Short and Solid

Only 0.5ft / 15cm, the cable is short and both ends are reinforced yet made compact. Ran through 5000 bendings and 10,000 pluggings, the cable shows no damage and failure.

Fleixble and Tidy

Adopting flexible material, the cable can easily bend to work with portable chargers or laptops. Being compact, the cable won’t tangle a bit and will always give you a tidy look.

Charge and Sync

Certified by Apple, the cable charges your devices at maximum current 2.4 A, and sync with the speed exactly as your original Apple lightning cable provides.

Sepehr M. 09/21/2016

Great quality and looks sturdy

Amazing product seriously. This is the second 15cm lightning cable I've purchased and I am very pleased with this one over my first which was the Amazon Basics cable. Although great quality, the end frayed within 4 months or so. This cable looks a lot more sturdy and at least it wont fail in the same way.I shall update this review if and when the item does stop working. But even so it has a 12 month warranty which makes the item all the more worth it.

Mr. P. Bertram 09/08/2016

A modern must have.

A modern must have.This item is fulfilled by amazon so is delivered the very next day after ordering which i totally love as I am very impatient and hate to wait for things to be delivered so will often pay a little extra for a PRime product to know i will receive this the next day.Every person with a modern smart phone suffers from one simple but often ignored fact by smartphone manufacturers and that is battery life is simply not long enough. This has led to a myriad of different external battery suppliers to create products to allow people to charge there phones and other portable devices on the go.I too have a number of portable battery packs and it is usually the first thing i pack before a long day out of the house or office away from a ready supply of power.This cable is great as it is rather small at around 15 cm long it is perfect to connect one end to my battery and the other to my phone to then either slip in my pocket or place in my bag without a long standard cable that gets caught up in all sorts of things creating a tangled mess.This cable is also certified by apple and is therefore guaranteed to work with all apple devices powered by the lightening port.Even going forward with the new iphone 7 and the new apple air pods this cable will allow charging of both those exciting new products.All in all a good product that i can easily recommend with this 5 star review.I will continue to use this over the coming days and weeks and update this review should my opinion change through more use.In the interests of open and honest disclosure I did receive this item at a discount in order to be able to provide this review however I have been as honest as possible.I hope this review has been useful for any potential purchases and if so I would grateful if you could give it a thumbs up below. Thanks

TechGURU 08/13/2016

Nice, small cable

My wife has a battery pack to charge her phone in her purse, but what she doesn't like is having a long USB cable in her purse which just takes up space. To fix this, I got her the EasyAcc Apple Lightning to USB cable.This cable is small! But that's exactly what we were looking for. It's also sturdy! Exactly what we were looking for. It works great with an iPhone and it doesn't get that annoying error stating that there is a problem with the cable.Overall, this is a great little cable and does what we need it to do.Full Disclosure: I purchased this product at a reduced price in exchange for a fair an unbiased review. This fact has not made a impact on my review or how I feel about the product. Due to the relative low price of review items even without a discount they generally "do what's on the tin" and rarely experience problems.

Louise 08/08/2016

love this

Being a family that goes on holiday a lot we carry around travel battery packs for our phones.My pet hate is having charger cables taking up room in my bag and getting all tangled up!I then came across this item and just had to buy it!It arrived next day in an a amazon box, it was then its own envelope.You could tell straight away how good the quality was and how sturdy the cable was. Not flimsy like most apple charger cables.I used it to charge my phone that same day, it charges about the same speed as an official apple charger cable and to be honest I reckon it will last hell of a lot longer than them too!It is so small and handy that I am going to purchase some more to keep around!_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Disclosure: *I work hard to leave detailed, helpful reviews. Because many of the products I review have been discounted, I'm required to review them within a certain time frame. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot provide details of the long term benefits of a product. I do still try to supply as much information as I can in terms of my initial experiences of the product. Being given this product for free/at a discount in return of an honest, fair and unbiased review has in no way influenced my review of this product. I use reviews to help other people to make decisions on whether or not to purchase and therefore would not recommend a product or give 5 stars unless I really believe it deserves it. I hope you found my review helpful and if so, please click on the YES button to say so. If you think otherwise, before you click on the "no" button to say I was unhelpful, please leave me a comment explaining WHY it wasn't helpful. I might be able to improve it and make it better or clearer. Any questions just ask, Thank you!* .

Hani 08/06/2016

Really solid, great for Power Blocks

This is a really great little cable. If you’re looking for a cable that is going into the wall then this is definitely not it, but if, like me you’re looking for something to put into a small charging block or to charge from your laptop then it’s great! I wanted something short that wouldn’t get tangled and damaged in my handbag like my other ‘official’ cable does. This one is covered in silicone and feels much more solid and sits nicely in my bag or pocket. I use this to charge my phone from a portable battery/powerblock when it’s in my bag or from my laptop when I’m at work. It’s fits snugly into my iphone 5 with no problems and I have a rugged ottorbox case on it so can’t envisage any problems with cases.This a solid cable and I’m really happy to recommend it!I bought this product after being offered it at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. I rely heavily on reviews as I buy most of my beauty, food and household products on Amazon, so I'm always honest. If you're looking for a short rugged cable then I would be happy to recommend it. If my experiences change after using this for a while I’ll update the review.******If you find my review helpful then it would be great if you could hit the 'helpful' button bellow. If you have any queries then leave a comment and I'll get back to you. Thank you :-)

Michael 08/02/2016

Hard to envisage better

I am very very impressed by this cable. Not only does it work well, but it looks and feels like it has been very well constructed and designed to last.Power on the go is always appreciated, and I always seem to be carrying around a portable charger with a short lightning cable.Recently my current cable, a 15cm AmazonBasics cable, that I purchased in December, is starting to become 'intermittent'. It works but sometimes, only after fiddling with the 'bend' of the cable. I assume it has had one too many bends, especially as it permanently resides in my jacket pocket.As a consequence, I will shortly be in need of a new short lightning cable so the opportunity to put this one through its paces was not one to be missed.This EasyAcc Lightning to USB Cable, arrived in very good time, well boxed and clearly showing the manufacturers name and product details (pictures 1 & 2). Fuss free recycling packaging too. Always a positive for me.Once you open the box, you are greeted with a nice layout with the lightning cable visible and well presented (picture 3).Initial impressions are extremely positive ... Wow

Paul Martin 08/01/2016


EasyAcc Apple Certified Lightning to USB CableItem arrived on time and well protected. Supplied in a plain brown box with the company logo on. Upon opening you can just tell it looks well made and is a quality lead and further inspection of it confirms this. Not the flimsy thin type that seems to be the norm from most companies now this really will last a long time even for me where it will be charging 3 or 4 different phones. Well worth the asking price and would highly recommend.

Umesh T. 08/01/2016

It just works :-)

Item bought at a discount for an honest review having used the itemArrived on time and well presented in a brown smart looking box.I wanted a short cable to use with a portable charger, having bought a few £1 shop ones i was fed up with the hit and miss on the charge,When i open this the cable was rigid yet flexi coated and wrapped in a rubber like material. Rather than those skinny looking items this was thick and felt like quality. Plugged in the USB end and the other into a phone, bang no issues whats so ever done this several times and every time works. If your looking for something similar this cable will do the job. I have also updated the IOS with this so its truly compatible with iPhones. I am impressed with this and will be returning to buy a few more

J.S.31 07/31/2016

Very sturdy cable

This Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable comes in very pretty box, packed like some bracelet:) arrived very quickly and well packed.Cable is 0.5 feet ( 0.15 meter), short but very good for use in cars or wherever you want. It works well, no any problems. Cable is certified by Apple!Looks made from sturdy materials, good quality!I bought several different cables for my phone, us I often lost them or broke, and this one is my favourite so far!Thanks, I am happy with my purchase.I received this cable at discounted price for writing a honest review instead!

Claxen 06/14/2016

Perfect compact cable

This cable is great. It's perfect for use when your sitting at your desk on a laptop and your phone needs a charge. It's extremely flexible and durable. If you have a external battery source, this cable would be the best thing to eliminate cable clutter.

ysverite 04/24/2016

EasyAcc Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 0. ...

EasyAcc Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 0.5 Feet (0.15 Meter)

apple certified :)

MommaGotABuzz 04/12/2016

Nice little travel Lightning Cable

Sturdy little cord. I like to keep one of these little cords in my purse with my battery powerbank for my phone. It seems to work well and I haven't had any trouble with it connecting to my iPhone.

All in all, this is a nice little travel Lightning Cable.

P.S. - Writing reviews has become an accidental hobby for me, and it always makes my day to know that people find my reviews helpful.
If you found this reveiw helpful, please click the YES button!

***I received this product at discount in exchange for my honest review.***

Bonstr 04/12/2016

sturdy, and more flexible than I guessed it would ...

Well, there is not a lot about a cable you can talk about, but we can touch on the key points. Build quality is exceptional. The sheathing is thick, sturdy, and more flexible than I guessed it would be. The connectors are of high quality and make a solid, positive connection. I can not ask for much more out of a cable; this bad boy looks and feels like it will last forever! If only they made one about 3” longer. J I am using it to attach stuff to a multiport standup charging bay, and it is juuuuust barely short, but I can not fault it for that, it’s not purpose built. For a short-run Lightning cable, it is very nearly perfect. It is also Apple certified to work, and that it does. I am please with this purchase!
I received this product at a discount in return for testing, inspecting and reviewing it. I received no other compensation for my review and always give my honest and unbiased opinion of each product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Amazon Reviewer 04/11/2016

OMG what an awesome thing to have when the iPhone/iPad power is running ...

OMG what an awesome thing to have when the iPhone/iPad power is running low (always) at the most inconvenient times. This lighting cable is compact, literally the size of your palm, and bends easily into a foldable shape that you need it to in order for the external power bank and your phone to collapse nicely into your pockets/purses.

This Lightning to USB cable works perfectly with every Apple device I've tried. Charging speeds were comparable to the performance I have obtained from more expensive name brand cables. I can't stress this enough. I always can use another lightning cable. It's nice to have one for work, one for at home, one for my backpack, and so on. This one is "apple certified", for what that's worth. Regardless of whether or not that is a meaningful designation, the cable has worked fine so far.

I received this at a discount for my fair and honest review. This review was not dictated by the discount and reflects my personal experience with this product. As a buyer-I often rely on the reviews of other buyers when making my purchases. So I will always give my honest, unbiased opinion. If you found this helpful, please vote or comment to let me know. Thanks!

Sharon B 04/09/2016

Perfect for portable powerbank chargers

This is a sturdy little compact cord for my daughter's iPhone. I packed it with her emergency back up portable powerbank charger. It fits great in the mesh bag that came with the portable powerbank charger and works wonderfully. It is the perfect size for portable chargers and super sturdy. I received this lightning USB C cable at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. I definitely recommend this for portable backup Powerbank charges, it is like it was made for them.

Sarah 04/04/2016

It's absolutely awesome!! I did receive a discount for an ...

I can't begin to describe how much I truly luv this! It's absolutely awesome!! I did receive a discount for an honest and unbiased review but that no way made swayed me in whether I liked this or not. I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

Adam A. 04/02/2016

Nice Flex Cable

I purchased this EasyAcc Flexible lightning cable a couple days ago. It arrived very quickly and was packaged well. This is my second cable of this type and I completely fell in love with the first one so I had high hopes for this cable. So far it has not disappointed at all. It feels very solidly built and also the rubber does not have any smells or issues. It is so flexible it can be tied in a knot but also does not seem like it will break down anytime soon. I still would have my first cable but my wife decided it went wonderful in her purse, this was a replacement for my laptop bag. It is only half a foot long but that is great to hookup in almost all situations. It is strong enough to plug in your iPhone to the default charging block from Apple and actually sit the iPhone 6+ atop the cable for charging. The 8 pin connector is small and seats well into my iPhone 6+ and charges it at full speed, I have also used it to back up my phone and it works well for data too. Everyone that sees this cable wants to take it from me, it is very sought after due to how convenient it is, you could literally fit one in a wallet. The USB side fits well into chargers and is not loose and does not wiggle. Hopefully this one stays with me for a long time. If you are on the fence about this cable at all you really need to order it and you will love it too.
I was sold this product at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I take the time to examine and use each product I purchase to ensure a thorough assessment so that I can give a well-informed review so that readers can get an honest unbiased real life information about the product they are thinking about buying or referring others to buy. My reviews are 100% authentic and unbiased and I am not being paid or swayed to write an unhonest or biased review nor would I ever accept any form or payment or bribe to do so.

Amazon Customer 04/02/2016

avoid messy cable clutter. This is short and sweet.

PERFECT size for keeping in my purse. You might have to put your i-device up on a book or something to get it close to the usb port of whatever you are charging with - I was using a USB wall plug so I stood the ipad on end near the wall. Worked perfectly. I really dislike long cords when my device is RIGHT next to the charging port so this was a great tool. I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Kristi 04/01/2016

Just what I needed for my portable battery charger

We went to Disney last fall. My phone battery was dead every single day by two. They were taking pictures for us and I was using my phone for character meet and greet videos. When I got home, my brother told me about the portable phone chargers. Wish I would have had one when we were there. I have since bought three of them. I want to make sure we have a good one when we go to Disney this fall. One of the portable battery packs did not come with a cord and this cord looks like it would be the perfect size to connect from the power pack to my phone. I do not want to carry around a long USB cable all day.

This is absolutely perfect and just what I was looking for to use with the portable battery charger while at Disney. This is thicker than a standard cable, but it is not long like a standard cable. I will not have to worry about the cable getting all twisted and wrapping around things in my bag. This cable fit into my portable battery charger fine and my iPhone 6 plus. No weird pop up warnings came up on my phone. The cable is extremely flexible and feels quite durable. I feel this is a great item for the price.

This item is packaged well. So many cables I order come in a simple bag. This cable came nicely packaged in a box. Would be a great gift!

I received this product at a discount or free for my unbiased review. I hope that my honest opinion was helpful. I only review products that I am interested in for myself and my family.

Glockster 03/31/2016

very pleased with this product and delivered very fast

I received this product for little or no cost for my review. Item is Just as described, very impressed with packaging and seems to be very well made, very pleased with this product and delivered very fast,faster than expected. I would recommend this item to anyone who want a quality well made product.

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EasyAcc Short MFi Certified Lightning Cable for Apple Devices

EasyAcc Short MFi Certified Lightning Cable for Apple Devices

A tidy charging starts with a compact cable.

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