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EasyAcc 90° Adjustable USB Desk Fan - Black


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  • 【Highly Compatible USB Charging】80 cm long USB cable can be used to connect the fan to laptops, desktops, power banks, adapters, car chargers, and other USB power sources. The fan can be used during charging without any negative effects. USB fans save energy and are environmentally friendly. (Note: This fan does not contain a battery.)
  • 【Small but Powerful】This 6 inch fan is powerful enough to let you feel cool instantly. The 5 curved fan blades reduce wind resistance and noise as well as increase air delivery. Suitable for office desks, living rooms, bedrooms, cars, travel, camping, and more.
  • 【Strong Wind】Speed 1: Light breeze (2.5m/s) for indoors; Speed 2: Cooling breeze (3.2m/s) for kitchens; Speed 3: Fast cooling (3.7m/s) for outdoors and camping. Choose the one you want by going from the lowest to the highest; there’ll surely be one that meets your needs.
  • 【Turn Off in 2 Seconds + 90° Adjustability】The only fan on Amazon that can be shut off like a phone: just hold the power button for 2s. 90° adjustability lets you use the fan at any angle you desire.
  • 【Fan Cleaning + Storage】Removable fan guard lets you clean the fan once summer has ended, prolonging its lifespan and reducing your expenses. For ease of storage, the fan is just 6 mm thick, letting it fit into drawers easily without taking up space.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.6 x 2.9 inches