Short and Solid

Only 0.5ft / 15cm, the cable is short and both ends are reinforced yet made compact. Ran through 5000 bendings and 10,000 pluggings, the cable shows no damage and failure.

Flexible and Tidy

Adopting fexible material, the cable can easily bend to work with portable chargers or laptops. Being compact, the cable won’t tangle a bit and will always give you a tidy look.

Charge and Sync

Charge your android devices at fast speed as your original cable dose. And support syncing data at 480 Mpbs.

AMZ Me 08/18/2016

Ideal portable cables

Bought these to replace yet another broken micro USB cable! I like to carry a tiny cable in my bag and obviously it isn't the best environment for them, so this time I thought I'd give these a try, the extra one will be for my portable charger! They certainly seem very sturdy and well made, they work perfectly well and I can't see them breaking any time soon! They also don't seem to catch half as much on things in my bag as the traditional style cables, even though these ones are no shorter than my previous ones the design is smoother and the thicker cable makes it probably impossible to tangle around things/itself. I also like that the packaging is all cardboard, much better than horrible plastics. That's about all there is to say! Highly recommend.I received this product at a discount in return for an honest review.

E. Schenkelberg 05/25/2016


I love the plethora of size choices

Gus 05/22/2016

Good cables

They work very well. I will be ordering some more for some friends in the near future.

MHAbid 05/18/2016

Best short charging cable I now own

Awesome, sturdy cable that permits maximum charge efficiency. I use them with an external battery to charge our phones with, and I am quite impressed with their flexibility and charge capabilities. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

Amazon Customer 05/14/2016

Five Stars

Awesome product!

Rodney Young 05/08/2016

Five Stars

They all work, but the two short cables are really short...picture is a little deceiving.

thetalk 05/06/2016

Great cables. Used to power the phone without forcing ...

Great cables. Used to power the phone without forcing it to connect as a mass storage device.

elSueco 05/05/2016

Believe it or not, cables do matter

Do not hesitate to buy these charging cables. They really do work better than other USB cables I have used. I would not have thought that there would be so much variation in charging time between different cords, but there really is. I have a box full of different USB cords, and have a particularly finicky cell phone that is very sensitive to the charging rate. I found an app for my cell phone to report the charging rate in mA, then tried it with a variety of cables. Some would only charge at 50 mA, which would take forever, these EasyAcc cables give me up to 700-1000 depending on which charger I use. Granted, 50 was on the low end, but most of my other cables that came with various devices would only provide around 300-400 mA to the phone. I am very happy with the quality of this product.

John Walas 04/25/2016

Five Stars


Amy Stouder 04/24/2016


These are great for use with a phone and a computer they are short so it makes it easier to use. They are also thick so harder to rip the cords and i got them free.

Anthony Bobo 04/24/2016


These cable are great . They work as they should and are made of high quality materials . The ends seem very sturdy and are made of a rubbery material not a junkie plastic. The cables seems like they are made very well. I love that it fits so nicely in my pocket. I needed a small quality cable to carry around with my power bank and this is perfect for that. I have no doubt that these cables will last me a long time. When making purchases on Amazon I rely heavily on the reviews of fellow shoppers. All reviews I write reflect my honest opinion of the product. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

G Yano 04/17/2016

A awesome addition to the cable family

Really have appreciated seeing a different kind of calbe here in the Amazon store...I should start by saying I probably now have amassed a small army of android based cables. By this I mean i literally hang my cables by the 10's and cable type IN MY CLOSET. I have a section for usb type C cables, a section for micro usb cables, a section for usb to hdmi...ect ect.

I bought these little guys for 2 primary reasons. I wanted a small cable that could easily fit in my pocket that would attach a power bank to a device. I also wanted a small rigid cable to attach my vape to my computer and not have a long cable to deal with. This cable fits these two functions very very well.

Its rigid enough to where it wont move once you get it where you want it, but at the same time flexible enough to loop around into itself (see pictures...even though I advise against doing this)

I can confirm that this cable DOES work with my quick charge 2.0 and quick charge 3.0 devices (Galaxy S7 Edge) and charges at the stock "fast charge" rate.

These little guys are really helpful to have around if you dont need a long cable! I cant say anything bad about these as they seem to be build from a nice quality rubber material. Ive been using these cables strongly for the better part of 2 weeks and haven't had any type of issue yet!
I did receive these 2 cables at a promotional price (I got these for free!) in exchange for my honest and unbiased review! I absolutely would recommend these guys to anyone as they are not expensive and they are rather durable!

Mike P. Cable 04/12/2016

The two pack of EasyAcc micro USB to USB cables ...

The two pack of EasyAcc micro USB to USB cables arrived securely packaged and on time. The male adapter ends fit tightly and securely. These cables are 6 inches long and are impossible to tangle. The cable itself is an extremely rugged rubber-like plastic. They both charge well. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my fair and honest review.

beaker 04/10/2016

Short, simple and satisfactory

The cables appear to be of good quality, are flexible and have a soft rubbery outer jacket. I have used them for charging various devices and for transferring photos. These cables were paired with a multi port USB charger to create a central phone and tablet charging location in our house. The short length is ideal for simple and quick charging of multiple devices in one spot with a cleaner look than cords of different lengths/colors etc...

I received this product at discount for my honest review. I was not paid or accepted favor for a positive review. I review products I have direct interest in and actually use in my life. Feel free to disregard this review if this bothers you but I strive to write frank reviews and let the chips fall where they may. If you like this review, please let others know by clicking YES this review was helpful.

Stefanie K. 04/06/2016

Wonderful connector, gotta have it!!!

I adore these. They work fabulously - especially in a purse or with a power station or bank. They flex nicely and work great for my needs. I want dozens of them - I can see them working for a lot of things in my life. I love them - and highly recommend them.

I received this item in exchange for a review.

K. Johnson 04/05/2016

Flexible and Perfect for External Power Banks.

I like this 2-pack 6-inches micro-USB cables. They are easy to carry around as you can put them in your bag, wallet or even pocket on the go so that you can charge your mobile devices anywhere. They provide a fast charge and I've been using them with my external power bank. This has been quite usefully as I am able to give this with an external battery pack to my daughter so she can charge her phone and smartwatch if the battery ever run down on it during aftercare.

The cables are flexible and so far they have held up without the pins coming out. I've used them quite a bit now and they've gone through a bit of abuse being placed in a kids bookbag and my purse and they've held up great. I definitely recommend them. Having two instead of one at the price is perfect because you can either have one at home and another for the go. Or you have one and give your kid/significant other another or have one for backup in case one goes missing. I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Alex 04/05/2016

Love these little cables!

I love these tiny little USB to Micro USB cords. They are perfect for carrying in my purse for on the go charging with a power bank. Unlike normal cords these little guys do not get tangled with the other cords in my bag or wrapped in knots around themselves. They also feel far more durable than your average cord and I absolutely love them for charging from my power bank when I am on the go! I suspect the fact that they do not get tangled with other cords in my bag and thus require no yanking to get them out will mean they last much longer. I would recommend these cords to anyone who regularly finds themselves needing to carry charging cords in the purse, pocket, brief case, or suit case as these are just so much easier to deal with when you are out and about than a traditional cord.
I also want to add that I was able to purchase [2-Pack] EasyAcc Micro USB to USB Cable for Android Smartphones -0.5ft / 15cm (Black) at a discount in return for a fair, honest, and unbiased review of the product. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe to be good quality products. The opinion above is strictly my own, and my review of the product was in no way influenced by Amazon or the seller. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Thanh Le 04/05/2016

The cable is very flexible and build feels really sturdy. High recommend this

This is a review for: [2-Pack] EasyAcc Micro USB to USB Cable for Android Smartphones -0.5ft / 15cm (Black)

Small little thing! It fits in my camelbak perfectly while charging my phone with the portable charger! The cable is very flexible and build feels really sturdy. High recommend this!

I was given the opportunity to buy these at a discounted rate in order to test the product. I ensure you that this has not effected my reviews in any manner. I want to help others make informed buying decisions and will not give a product a good rating simply due to a discount.

Sarah 04/04/2016

It's absolutely awesome!! I did receive a discount for an ...

I can't begin to describe how much I truly luv this! It's absolutely awesome!! I did receive a discount for an honest and unbiased review but that no way made swayed me in whether I liked this or not. I would highly recommend this to anyone!!

TK 04/03/2016

exactly waht I need for my charging station

it's exactly what I was looking for, just wish it will be in bigger sets, like pack of 5.
I recently bought a charging station for all devices in our family and short cords is a must for it in order to look organized.
and this 2 little guys are perfect for this job. they are very flexible but in the same time pretty think. so far I like them a lot.

I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review

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EasyAcc Short USB Cable for Android Smartphones, 2-Pack

EasyAcc Short USB Cable for Android Smartphones, 2-Pack

A tidy charging starts with a compact cable.

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