2600mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Battery

 With built-in rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery, works 6-18 hours on a full charge, rechargeable for hundreds times and ensures safe using.

Unique Design – Lanyard Design & Walking Fan & Palm-size

With dimension 78×78×55mm, the fan can be hold in one hand easily; With lanyard and 138g weight, it could be hang on neck, brings cool breeze when walking; Easily to put in bag carry with you, and use it whenever and wherever.,like NBA/World Cup Qualifiers/Football Game/or any activity.


Low – Middle – High speed, the biggest wind speed could reach 4.9M/S, which could be adjusted by pressing the power button repeatedly; 

Multi-functional Fan 

Silicone on the base, makes it convenient to use on desktop and avoid unnecessary movement; Lanyard design plus built-in battery, makes it convenient to use outdoors like walking, hiking, maintaining, traveling.

Convenient Charging

With USB charging cable, the fan could be powered and recharged by all 5V output USB devices, such as power bank, computer, etc.