EasyAcc Halloween Felt Candy Bag -2 pcs

Suitable for Halloween, school, themed, and birthday parties and more.

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Trick-or-Treating Bags

Halloween Felt Candy Bag have 2 patterns: Orange Pumpkin Bag and Black Ghost Bag. EasyAcc Candy Buckets with Handle fit the Halloween mood perfectly and are suitable for kids and trick-or-treating as well. The bag can be used year after year, as it’s made from high-quality felt, durable, lightweight, and won’t easily fade or break.

Thoughtfully Made

We’ve upgraded the following to create a better user experience: ① We’ve added a removable base that allows the candy bag to stand up with shape on tables; ②We’ve lengthened the straps and also added a velcro fastener to prevent candy from falling out due to the bag swinging.

User-Friendly Size

The candy bag’s dimensions are 15.5x25.5 cm / 6.1x10 inch, including the straps, and the felt is 0.9 cm/0.35 inch thick; our bag is bigger than other bags on the market and has enough space for holding candy. The straps are also at a good length for carrying the bag around. Share it with your friends and family or buy it for your kids!

Super Value Pack for Treats

The bag is ideal for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating (it can hold candy, chocolate, cookies, and even a few small toys). It can also be used as a gift for kids as well as for celebrations and kindergarten activities and as decoration for other occasions.