EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer for Phones, Tablets and Accessories

An awesome organizer made for the multi-device era, and for a clutter-free desktop.

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An awesome organizer made for the multi-device era, and for a clutter-free desktop.

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Device Organizer for Your Desk

Three upper layers of the organizer can accommodate mobile devices of a household, and other gadgets you use frequently in daily life. Slits on the sides allow organizing your cables while charging. What’s more, the bottom drawer can be used to store small items.


Build Quality

Premium synthetic leather with neat stitches perfectly fits the surroundings and endures scratches and wear. Composing of 3 pieces, the organizer can be attached or detached by magnetic connection.


Especially for Multi-Port Charger

It matches a multi-port USB charger perfectly by accommodating your multiple devices and cables. Now a clutter-free desktop is finally realized.

Cruiser 09/08/2016

Well Made

Well made. Worth the price

JP 08/22/2016

Our son loves it for charging his iPad & Nintendo ...

Our son loves it for charging his iPad & Nintendo 3DS. He also likes the little drawer to put nicknacks in.

Two Cents of Tech 08/07/2016

Keeps the counter clean and tidy!

I got this charging station for my family as a central charging location in our house and it is working out great. Keeps the counter clean and tidy.

djFlem 08/04/2016

An elegant way to keep all of your devices and accessories in one place.

If you're like me you have an ever growing collection of computers, phones, tablets, and gadgets that are either strewn all over the place or stacked on top of each other. Keeping all of these items and their associated chargers, cables, and accessories in the same place can be quite the arduous task and at points downright frustrating. Thankfully this organization dock tackles that task in easy and beautiful fashion.The organization dock itself is constructed very well and holds all of my chargers and cables for my iPhone, Kindle, and Surface in elegant fashion and allows for ease of storage at the same time. The ability to feed the charging cables through the slots or sides helps to eliminate wires hanging all over the place and keeps them looking neat and organized. One of my favorite parts of this is actually the drawer on the bottom, this drawer allows you to store extra accessories like additional cables, adapters, or styluses which inevitably are never in the correct place when you need them. Now with this included drawer you can have them all in the same place at the same time. I was able to test this organization dock at a discount for my fair and unbiased review.

Federico A. Pichardo 07/26/2016

Four Stars

Great product if only it was a touch wider and longer

ParkerKate 07/08/2016

Sturdy, Well-Made, Professional-Looking.

This EasyAcc Charging Dock Station is great for storing and charging your devices all in one place. It is sturdy, well-made, and has both the look and feel of leather. 
The multi-deck layers are held together by very strong magnets. The first level, the base, is a removable drawer. The second level is for docking and charging phones, there is enough room, and cut-outs, to accommodate two cell phones. The third level holds an iPad or tablet, and the fourth level is for a MacBook or PC. Charging cords can either feed out the back or either side of the station. Included are six velcro hook-and-loop closures for organizing and securing cords.
Overall I am really pleased with this charging station. This item was provided to me for review consideration. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will be happy to answer.

Alex L. 06/25/2016

Nice charging holder

This is a really nice looking product, and it may not be the sturdiest ever but I have not had any serious problems with it.
I don't typically have the holder completely full, but I always have a couple of phones and a tablet charging at some point. The large holder does make me feel a little uneasy with an expensive laptop in it, which is why I keep it against a wall - problem solved!
The drawer that pops out underneath the holder is an awesome benefit. It really looks nice overall, and can hold a ton of things. This is a pretty nice product and I definitely recommend it! Note: I received this product at a free or discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

McKay C 06/23/2016

Beautiful way to use electronic devices. Works well on any desk.

I will admit that I was quite impressed by the quality of this. I was expecting pretty cheap quality but this far surpassed my expectations, I just wanted something simple to reduce clutter. I was happy to see how good the quality was for this. Everything is put together really well and I really like the design. The parts are put together with magnets so there is no hassle and it is super simple to put together.
The material looks nice; it is sturdy and heavier than I was expecting.
I recommend this for anyone who like to stay organized and reduce clutter.
I received this in exchange for an honest review.

Gina Trimarche 06/21/2016

Five Stars

this is great to keep counter neat!

ScottFam 06/17/2016

Helped me organize my dresser top area!

This double-deck organizer is a real help when it comes to keeping your electronics organized. I use the fartherst slot to hold my iPad mini 3, second slot to hold my fold up Bluetooth keyboard, and currently the front slot/shelf holds my small external battery. It is a very convenient place to keep my electronics and looks so much better than all cluttered on top of my dresser.
One of my favorite features of this organizer is the bottom drawer and the "hidden" compartment area. The hidden compartment is not super hidden, but it does require you to move the top slot part to access it which makes it difficult to get to and for those who are first seeing it may not realize that it is there. I use the drawer to keep some of my extra Apple Watch bands and it is very handy.
The build quality is alright, but I would not suggest putting larger/heavier items in the slots. It has a very professional look and takes up a small space considering how much it can hold.
I am pleasantly surprised overall and would recommend this product to those looking for a way to reduce their electronic clutter as well as other little knick knacks, cords, etc.
*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, it is just my opinion.

TJ 05/29/2016

Great product

What a great organizing box for tech all needed is a charging unit and shorter cords to set you multiple device into it. Great useful product.

Steve B 05/09/2016

What We Ordered, Recommend This

Great buy, exactly what we needed. Nice construction, the internal magnets are really good keeping it together. After several weeks, we'd recommend this to anyone looking to clean up a counter, consolidate charging wires, etc. (Also, we have this by a coffee maker so we put some small plastic 'bubble's on the bottom in case of water on the counter).

Jodi Honig 05/08/2016

Great organizational product!!

Love this!! It easily keeps my device cords organized and well hidden while storing my devices. Great purchase - wish I would have gotten this years ago!

LB 04/29/2016

nice looking way for me to organize my electronics and ...

Magnet holding the pieces together is strong. This is a well built, nice looking way for me to organize my electronics and all of their accompanying cords. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

Paulette Bonk 04/24/2016

It is perfect for all my electronic devices at my finger tips

It is perfect for all my electronic devices at my finger tips.

Faye Thompson 04/24/2016

My son loved it. It was something the whole family could ...

My son loved it . It was something the whole family could use

Dale 04/19/2016

Solves the clutter, looks great

Great looking and well thought-out for multiple device charging. Really like the drawer for extra cords, etc. Magnets hold it together securely.

Carol Koeppe 04/19/2016

Great little organizer!

I recently had back surgery that keeps me in bed much more than usual. This holds all of my devices, and even has a drawer at the bottom for pens & pencils, USB sticks, cords, whatever you need. Looks good too.

mike winemiller 04/15/2016

Love this docking station and wish I had purchased the ...

Love this docking station and wish I had purchased the usb outlet along with it. Although my two iPhones, iPad and tablet all have a home, I have wires out the back that are still messy.

Jessica B. 04/15/2016


This works great with keeping all the cords organized.very durable product. Its perfect size lightweight .very well made product.

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EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer for Phones, Tablets and Accessories

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer for Phones, Tablets and Accessories

An awesome organizer made for the multi-device era, and for a clutter-free desktop.

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