Lose Yourself in Music

EP2 headphones let you experience music on the go as never before. APT-X technology and CVC 6.0 work together to let you enjoy lifelike, digital sound quality that stands out from the noise around you, just you and your music at that moment.

Engaging Sound

EP2, that's the sound you wouldn't expect from in-ear headphones. With APT-X audio decode technology, it's to give your music a depth and balance that keep you daily soundtrack fresh and alive. So wherever you are, you music's front and center.

Wear Comfort

Designed with ergonomic ear hooks crafted from soft metal, EP2 not only fits your ears firmly from falling off, but also unburden your ears with U shape at only 18.5g, whenever you are and whatever you do, jogging or hiking.

Rechargeable Battery

The polymer lithium battery charges in just 2 hour and delivers up to 6 hrs of playing time.

Amazon Customer 06/29/2016

Good set. Good price

I first got a pair for my girl, i told her since Im ordering them Im going to try them first. I was blown away. First of all (Im no audiophile) the sound came in clear and the bass was punchy. I was able to hear lyrics very clearly. Second they are lightweight, I forget the are hanging around my neck. Lastly they have great range. No skipping or chopping until I was well away from my phone. Then I got me a pair and the range wasn't as good as the first. Aside from the range still a good pair.

Roberta Spangler 06/14/2016

Best I've had yet, without spending a fortune.

I have small ears, and it's hard to find earbuds that are comfortable and stay put, especially the bluetooth type. These may not be the best on the market, but they're the best I've found so far, and I didn't have to give up a lot of money. I use them more for exercise music than anything, but they will connect to two devices. Sturdy build, but lightweight enough to not annoy, and decent battery life. I'm hoping to have them for a long time.

cris orezechowski 06/09/2016

Great blue tooth headphones comfortable running

Great blue tooth headphones comfortable running, biking and working out. The in line mic is not the best but they I did not get them to talk to people.

Greg M 06/04/2016

Def recommend

Can't beat these for the price. They hold a good charge and i have never list connection

Sean Thomas Maples 05/24/2016

Five Stars

The voice over is in Chinese, but they work perfectly, and are well priced.

eric risch 05/22/2016

Five Stars

sound great and work great. love how easy they paired to both my phone and computer

Dave 05/17/2016

These headphones are excellent quality for the price

These headphones are excellent quality for the price. I have owned $100 Bluetooth headphones that didn't even come close to how great these headphones sound. I get great volume and freedom from them falling out when I'm doing activities with these on. They're so light you forget your wearing them. Highly recommended!

Michael Braga 05/12/2016


After a few hours of use these headphones are awesome! Right out of the box they feel like a premium pair of headphones. They come fully charged. Probably the feature I love most about these headphones is the ability to see your battery percentage. As not knowing your battery can be an annoyance. And when they die. Very in convienient. Overall I give these headphones a 9/10

1mitch 05/07/2016

Worth the money.

Easy to pair, great battery life and comfortable to wear. I no longer get my "cord" stuck around exercise equipment.

Larry Marinacci 04/27/2016

WELL the new pair were GREAT, highs and mids are crystal clear with good ...

My first rating of this unit was very negative because of the lack of bass.Because of my low rating i was contacted by amazon marketing for a more detailed explanation. i was then contacted by easyacc support. I was offered a replacement pair of earbuds,which of course I accepted. WELL the new pair were GREAT, highs and mids are crystal clear with good bass. This is my 4 th company / design I have purchased. This earbuds are without a doubt the most comfortable I have ever used. I can't say enough about how helpful EasyAcc support was.

M. Fowler 04/23/2016

stays on while I work out and good battery

works well, stays on while I work out and good battery life

Willie G. Hardman Jr 04/19/2016

Four Stars

The price was right and product performs well

C. H. 04/14/2016

Husband really likes them for gym

Bought these for my husband's birthday gift. He loves them and uses them while he works out. They stay put beautifully. They come with different sizes to customize the fit.

Amazon Customer 04/07/2016

Five Stars

very nice and secure when jogging. good sound.

Francisco 04/05/2016

Good headphones but..

I liked these headphones because they elstayed in place and had a good sound to them. I bought these in January, and about a week ago the plastic cover that goes on the play and volume buttons fell off. They still work but there's no plastic there now. If it had stayed on I would have rated higher.

Rob A. 03/22/2016

Let me start by saying that these headphones sound AMAZING when you get a good fit

Let me start by saying that these headphones sound AMAZING when you get a good fit. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a good one every time, even trying out all of the different earbud tips. But, when you do get the fit right, you can really appreciate the craftsmanship that EasyAcc put into them. Even without the perfect fit in your ear canal, they still sound better than most of the mid-quality headphones I've tried.

As far as the over-the-ear hook fit goes, they say that is is crafted from a soft metal, but I think it may be a bit too soft. I like my hooks to fit snug against the inside-back of my ear, and you can get them to do that for a minute, but they quickly return to their original shape. This is really the only part of the headphones that I was disappointed in because that is what will make or break any pair: will it stay on my head or not? And without that snug fit, the earbuds wouldn't sit properly in my ear canal either. So, great idea, but they need a stronger piece of metal in the middle of the rubber to help with rigidity.

And finally, the Bluetooth. It is flawless. The instructions in the box to get to the correct language couldn't be clearer, and following the prompts from the headset is a breeze. I had no trouble with the signal, changing volume/songs or answering a call. This was excellently done. Overall, if you don't mind the fit of the hooks, I would highly recommend these. They have an excellent build quality, easy connectivity, they are extraordinarily convenient and out of the way. I'm super picky about my headphones, and these have definitely impressed me with their sound quality. I got them at a discount in order to provide an unbiased review, and I'm glad I did :-)

Bhavin P. 02/28/2016

Great earbuds that are also very compact.

Very happy with these earbuds! I was able to pair them with my phone in about a minute. It was very quick and painless. These earbuds were designed with the intention of being used during athletic activities, such as running or basketball. Because of that, they stay in your ears very well and that's a huge thing I like about these. The build quality is very nice, it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy at all. Even the packaging looks very well done. The sound quality is great, I mainly use it to listen to rap and hip hop and it has a good balance between base and treble. I'd definitely recommend this item. My only small complaint would be that it would have been nice if these earbuds came with a small traveling case that I could store them in, but it's not a big deal and not worth it for me to knock off a star.

I received this product in exchange of an honest review.

Stephanie Osborne 02/25/2016

Excellent wireless earbuds

These bluetooth headphones from EasyACC are even nicer than I expected! Even the packaging on the product seems very high end. I am not a tech savvy person and I was able to get the headphones charged, change the default language from Chinese to English, and pair it to both my iPhone and IPad without any assistance. You can skip tracks, adjust the volume, and even answer phone calls all without taking your phone out of your pocket! Pretty impressive bluetooth range as I can walk into a different room and still hear the audio playing on the iPad.

One of the best parts is how many different ear piece options it came with. I have very small ears and even adjustable earbuds usually hurt after a while. These are the most comfortable I've tried. You won't have to worry about them falling off!

This product was sent to me as a free sample in exchange for an unbiased review. Wireless V4.1 Stereo Sport Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Advanced CSR Chip Aptx CVC 6.0 Noise Canceling Running Bluetooth Headsets (Black)

Adam Brewer 02/23/2016

Excellent battery life and audio performance, quality noise cancelation.

I own a number of Bluetooth headsets and this is my favorite one. The reason why this one is my favorite is because of the Ergonomic ear hook design. The ear hook leaves a very small foot print feeling on my ear and supports the headset so it stays in place, i mainly use these while working out and they never move out of place. The inner ear part it self is fairly small and not intrusive for normal movements.

Audio Quality:
Features CSR chip with aptX and the latest CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation technology. In English this means that the CSR chip allows for uses of very little energy. CVC 6.0 Transfers audio with little packet loss while help blocking out most ambient noise. AptX delivers rich pure audio used in many of top quality wireless audio.
Built in Mic for phone calls.

Battery life:
Utilizing newer technology this is able to last up to 6 hours with 2 hour charge time. Most standard pairs of BT headsets last about 4 with 3 hour charge time.

In the Box
1 Bluetooth 4.1 Sports headset
5 sets of earbuds ranging in sizes
Micro USB cable
1 Cable buckle

This is killer buy for the price and performance on what you are getting. Great audio with amazing battery life and very comfortable fit.
I wish it came with a carrying case but bit overly concerned with that.

*I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I review products as I like to inform buyers on what they are really getting as reviews are how I shop too.

billsfan114 02/22/2016

well made, works easily, no cords hanging down!

I was impressed with these headphones upon receiving them– I like to run, and have often found that my headphones slide around while I run— I generally prefer the earphone/Apple iPhone headphones' rounded style, so I was a little skeptical of these, but the outside flap clipped easily around my ear, and once I switched out the extra rubber buds on the end of the headphones (it turns out I have small inner ears, who knew?), they fit snugly and blocked sound reasonably well.

Also, about the wirelessness/pairing: While the initial instructions told me to first change the language to English, and I was momentarily a little concerned that I couldn't figure it out, they quickly paired with my phone— unlike most bluetooth devices I've used, they immediately are "discoverable" when you turn them on, so I was able to pair without constantly pressing buttons, which was nice.

The headphones feel well-made, with the charging cable being slightly short, but being the standard mini-USB cable, so it's not really an issue. I was very pleasantly surprised with everything, generally.

Pros: well made, works easily, no cords hanging down!
Cons: short charging cable, not the most stylish headphones
Bottom Line: I'm very happy with these headphones!

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for a review. At no point did the discount affect my review.

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EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with APT -X

EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with APT -X

let you lose in music enjoyment

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