep one at home, one at work, one in my car's glove compartment, one in my bag, etc.

I was provided a product free of charge in order to provide an honest review

DeviceEnforcer 11/11/2015

Awesome Value Pack of Charging Cables

My first impression was "Well this is a bunch of cables," but as I continued to examine and use them, I realized that they are in fact much more than just your standard charging cables. First of all, they are just charging cables so if you're looking for something with data transfer capabilities, look elsewhere. There are three sizes of cables, 2 20cm ones, 2 50cm ones, and 1 that is a full meter. I have used several EasyAcc products in the past, and let me tell you, the high quality experience I have come to expect from them is present in these cables. There are very subtle design elements that let you know that more than the necessary amount of design for a cable went into this product. The USB connector end has a red accent which looks pretty cool and there is an EasyAcc and battery charging logo on the connecting ends. The cables themselves are actually very thick compared to similar products which makes them very hard to get tangled which is nice. Overall, if you're looking for some replacement charging cables, this pack is a very good option.

I received a free sample of this product in return for an honest review. This in no way impacts my opinion of the product.

Reginald Parris 11/08/2015


It comes with multiple length chargers which can come in handy. the quality of the cable fine but not the best. and 5 cables for 8 dollars is a good deal

Steve C. 11/02/2015

A neat product.

Handy for charging my power banks.

Tony 10/26/2015

Four Stars

Works for out electronics except it won't charge my Iphone.

Robert L. Beckman 10/25/2015

Five Stars

works great and inexpensive!

Amazon Customer 10/21/2015

Five Stars

will buy again

Lawrence A. 10/19/2015

Good product

Good selection of USB to micro USB charging cables. Work great and are very well made.

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EasyAcc 3 Pack Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cable (0.5 Meter)

EasyAcc 3 Pack Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cable (0.5 Meter)

EasyAcc 3 Pack Micro USB 2.0 Quick Charging Cable, USB 2.0 Type A Male to Micro-B Cable, USB to Micro USB Cable, 0.5 Meter [For Charging Only; Has No Data Transfer Capabilities]

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