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EasyAcc Handheld Portable Turbo Fan [12H Max Cooling Time] 3000mAh USB Rechargeable Personal Battery Operated Mini Small Pocket Hand Fan with 4 Speeds for Travel/Outdoor/Home/Office - Black

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  • 【Turbocharged Airflow - hair dryer-level -high-speed Handheld fan】EasyAcc portable Turbo fan introduces a high-speed motor similar to a hair dryer. has 2 vortex tech patents: Air Turbo and Air Jet .The motor can reach up to 14500RPM, and the portable Turbo fan wind distance can reach up to 7.5m/s. Turbine technology can efficiently gather wind and have a wide air outlet area and the wind feeling is closer to nature.
  • 【4-Speed Turbine Powerful Wind 】This Portable Hand Held Turbo Fan has a built-in powerful brushless pure copper motor, upgraded to 4-speed turbine power, with faster rotation speed and stronger wind power. The Handheld Fan first gear is 3.8m/s, 7380RPM; the second gear is 4.8m/s, 8810RPM; the third gear is 6.1m/s, 11850RPM; the fourth gear is 7.5m/s, 14500RPM. Compared with similar fans on the market, it generates greater air volume and has stronger heat dissipation capabilities.
  • 【12 H Max Cooling Time and Charges up Quickly-2.5H】This handheld Turbo fan is equipped with a 3000-capacity high-quality battery that works continuously for 3-12H, which can basically meet your cooling needs throughout the day. Equipped with a 5V-2A fast charging interface, you can charge it through a computer, power bank, laptop or any other USB port device. Can be fully charged within 2.5 hours
  • 【Portable Compact Size】This pocket Handheld Portable Turbo Fan weighs 180 grams (about the weight of 2 eggs) and is only the size of an adult woman's palm. The exquisite size not only makes you eye-catching on your hands when you go out; but it can also be easily put into a backpack, clutch or shirt/pants pocket and carried with you without any extra burden on you
  • 【Handheld/Desktop Fan--Special Care for Children, Women】The travel fan can accompany you on any transportation, such as planes, trains, cars, high-speed rails, and is very suitable for taking it to travel, Disneyland, music festivals, parties. Additionally, if your wife or mother suffers from menopausal hot flashes, this portable handheld fan is an ideal gift for your loved ones, bringing that special feminine warmth.

Package Dimensions: 5.8 x 2.2 x 2.1 inches