Seamless Fit

Flexible edge seamlessly wraps the phone corners like a glove, while the 3H hardness back acrylic material helps to resist daily scratches. All functions and accesses are precisely reserved as your original phone does.


Unburdens Your Phone

With a lightweight and unobtrusive design, the case adds bulkiness to the minimum extent with added protection.


Premium TPU Material

The simple ultra-clear finish perfectly matches your phone, and maintains the original beauty of your phone.

AleS 08/16/2016

Great quality for a great price!

Love it!

Elise 08/12/2016

I really enjoy the fact that it is clear and I am ...

Apple iPad case....I chose the clear Apple iPad case for my Pro 9.7 iPad... This case fits perfectly! I really enjoy the fact that it is clear and I am able to see my rose gold iPad on the back.The case is nice and snug, no risk of it falling off. All of the slots, that are pre-cut, line up with all the appropiate slots and functions!I would recommend this product.I received this item at a discounted price for a review with my honest opinion. This is 100% my honest opinion.

Magno 08/07/2016

For the price it is a great product and accessory for the Ipad

For the price it is a great product and accessory for the Ipad. I purchased it as a gift and needless to say they were more than happy when they received it. The huge plus about it is that it seems that it will truly protect the device so I will not have to worry much if it is dropped. Something that I will have to keep an eye on is how durable it truly will be, the material is not the best but it is also not the worst. I do recommend it for an inexpensive alternative to other cases. The colors are truly astonishing.Disclosure: I received this product at discount or free.

Ashley Ann 08/07/2016

Very protective

ProtectiveDisclaimer: I received this item for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, which I have done above. I was not paid or directly compensated to provide a rating or to even review the product at all. I provide ratings based on my personal experience and the performance I expect with a product without external influences coming into play. I am disclosing these facts in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising. Please be aware that items with a lot of reviews of this type may have inflated ratings for several reasons. 1) People are psychologically less likely to be critical of items that are provided free or discounted than if they had paid full price out of hard earned cash and found wanting in any small way. 2) To receive discounts reviewers are chosen by the Marketplace sellers out of a select pool of potential reviewers and sellers may select reviewers whose review history shows they tend to give higher less critical ratings. 3) Reviewers selected to receive discounts for their reviews realize that leaving low or average honest reviews may result in not being selected for such reviews by other sellers in the future. 4) Reviewers receiving discounts must provide reviews within 10 days of receiving a product or may be deleted from Amazon's discount review program; as a result reviewers can only provide short term observations of the products in their initial reviews. Longer term problems with a product would not be appear in these reviews unless the reviewer chose to update them at a later date.

acharley hartman 08/02/2016

Perfect case. Quick delivery.

i received this product at a discount.1. This product arrived very quickly. I am very happy with the speed at which at I received this product. It arrived neatly packaged.2. The product is everything that i expected. i actually used this case with my smart keyboard. So I had to modify the case a bit to get everything to fit nicely, but because it is made well the small mods I made didn't make it loose or floppy at all. It works amazing.anyone looking for a great clear case, buy this case. I highly recommend it.

Nathan 07/30/2016

Just as it's described

This is a very nice case for the price. Just as the description it is a clear case for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. The case itself is very slim and it provides a good grip when you're holding it. It provides openings for all the ports as well as the connection on the side for an attachable keyboard( I do not own one but there are cutouts for it). The thickness is just enough so that your camera on the back doesn't touch the surface when you have it laid down on the table. The case comes in a very cute brown bag.I received this item in exchange for an unbiased and honest reviews.

Martin 07/29/2016

Fits like a glove. Charging not a big deal.

This is a TPU case I was provided at a steep discount for review.Over the years TPU has proven to be the preferred form of cover for my phones and tablets for they're grippy, look good and stay cleaner than plastic yet they maintain their form and don't break on drops. TPU is thinner than leather flip covers and cheaper too.The EasyAcc case fits like a glove. No bulging or misaligned cutouts anywhere. The transparent look is yet to see the test of time but if it's TPU it should hold out well.One caveat and it's that it can't fit any of the typical lightning cables for charging. The Apple Pencil should handle well for it has a longer lightning port but for charging the iPad itself you'll have to slightly move the bottom portion of the case (no need to take out the whole case!).Also folks have complained that this won't fit with the smart connector and it's true. It's quite obvious by the design that this shouldn't and don't understand why they're complaining about it. There are TPU cases that support the smart connector but know that they expose that whole side bare and I'd rather err on the side of protecting my iPad than shop for a very slight possibility I'll use this port some future day.

Amazon Customer 07/03/2016

Simple but perfect

Love the case... I like to show off my rose gold. Be careful as it is slick!

RoyT123 06/08/2016

Nice Case

This case fits nicely. It allows for great display of the iPad pro. Great alternative to the iPad back case. Would pair nicely with a smart cover to protect the front. Easy to use. Not bulky.

Diane 05/30/2016

Sticks out by the speakers!

I was drawn to this case because it is light, slim, and clear. I didn't need anything heavy-weight, but I did want something to protect from unsightly scratches. This case is made of smooth, clear, flexible rubber. It is low profile and does not add much if any bulk to the iPad. I have included pictures of the case below. My complaint with this case is due to the way it fits on the bottom of the iPad, by the speakers. The case bows out away from the speakers in a way that I find to be unsightly and not very protective (even for the minimal protection I bought this case for). You can get a better idea of what I am describing by looking at my last picture. The buttons work fine with this case on, and all of the other cutouts are where they are supposed to be. Due to the unsightly bulge of the case on both sides of the speakers, I recommend a case that has a tighter fit.

hawkjamazon 05/26/2016

Great Clear Case iPad Pro 9.7 Protective Case

Completely clear rubbery anti-slip soft flexible skin case seems to really protect against scratches and drops

Nathan 05/24/2016

The case was perfect and fit perfectly on my iPad

The case was perfect and fit perfectly on my iPad. I'm a big fan of clear cases since I like the Apple products design! There very artistically SEXY!!! . The case was also easy to put on and no difficulty like hard plastic cases. regarding the protection im not sure if this will hold impacts but hey thats the price you pay for not wanting a heavy duty case on right! Other than than dont really have any problem with it! Love it!I was given the opportunity to review this product and received it discounted/free for my honest and unbiased opinion. I am not an affiliate of the manufacturer, seller, or Amazon; and I do not receive any monetary compensation for reviewing this item. I understand the importance of honest customer feedback because I rely a great deal on customer reviews myself. The integrity of each product review I write is based on my own personal feelings and/or opinions and not anyone else’s. I hope what I have shared and described above from my own experience has helped you with your buying options. T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U!!! Thank you so much for your time and for reading.

jlundin 05/22/2016

Fantastic, simple slim case

I used to get the large cases for my tablets, but I have found that the slim cases do just about the same for protection. This case is slim and fits the iPad Pro well. The case is made of TPU rubber. The case is bendable, but it is hard enough to stay on the tablet. This case is best with a screen protector as you get complete protection. The back of the case is not textured, but due to the TPU rubber material the case is easy to grip and sticks in the hand. There is cutout for the speakers, cables, power and volume buttons. The clear rubber is great as it keeps the iPad’s beauty. The clear rubber is easy to clean and stays looking good. I have tried many cases for the iPad and this one is one of my favorites as it keeps the iPad Pro slim, but add the much needed protection for the high dollar investment. The cutout for the camera is large enough to not interfere with taking pictures. This case is not for all as if you are one that loves the bulky cases that offer more protection than you need than you should probably look somewhere else.

P.Him 05/19/2016

This is a nice slim, crystal clear

This is a nice slim, crystal clear, and scratch resistant case. These are great features because it the perfect case to showcase how nice the iPad looks in it. This case isn't heavy duty protection so I would still be careful but it has held up nicely. It's scratch resistant and has a nice grip so when you hold your iPad it doesn't feel like it will slip out of your hands. I would recommend this if you are looking for a clear case. I purchased this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Skylynn90 05/19/2016

I like that it came in a rubbery type texture because ...

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my open and honest review. This case came in clear which kind of showed of my tablet since I have it in pink. It is very protective and has a bumper to keep the screen safe. I like that it came in a rubbery type texture because it is very comfortable to hold.

sh bolla 05/18/2016

Perfect protection to IPAD PRO

Case is very nice, and its a fully clear one, fully reveals the great look of iPad Pro. Textured edges make gripping the device much easier and it just feels like you are less likely to experience the device slipping from your hands when this case is on.

J BAGLEY 05/18/2016

Five Stars

Fit perfect. Works perfect. Great quality. No issues what so ever.

Angi 04/19/2016

Love it!!

Love it. The pockets are perfect.

Jonathan Alvarez 04/07/2016


Very great slim feel just hard to use the pockets.

Amazon Customer 03/09/2016

Awesome a must for readers❤️

Love it sooooo convenient to take on vacation and reading in the sun or night. Downloading books is a breeze

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EasyAcc TPU case for iPad Pro 9.7”

EasyAcc TPU case for iPad Pro 9.7”

Fits and protects in a most unobtrusive way.

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