EasyAcc 3 + 2 Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub

A USB 3.0 hub plus card readers is designed especially for all PCs with 5-year warranty.

More details

A USB 3.0 hub plus card readers is designed especially for all PCs with 5-year warranty.

More details

Extended Interface X 3

With transfer rates of up to 5Gbps per port, another 3 extended interfaces complement your laptops and PCs, setting aside less time for syncing and device switching, and more time for work.

7-in-1 Card Reader

Featured with two card slots recognizing 7 different types of memory cards, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, RS-MMC, micro SD and mini SD, you can enjoy the power to read and write on two cards simultaneously, and avoid constantly plugging in and out.

Simple but yet Safe

Small, subtle and fully powered via your USB ports, the unit also features built-in surge protector to keep both the devices and data safe and support hot swapping with no extra bulk.

Material ABS
Port Compatibility standard usb 3.0+TF/SD
Port 3+2
Memory Card SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SD,Mini SD
Precy Anza 01/24/2016

Five Stars

Satisfied. Works well.

rg 01/05/2016

good product

so far so good, seems ok quality and worked every time I needed it to.

Amazon Customer 12/27/2015


PERFECT! Transferred pics at rapid speed!

Cesar Rodriguez 12/26/2015

Fast! and Cheap!

Blazing Fast.

It reads my memory cards at full speed.
Zero delays or hangups ( and I have used a ton of memory readers, Some of the cheap readers have that annoying "lag" when accessing or copying, this one doesnt have anything like that)

SDWILLIA 12/25/2015

Five Stars

Easy to use, comes up on my computer really fast and all at a great price.

Amazon Customer 12/25/2015


Exactly as described!

Jake the snake 12/24/2015

This works great if you don't have an SD card option on ...

This works great if you don't have an SD card option on your laptop. Very pleased with this purchase.

Christopher C 12/24/2015

Fits perfect in my camera bag!

Neat little guy! Does exactly what you want it to and has a very premium feeling rubbery finish.

S & L 12/21/2015

Must have for iMac users.

Must have for iMac desktop. We bought a iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch) and it looks nice. This is our first desktop mac, out of all of the stuff I researched, I didn't realize the USB and card reader ports are on the back of the monitor. I dealt with that for about a month before and finally got tired of having to reach behind the monitor to insert and take out SD cards from my various trail cameras. This unit blends into the desktop and works great. Still wish Apple would put USB and SD card slots in a more accessible location. Not everything works off the cloud.

Friendlyneighborhoodreviewer 12/17/2015

For the description skippers and review skimmers,

It does work as advertise, not charging and all, which is inconvenient, especially on these smaller devices with smaller batteries. I literally ordered this to use while the one I ordered from China (charges your device while otg) for $4 gets here. I needed it for a very crucial restore, so I couldn't wait to try to fix it!

Search the Chinese "otg 4 port CHARGING hub", is better in almost every way.

EDIT: Gains extra star for sd and micro sd support, which my recommendation does not have.

If I was a ruthless reviewer, I might have taken another star off for the design. It looks cute and all, but 2 necessary connections to the device,(power cable, and USB to otg) are awkwardly protruding.

Still, does what it needs to do and what it advertises it does!

Stan 12/16/2015

Cool little gadget!

Awesome little gadget for tablet / pc users.
Comes with a OTG cable, USB cable extender, and a power cable.

Using it right now to upload my photos from my SD card. Not the fastest for transferring files since it is USB 2.0.

Has three female USB 2.0 ports, 1 SD card reader, and 1 TF card reader.

Can confirm it does work with my 8" Windows 8 / 10 tablet.

Definitely worth buying in my opinion!

P.S. Since I know some people are going to think that I received this product at a discounted price or for free,

D. Powers 12/14/2015

Buy it, it is perfect!

Exactly what I needed after my PC stopped reading my camera's memory card.

Kelly Roy 12/13/2015

Five Stars

Thank you!

DM 12/12/2015

Can't go wrong with this baby...just read-on!!!!

Great nifty techy gadget for any nerd just like me....LOL
Firstly, it's an EasyAcc product, which from personal experience, I can positively attest to the solid makeup of this great tool.

Secondly, it came expertly packaged and shipped with perfect protection.

Thirdly, comes with all the appropriate cables you'll need to use it, and is quite easily a cinch to work with.

Fourth(ly), it's OTG, plug n play, & easy as pie to use.

I could go on and on, but with this excellent product, it's just simply not required. It basically speaks for itself with its' first use.

This nugget of data absolutely does not qualify as a negative mark or grade, and is most defintely not nitpicking by any means...

This is just an FYI info...One thing to look out for is, the tight-fitting clear plastic "cap" over the usb port...due to the excellent workmanship that went into creating this product, it's on there snugly to protect the attached usb port...so "DO NOT" try to "TWIST" the cap off...it simply pulls off, just take care when doing it, and you'll have no problems.

Add to all this, the fact that it's an EasyAcc product, and that they have a wonderfully simple return & refund process, which I have to admit, is quite honestly a HUGE plus.

Five stars ***** all the way.

And, NO, I "DID NOT" receive compenstion of any kind for this review...Just an honest reporting of factual information...
THANK YOU again EasyAcc!!!

mohammad 12/04/2015

Five Stars


Amazon Customer 12/02/2015

Nice addition to my Tablet

Great little device works great with my tablet

Amazon Customer 11/30/2015


Exactly what I needed to read a camera SD card

Stephen B Fuller 11/27/2015

Five Stars


Charlene Smith 11/21/2015

If you're a keen photographer, get it

wonderfully useful, I carry it around with me. Apple makes such camera unfriendly computers and their photo app is even worse (what's with Apple? Do they have complete contempt for users?) But this is really useful.

Lee F. Schelin 11/12/2015

Five Stars

It works, that's all I can ask for

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EasyAcc 3 + 2 Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub

EasyAcc 3 + 2 Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub

A USB 3.0 hub plus card readers is designed especially for all PCs with 5-year warranty.

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