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EasyAcc Cooling Fan for PCs, PlayStations, xBoxes, Receivers and more

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  • 💓【Highly Recommended】Super quiet fan designed to cool all types of electronic devices and components. High wind flow is designed specifically for doorways, wood stoves, fireplaces, air flow between rooms, and other situations requiring air circulation.
  • 💓【3 Speed Settings】This PC cooling fan has speed settings that let you choose the optimum wind flow and noise level for your devices. Noise level: 24-32 dB. Highest wind speed: 1700 RPM/60 CFM, Speed 2:1400 RPM, Speed 1:1200 RPM, Ideal for cooling PCs, laptops, PS4s, xBoxes, streaming boxes, receivers, stereo cabinets, projectors, routers, and more.
  • 💓【High-Quality & Durable】Superior wind flow and the stress-resistant frame make the fan great for use in a liquid cooler or as a tower fan. It is also made of heavy duty aluminum that can withstand impact as well as harsh environments.
  • 💓【Multiple Protections】Metal grille on both sides of the fan protects both your hand and the USB cable when the fan is in use. Protective layer on cable offers resistance against wear and breakage, especially at the connection point to the fan.
  • 💓【Lightweight & Portable】Lightweight, compact design (125*125*35 mm) is great for use on desks, in offices and other rooms, and for families.

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.0 x 1.7 inches