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EasyAcc Handheld Fan, 5000 Battery Operated Portable Fan [ 4 Speed 20 Hours Powerful Hand Table Fan ] One Touch Power Off Foldable USB Desk Fan for Home Travel Outdoor


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  • 【5000 Capacity Rechargeable Battery - Up to 20 Hours of Use】Built-in rechargeable battery for easy charging and use. Capacity increases to 4-20 hours without cables. Don't worry it will stop working any time soon. Portable personal cooling fan with foldable handle for easy handling and storage in bags and purses.
  • ❤【LOW BATTERY ALERT---TIMELY CHARGE】A unique battery fan on Amazon, low battery alert. Press the power button to see how much power is left and if the personal fan needs to be charged. LED indicator status: 1) All 3 lights on: fully charged; 2) 2 lights on: 60% battery left; 3) 1 light on: 30% left. (Note: The LED indicator flashes while charging. Once fully charged, it will stay lit.)
  • ☄ 【Advanced one-button shutdown function】The only handheld fan with one-button shutdown function. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the portable fan, avoid pressing the power button multiple times and make the battery fan more convenient to use.
  • Upgraded version to 4 speeds: The speed of the hand-held fan has been increased from the usual 3 modes to 4 modes. Speed ​​1 is suitable for indoor use, such as napping; Speed ​​2 is suitable for indoor regular use; Speed ​​3 is suitable for outdoor use, such as shopping; Speed ​​4 is suitable for outdoor use, such as picnic, camping.
  • ❤【WASHABLE FAN GUARD】Turn the personal fan guard clockwise to remove it, then turn it counterclockwise to put it back. After prolonged outdoor use, dust can accumulate, and cleaning the fan guard will extend its life.

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches