EasyAcc 30W 2-Port with QC3.0 Wall Charger for UK

World’s fastest charging ever experienced on USB ports.

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Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Adopting the world’s fastest Qualcomm charging technology, the Quick Charge port offers up to 4 times faster charge than conventional charger.

Smart Universal Charge

Besides Quick-Charge models, the charger adopts the cutting-edge Smart Charge technology, that offers fast charge to almost USB devices as the original chargers do.

Reliable & Safe

Adopting durable materials, and certified by CE and RoHS, the product is tested to ensure long time use. The charger and your devices are rigorously protected, thanks to the multi-circuit protection system.

Mr. Arthur J. Tyther 09/21/2016

If you're reading this just buy one, its superb.

Amazingly fast charging of my Xperia Z1, way better than official Sony charger or generics. Seems to do about 1% a minute or faster. Don't hesitate, just buy one. The car 12v is superb too.

Miss B L Williams 09/08/2016


I ordered this soon after I ordered my battery pack so I could charge it and my phone at the same time. I love it, it's a fast charger and it looks great too.

Rcoops 09/04/2016

Great quick-charge 3.0 charger and cheap

Great charger.I use this charger for my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as well as my bluetooth headphones. For me this is perfect.Pro's:- The quick charge 3.0 is backwards compatible and will support all the newest devices with quick charge 3.0.- Plugs straight into the wall at work. No need for an extra power bank to carry around.- The sockets are spaced well enough so that if you have bulky cables both ports can still be used.- Comes with a 1m usb cable.Con's:- None so far.So far the charger has been flawless. There is a warranty of 18 months which gives you confidence in the product. Coupled with the prime delivery it's perfect.

leanne 09/03/2016

the easy acc 30w wall charger with 2 port is a ...

the easy acc 30w wall charger with 2 port is a really excellent charger to have around the house or office it fits perfect in my daughters room as it is compatible with her htc phone and her ipad air2 in fact this charger is compatible with htc / iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6plus /ipad pro /ipad air/ipad mini and many more the charger plug is in a shiny black finish it has the two usb ports on the back of it it also comes with a android usb cable this wall charger is really fast it charges your phones and ipads up in a fraction of the time from other chargersDISCLAIMERI received this product at a discounted price for a honest unbiased review

A. Brito 09/01/2016

Very practical

 This item was received in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.This charge is just slightly bigger than the normal charger but has 2 USB ports, being one of them a quick charge port. Very practical to carry around when you have multiple devices and it's extreme fast charging, when using the Quick charge port. Managed to charge my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from 10% to 100 in about 1h and 10 mins (note that the S7 Edge don't have support for Quick Charge 3.0, so it won't reach the maximum charging capacity of this charger)Highly recommend this charger for it's portability and charging capacity. Now it's always with me on my backpack, as you never know when it's needed.

A Vakil 08/31/2016

Brilliant Quality Smart Fast Charger, Recommended

PackagingThis smart charger comes in compact size EasyAcc brown box. Very well packed so no damage at all.Box Content1 x Smart Fast Charger1 x USB cable1 x User ManualQualityThis Charger is impressively made. Materials are stong and very well put together.Charger material is shiny black which makes look very beautiful. Size is not very bigger than my samsung charger. I think it takes same space. Also it is very light weight.Charger has two USB port. One smart charger port and one is QC3.0 port. You can charge two devices at the same time. When you plug in the charger, inside the USB port it blue LED light illuminates so it easy to see in the dark of the night.I compare charging time with original Samsung fast charger for Galaxy S7 Edge. I got exactly same time with QC3.0 port of this charger and 5 minutes difference with Smart Charging Port.I am really impressed that this charger can deliver same charging time as the genuine Samsung Chargers. I use 2 meter third party cable but when I tested with genuine samsung cable it gave me 3 minutes faster charging with QC3.0 port.This charger will deliver fast charging to fast charging supported devices and also to non supported devices. That is just amazing.Overall I am really glad that I got this charger because it is really helpful when I want to charge my phone and tablet together. It takes so much hassle off.I would recommend this product to my friends out there for use. :)

ThomasYoung7 08/26/2016

Fast Charger

This is a really handy piece of equipment, this is a perfect item to have, its only 1 plug with as you can see 2 usb ports. Its a nice looking charger which has a nice blue glow to it when its on. With some usb chargers I have had, the phone is rather temperamental with it and won't allow it to charge a great deal and this is not the case with this charger, it works perfectly fine and will charge you phone with 1-2 hours fully!Overall it a really good piece of kit to have and I would highly recommend this to anyone, I cannot fault this charger one bit, 10/10 for the product for the service provided! Thank you!

Scott J. 08/25/2016

Compact, Safe, Reliable, Fast and Great Value... Fantastic Product

I received this [Quick Charge 3.0] EasyAcc 30W Wall Charger free of charge in exchange for a honest review of the item. Please note, my views on this item were not affected by this.Firstly the packaging that this item comes in is fairly simple with a small amount of paperwork consisting of a Quick Start Guide that tells you the warranty information and how to use the charger. Also included in the cardboard box is a 1M Micro USB cable which is a very nice touch for the price. Finally inside the box is the product itself which comes in a plastic bag to ensure that it is in the best condition when it arrives to you. Although the packaging is very simple it does the job of keeping the contents safe and in full working order when you use them.I really do like the appearance of this product as it’s glossy black surface stands out from the other matte black chargers that you may have plugged in to your outlets. The only downside to this surface is the fact that it picks up fingerprints fairly easily which is not too much of an issue considering it’s not going to be looked at that much. The back of the device houses the two USB ports to enable you to charge your devices. One which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Port which also supports devices that use lower versions of the Qualcomm Quick Charge such as the 2.0 and 1.0 versions. The other is a Smart Charge USB port.Safety is extremely important when it comes to electrical items and EasyAcc have ensured that this charger is as safe as it can be. This is due to the fact that this device has Surge Protection and Short Circuit protection built into the small body which is also certified by CE and RoHS, This is very nice to see as it shows that EasyAcc have made safety one of their number 1 priorities. The circuitry also makes sure that the device doesn’t overheat when it’s being used which gives you peace of mind.Using the charger is very simple and quick as your USB Cable goes into the charger and then plugs into the device that you want to charge. This device also has Smart Charge built in which detects the device that you are charging and gives that device the optimum current to ensure that it is charged correctly and quickly. This means that you can charge two devices with up to 2.4 Amps per device. This is enough to charge two iPad’s simultaneously. In my testing with my iPhone 5 I found that this charger charges my device from 0 – 100% in less than 2 hours, however this may vary depending on the conditions and devices that you use. I also found that this charger does not interfere with other plugs that you may have in the socket which I have found with other chargers in the past. This is very good as it means that there is nothing that could carry an electrical charge exposed due to there not being enough room for both devices, I really like the way this device fits into almost any space. This also means that you don’t have to compromise another port for this charger which is also really nice.I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who has multiple devices that need charging without using too many sockets. I would also recommend this to anyone who travels a lot as it is very portable and perfect if there are limited plug sockets.

RK 08/23/2016


I bought this item on EBAY, but it is perfect, well made and arrived very quick, just the job.

Pete Coventry 08/21/2016

Amazing piece of hardware!

It does the job well of charging 2 devices at once. I use it to charge my Monster power pack and also my phone has a 10,000mAh battery. I've just downloaded over 10GB of offline music on Spotify and whilst the battery precentage has not increased (having the phone plugged in to this device whilst in use) It's also not dropped so this Adapter has the raw power to take the drain 4G puts on a battery.It's fantastic!

ReviewedByTee 08/20/2016

EasyAcc 2-Port 30W Charger - Great Charger For Quick Charge Enabled Products

****Please note, this product was provided to me as a free sample to review - in no way has this influenced my opinion of the 2-Port charger********Packaging***The EasyAcc 2-Port 30W charger comes tidily in a neat box with brief product details***Appearance***This 2-Port charger comes with a standard 1m length micro USB cable, a small user guide and a customer service cardBoth USB inputs have the Smart Charge technology and the 2nd USB port is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 enabled and is backward compatible with older Quick Charge versions; both inputs glow blue when inserted to a plug sourceThe product is black and fairly light in the hand so it's portable friendly and easy to carry in small bags***Usage***Having one of USB ports with the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge technology on this product is greatly beneficial for users that own Quick Charge enabled devices as they are able to achieve an 80% charge in around 35 minutesFor users that do not own Quick Charge enabled devices like myself can still benefit from the Smart Charge Technology available on both USB inputs, providing a maximum power of 2.4A, giving speedy and efficient charging abilityA wide range of devices with the older versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology can be used with this charger with the backward compatibility element along with any other devices that require a USB input for battery recharging purposes, i.e. mobile phones, tablets, action cameras, portable speakersAlong with the high spec of charging features, this product has safety aspects to avoid users experiencing overcharging, over voltage, short circuit and overheating; this is backed up with its CE & RoHS certification so the charger is deemed safe to useUpon using the charger, it was able to safely charge a portable battery juice pack and an iPad Mini at the same time with no problems, so a thumbs upAs with any EasyAcc product, the standard 18 month guarantee is provided***Overall verdict***Pros:-Latest Qualcomm Quick Charge technology-Additional micro USB cable-Smart Charge technology on both USB ports-Built-in safety aspects-Portable and handbag friendly-Standard 18 month warrantyDownsides:-None

Blaze Falconburger 08/20/2016

Another excellent EasyAcc product!

I received this product for the purposes of testing and reviewing.This dual USB wall charger is a fantastic piece of kit. It allows the smart charging of two USB devices simultaneously. The smart USB ports automatically identify and supply the optimal charge for the device connected. The Qualcomm 3.0 port is able to deliver a 80% charge within 30 minutes. This device also has a subtly blue LED light within the USB ports that both allow you to confirm the unit is correctly and safely powered, whilst also giving you a helpful guiding light when trying to locate a charging port in the dark.This device looks very sleek and is well built, durable and safe. Certified by CE and RoHS, the product is rigorously tested to ensure a solid quality. The surge protection and short circuit prevention keep your device and yourself safe.It is well built, good looking and excellent value. I would recommend this device to anyone considering purchasing one.

Dr Chris 08/10/2016

Replace or add to your USB adapters without compromising on quality and charging speed.

I received this [Quick Charge 3.0] EasyAcc 30W Wall Charger 2-Port Smart Adapter as a free sample in return for an honest review:The adapter is sleek, gloss black in colour and is a one-pieced 3 pin plug. It also comes with a handy 1 metre length micro-USB charging cable, plus a manual and warranty card.The adapter has an excellent quality feel to it and is of sturdy construction. Its size is significantly smaller when compared to the sum of two USB chargers of similar power (voltage and amps). As such I have been able to replace two large iPad/Samsung adapters with this adapter which is a great thing when travelling (less to carry) and also for the home saving on socket space, whilst knowing my devices will charge at their maximum speed just as fast as the original manufacturers’ adapters. As with any adapter, it gets warm when charging at a higher rate and then cools then when devices are on trickle charge.The USB ports are smart and supply the correct power supply to your device so there's no worries about damaging your expensive gadgets! I've tested the adapter on a mini iPad 2, a few iPads, Samsung phones, selfie Bluetooth sticks, several powerbanks (with single and dual charging inputs) and all were charged without any problem. When the adapter is supplied with power, each port has a blue light internally which you can see if there is no cable inserted.The supplied micro-USB cable is also of good quality and works as intended for charging and data transfer.In summary this two port adapter is a lovely device that easily replaces any USB charging adapter. It's great for on-the-go people who have two or more devices to charge up and therefore save having to carry so many adapters with the reassurance that it is powerful enough to charge at maximum speed. It's also great for home use saving on socket usage too or simply as another useful charging station for around the house. This along with the reassurance of a warranty gives peace of mind. I'd certainly recommend this adapter and it has already become my favourite choice to take everywhere.

samson millward 08/08/2016

Fast charger, would recommend

I received this product for free in return for an honest review.This wall charger came in a smart looking box which contained a single long micro usb cable and the plug.It does only come with 1 cable despite having two ports but this is not too much of an issue as most people have their own cable.The charger has rounded edges which makes it look much more appealing than other plugs that I have previously had.There are two ports on the plug, one is a QC 3.0 compatible port which allows it to charge compatible devices much quicker than conventional plugs and the other is a smart port which automatically charges the connected device at its peak power to prevent damage to the battery.I did find that they both charged very quickly, much faster than the original charger that came with my phone.I would recommend this charger to anyone looking to charge multiple devices at once at a quick pace.

A. Whiteford 08/07/2016

Quality, fast charging solution.

The 30W Dual USB Charger from EasyAcc is a two port, 30w / 4.8A USB wall charger designed for the more power hungry of mobile gadgets we use these days. Measuring in at 84 × 53 × 42mm, it's a very portable size for the frequent traveller. The main body of the charger is quite small and the UK plug is the main reason behind the overall dimensions. Included in the box along with the charger are a micro USB cable and user guide.The top USB port delivers up to 2.4A @ 5V and is managed by EasyACC's smart charging technology to ensure only the required power for the device is supplied. The bottom USB port supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology for improved charge times for devices that support the technology. You can use both ports at the same time although the QC 3.0 port will fall back to a maximum of 2.4A 5V if it detects a non QC 3.0 compatible device meaning a combined total output of 4.8A.I saw no issues in my testing - charging both an iPad Air 2 & iPad Pro at the same time saw them replenish as quickly as I would expect if they were charging on their own with original adapter.Circuitry also promises to avoid over charging or heating and this is reassuring. This wall charger performed its tasks without issue and while warm to the touch, as expected with a high performance charger, it never gave cause for concern.Build quality feels very solid and I am more than happy to recommend this for people with multiple power hungry devices both at home or when travelling. If you have a device that supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 then it is an even easier recommendation.

brood 08/06/2016

An Excellent Quick Charger Although Two Ports Not Enough for Some

Included in the box is the charger, a micro USB lead, a small instruction booklet and a warranty card.The charger is a little bigger than a standard wall plug basically. It has a slick, stylish look although it is only a charger! What I like about the design of this charger is that it plugs straight into the electrical socket. I have another USB charger which has a long lead that plugs into the socket. Both designs have their uses, depending on the position of your sockets as I never leave the charger "box" resting on the carpet.The charger has only two charging ports - one is Smart which mimics the requirements for a standard charger for the device attached, the other is a quick charge port for devices that are Qualcomm compatible. The charger is compatible with Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 but also supports 2.0 and 1.0. Both the Smart and QC 3.0 ports output a maximum of 2.4A but the QC port allows for a higher charge voltage for compatible devices.Having only two ports is slightly restrictive - my other charger has five - but the Qualcomm QC compatibility is the key here. Only one of the ports is QC compatible though. However, as a standard charger it does a fine job with charge times the same as my old charger with intelligent ports. The charger gets slightly warm after using for a few hours, as you would expect, and does not get overly hot.The micro USB lead has a good feel to it and appears to be much better than some leads included with devices that I've had. The connections feel positive as you plug it into your phone and tablet.This charger does a good job and has a quality look and feel to it. Two ports may not be enough for many and it will only Quick Charge through one port. Personally it will be my second charger, used when charging in rooms where it is convenient for the plug style "box" or when charging QC compatible devices. With a family's worth of digital devices two charging ports is not always enough for it to be the only charger in the house, but it's size and style will make it perfect for trips.

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EasyAcc 30W 2-Port with QC3.0 Wall Charger for UK

EasyAcc 30W 2-Port with QC3.0 Wall Charger for UK

World’s fastest charging ever experienced on USB ports.

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