Industry-Leading Efficiency

The 28W USB Solar Charger adopts the SunPower solar panels, that features the highest energy efficiency of 21.5~23.5%. As compared to the traditional 13.5%~15.5% efficiency, the charging time now is greatly shortened by half.

Broad Compatibility

Each port features a smart chip that charges almost all USB devices with 5V input. By intelligently detects your device type, the port can output the right amount of current (up to 2.4A) just as your original charger does.

Pure Off-Grid Charging

Power from power banks may run out, but solar power lasts forever. That’s how the EasyAcc Solar charger becomes worthwhile to own. Get sunshine, and get charged.

Rebecca Lesauskas 09/08/2016

the charger folds up nice and small to make it portable to take with ...

This is a solar charger with 4 charging ports. Place it in the sun and when it's charged, you can put your cell phone and other USB devices in there to be charged. The sun panel is very strong with the new technology they are using. It can detect your device, and will give it the amounts of currents it needs. When not in use, the charger folds up nice and small to make it portable to take with you camping or on vacation. I needed something strong that would work and I am very happy with this. This comes with a travel case, backpack rope, micro USB cable for charging the unit, travel pouch, backpack rope, 2 clips and a handy user manual. Works great and very convenient.

Mr. Good 09/04/2016

Flooded and Working

This thing was subjected to river flooding for 24-36 hours outside of the waterproof case inside a car. The metal grommets corroded and left rust-marks on the panel. Allowed to dry thoroughly, it continues to function. Instant five-star.

Jimbo 08/22/2016

Five Stars

This is so cool! I can charge almost anywhere!

Amazon Customer 08/18/2016

Quality Product & Consistent Capability.

Overall, I'm very please with this solar panel. I would say it's charging capability/efficiency is about 70-80% of that compared to a wall outlet, which is honestly pretty good. I drive from Detroit to Nashville frequently (2015 Ford Focus), and the solar panel sits flat nicely on my dash, out of my line of sight and doesn't slide around. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 takes an hour to fully charge at home (when off), when using the panel it takes about 1 hour and 20+ minutes. I've even considered buying a few of these as christmas gifts for some of my survival & tech like-minded friends.

Beau Lebens 08/14/2016

Extremely handy for getting a free charge on a phone ...

Extremely handy for getting a free charge on a phone, or charging up some rechargeable batteries for other devices. Seems to charge very efficiently and relatively quickly.

Kurt simpson 08/14/2016


This works great!

William W. Wood 08/01/2016

perfect for so many

compact, lightweight, perfect for so many things

Ladybug 07/28/2016

Successful gift for the on the go person

I gave this to my sun and he's been very happy with it. He likes that it can hang on your back pack while you carry on with your activities. Charge on the go.

Amazon Customer 07/27/2016

Five Stars


Shelly Fine 07/27/2016

great product for Seattle where its cloudy all day

works even in overcoat weather... great product for Seattle where its cloudy all day....

scott rudy 07/24/2016

Five Stars

Nice and compact. Perfect for backpacking.

Rami 07/24/2016

Five Stars

Nice product

Don Garcia 07/22/2016

Great for US Army service

Yes it was awesome and it powered my phone and soldier's phone in the field.

Amazon Customer 07/20/2016

Awesome. Works as advertised

Awesome. Works as advertised. Product must be in direct sunlight to have a constant charge, otherwise it will engage and disengage charging process.

A Bosch 07/17/2016

Not 4A output but great solar panel!

So I bought this thing to recharge battery banks while I'm backpacking in the mountains. While I haven't gotten out there to field test it yet, I have been able to test it with a USB multimeter at home and so far the results are fantastic! I have two 20,000mAh power banks that I'm planning to use to keep everything charged (camera batteries, iPhones, flashlights, etc...).
If I plug in just one battery bank into the 2.1A slot, I can get the exact amps and volts as I would get if I plugged the multimeter and power bank into the wall. The single power bank draws 1.7amps at 5volts.
If I plug in both power banks into the 2.1A slots, the reading from one power bank (because I only have one multimeter) says it's charging at 1.5amps 5volts. I'm assuming both 2.1A slots were outputting the same which means the panels will produce 3A total.
Either way, I can charge both power banks at the same time at about 88% speed if my math is right. 1.7A is full speed vs 1.5A @approx. 88%.
It's great how far these have come and how affordable too. Great panel! But I must deduct one star for what seems to me somewhat false advertising. But, honestly, I kinda figured 4A output would be too good to be true when I bought it.

Matthew Salomone 07/17/2016

I am very pleased with this product and highly recomend to anyone looking ...

Ecellent product well made. I bought this as an off the grid potable power supplyfor my phone and other electronic devices. I used it to charge my Galaxy S6 and it charged it very quickly. I am very pleased with this product and highly recomend to anyone looking for a solar power supply.

Mick J 07/12/2016

Money Well Spent....

I am super impressed. I can't give you all kinds of ratings from a fancy smanchy super duper voltage amp electro magic anal-izer.....I leave that for the brainiacs and thier toys. What I can tell you though is when I lay it out...plug in an iPad 4, iPod touch 5, and a cell phone, they all lit up and showed charging. (Imagine that) The iPod touch was completely dead when I hooked it up and was fully charged in just under 50 minutes. The Cell phone had 25% battery and was full 30 mins later, iPad was 10% and fully charged just under 110 mins. If anyone sees that as not so good, I don't wanna know. (P.S. I cover the devices with a light colored towel to keep said devices from frying in the energy giving Sun)

Greg M. 07/11/2016

Excellent solar power for when the zombies attack

When we go camping or on field maneuvers, I want reliable power when we're off the grid and don't want to run a generator to charge a USB device.
I've only ever owned one of these so I can't give you a good comparative analysis but I can tell you that this 4-panel solar panel charger recharges a small tablet in a few hours of partly-cloudy conditions.
That's approximately 2,750 mAh. (Like my iPhone 6s Plus)
Next test is an iPad from zero on a mixed cloud conditions day.

Amazon Customer 07/05/2016

Great buy

Works great. Went from 40 to 60 percent battery in 30 minutes

Robert 07/02/2016

If you are off grid this is probably the minimum ...

If you are off grid this is probably the minimum power source you can get by with to charge a phone, tablet, and batteries.

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EasyAcc 28 Watt USB Solar Charger with SunPower Solar Panel

EasyAcc 28 Watt USB Solar Charger with SunPower Solar Panel

Eco-friendly charging for the outdoor.

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