EasyAcc 7.2A 3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip

3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip with 2 Electrical AC Power Sockets and high quality surge protector to ensure the safety of your device.

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3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip with 2 Electrical AC Power Sockets and high quality surge protector to ensure the safety of your device.

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3 in 1 Function and Surge Protection

The multi-functional desktop power strip can serve as AC Power Sockets, USB Charging and stand. High quality material and technique applied well-protect your device from lightning, surging, overcharge, overcurrent, and short-circuit. 

3 USB Port and 2 AC Output

7.2 A 3-port USB, charge 3 devices simultaneously at full speed which largely saves your time. 2 AC output enable you to charge 2 laptops and other devices with AC input simultaneously on your desktop. Never bend over to find a charger again.

Adjustable Stand

An extra adjustable stand in the front of the power strip makes it convenient stand your smart phones or tablet while watching videos.

Dimension 120*123*45 mm
Weight 591 g
Port 3 Ports
Dad 09/12/2016


slick and functional. great product

Danny Quesenberry 08/15/2016

Five Stars

The item was as described and arrived when promised.

Megan Hillman 06/24/2016

great charging station!

bought this for my nightstand so i could keep my iPhone & iPad charged. So far so good.

Johann 04/24/2016

Best Charging Station

Just got the charging station and first impressions are that is is a cool product. It is actually a cool product but the only problem, its on the larger side and isn't that suitable for me, but I do still use it tho. The charging station is like a ultimate power strip and is what I needed for a long time. I would recommend buying this.

none 04/15/2016

Nice product. Well done

Fast charge. Very convenient. Now I can charge my portable charger also from EasyAcc. Nice product. Well done.

Ryan F. 04/06/2016

Under-the-Desk Power Extension Charging Station, Must-have For Your Cubicle

Excellent dock to charge all of your devices at the office. Lays flat on the desk like an appliance. Heavier than you'd expect it to be from the pictures.

With this you don't have to reach under the table to charge your laptop, camera battery, iPad, and phone. It has two plugs, three USB ports, a tablet and phone stand that pivots out, and an on/off switch. Really convenient compared to bending under the desk. The clip can hold a phone or tablet.

The USB ports are "smart", so if you use it with an iPad or a newer phone it charges really quick. Well-built, just feels like a really high-quality charger. Even the cord is heavy so that it lays flat on a table.

The cord is long, no problem reaching under a cubicle for the wall plug. The USB ports are "smart charging", so if you have an iPad or newer phone it charges faster than regular chargers. Grounded plugs is a great feature.

Terry L. Halphen 04/06/2016


This chatger is fantastic. It has two 110 Volt receptacles and 3 USB ports. It came professIonally packaged and arrived quicker than expected.

The charger is small and compact, taking a small space on your desk or nightstand. The receptacles are a great addition to your work area as opposed to crawling around looking for one when needed.

As for it's charging function, the charger charges my iPad and iPhone just as quick as the factory charger that came with them.

You can't go wrong with this power charger.

DBnKC 04/04/2016

Get Rid Of The Clutter

I bought this on Amazon to get rid of all the different chargers that used to litter the top of my desk. Now there is just one clean white box perched under my iMac with no clutter. I have several different charger cords plugged in and as I need to charge something I can just hook it up. I also have two good grounded outlets at hand for anything else I need power for. This is a really good idea!

YoopScoop 04/01/2016

Desktop Charging Station with features

This is a great desktop charging station, with all the features you might be looking for. This includes an on/off switch, 3 USB ports, 2 grounded outlets, and a tablet/phone stand. This works perfectly next to my desktop computer.

Note: I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

Thomas W. Bowen 03/29/2016

Seems to be of good build quality

Seems to be of good build quality. The cord doesn't have the cheap plasticky feel that beset most low-end products, and they clearly put some thought into the design. Overall it works as advertised, but of course I haven't tested it's ability to prevent a power surge from damaging the electronics that are plugged into it. The instructions that come in the box are a bit limited, and I couldn't find anything referencing the surge protection function, so I have to assume it's there based on the product page.

Charging speed out of the USB ports seems to be good, I use this to charge my Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 simultaneously. Either will gain ~80% battery strength in about an hour, with the S5 charging slightly faster than the iPhone. The top of the case directly above the charging ports gets a little warm when they are both plugged in, but not hot.

My only frustration is the lip they put over the back of the case above the 120v outlets. My work tablet is a Dell Venue Pro, and the USB charger isn't compatible with any of the aftermarket ones on the market, so I have to use the brick that came with it. This particular brick is wide enough that the lip obstructs it from seating correctly in the outlet. Not sure why this lip is here, and for the majority of 120v plugs it wouldn't be an issue, but consider this before ordering.

Andy Kaylor 03/28/2016

Better than your average power strip

I received this product as a free sample for review from EasyAcc. I've been using it on a daily basis to charge my iPhone 5 and iPad Air since I got it (about a month ago), and it has been great.

There really isn't a lot to be excited about with any charging device, so the best thing I can say about it is that I use it all the time and don't have to give it any thought. I grab my charging cord (which I leave plugged in to the charging station), plug in my device and forget about it. I had previously been using Apple adapters plugged into a generic power strip, and I had no complaints about that set up so I didn't expect that this would be much of a change, but I've been surprised to find that I definitely do like the EasyAcc charging station better.

The form factor of this device is pretty convenient. It doesn't take up a lot of space on a desk or table surface, and the small plastic hook on the front makes for a nice stand for a single device. It's unfortunate that I can't use this stand with my iPhone in portrait orientation while charging (because the charging port is on the bottom) but the blame for that falls on Apple, not EasyAcc. Charging while using the stand for a device in landscape orientation works fine, so it's great for something like plugging in the iPad and watching a movie. The plastic hook on the charging station feels a little bit flimsy, but I haven't had any problems with it. It's strong enough to hold a full sized iPad stably, but I think it might break if you bumped the device hard enough while it was there.

My other minor nits about this charging station have to do with the power switch. First, the switch turns off both the AC outlets and the USB outlets. I'm not sure I see a reason why I'd ever want to turn off the USB outlets. I'd like to be able to plug a light into an AC outlet and use the switch to turn that off while leaving my devices charging through the USB ports. Second, and this is obviously very minor, I don't like the way the switch feels. It doesn't have a firm "click" feel to it. It works, but I sometimes kind of wonder if it really switched off.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this charging station as a night stand or desk top accessory for anyone who needs to charge USB devices (which is pretty much everyone these days).

H. Hu 03/28/2016

Good and functional charger that could use minor improvements

This charging station is pretty good. I was able to simultaneously charge an iPad, iPad mini, and Kindle fire without problems.. There are some good and questionable design decisions for this unit.

The unit has a blue LED status light at the top left corner. It is visible through the white plastic of the unit, but does not shine brightly (unlike some other electronic devices that light up the room at night.)

The prongs of the plug come out at a right angle, so I don't have problems with furniture getting in the way. Also, the cord is very flexible.. It's six feet long, but can be coiled up very easily.

The USB ports are all on the right side. For convenience, it'd be great to have ones accessible on each side.

My biggest complaint with the charger is with the power button. It's a rocker switch that juts out from the side. This leaves it much too easy to accidentally press on or off. Having this button recessed into the unit would be nice.

Overall, a solid charger with some very nice touches and a few minor improvements needed. Note that while the two outlets worked, I was not able to test the surge protection feature.

Disclaimer: I was provided this unit for a fair and unbiased review.

MrSmiff 03/27/2016

One of the Best Household Items You Didn't Know You Needed

A lot of other reviewers include output specs, descriptions of lights, and what not....but I offer my simple consumer perspective on this product. It works, it does what it claims, and offers a little peace of mind for charging your devices without fear of over-charging. At the end of a busy day, its nice to be able to plug in a smartphone, tablet, or power bank and let it sit overnight. I know that modern device batteries have come a long way, but the old schooler in me really likes the idea of having a "smart" USB port that offers full charging when needed, but with the added functionality of switching over to a trickle/maintenance charge once the device is fully charged. This is valuable if you remember the old days of batteries developing capacity "memory" after frequent or prolonged charges without fully discharging first.

As for other qualities, the size and shape of this unit is another win. Other surge protectors are fine if they are out of site, but not that nice to look at when sitting on top of a desk or bedside table with cords going everywhere. This one, however, is compact and designed in a way that looks just fine sitting out in the open. While its main purpose is (arguably) for charging devices using the 3 provided USB ports (btw...the little device stand is a nice extra feature), there are also 2 standard power outlets on the back for other household items. Because the plugs are on the back, cords for things like lamps, alarm clocks, etc. can easily drape over the back of a table without being seen.

After purchasing multiple EasyAcc products over the past couple years, I was offered this charging station in exchange for an unbiased review. Coincidentally, I was getting frustrated dealing with wall chargers not being long enough to reach my available outlets, so this product came along at the perfect time and met my needs to a tee. I'm now considering purchasing additional units for other areas of the house and the office. This is definitely one of the best little devices I didn't even know I needed. I would highly recommend it to anyone shopping for such a product.

Tilan Chan 03/27/2016

Great little extension charging station

This is a great product. Robust construction. I dropped it a couple of times on hardwood floor, I was afraid it might have cracked the casing-not even a scratch. The product comes with 3 USB outlets and two regular power sockets. The USB outlets are great to charge your phones, tablets, and other devices like power banks. I tested all of them and the product worked well. Works with Apple or Android products. The regular sockets are great for laptops or even a lamp, or a space heater.
There is a small stand, which I couldn't figure out at first, but was a holder for your phone. I had to pull a bit harder for it to pop out, but that works for your phone. However to be honest I don't use it. There is a on/off switch that allows you quickly disconnect your devices from the main power (For whatever reason) when you switch the device on, there is a small blue light that switches on and indicates that the power is connected. I would have liked for this light to be a bit more prominent, because at day time, its hardly visible. Maybe the switch itself could have had the light.
The power cable is long, I would say its about 5 feet. Which allows me to charge my phone away from the power sockets.

This is a great product and a very useful device when you travel.

I received this product free for a unbiased review.

Minnesota Mike 03/26/2016

True rapid charging for USB devices and power outlets for other devices!

I really like this charging station for several reasons:

First off, with 7.2 amps of total USB output power, you can charge 3 high drain/high capacity devices at the same time! Most current smart phones and tablets need 2-2.5 amps of output power in order to rapid charge. The typical white iPhone charging cube only puts out 1 amp of power so it's very slow to charge an iPhone 6 or newer. With this charging station putting out 2.5 amps per USB output, you can rest assured you're charging your device as fast as it can be done.

Next, this is the only rapid charging device I could find that also has regular outlets with it, just like a standard power strip. This is great because I can use this at my desk and still plug in my speaker system and monitor while also having USB ports available to charge my camera and iPhone. What a brilliant idea.

Lastly, this seems well made, although the device to make it stand upright is quirky. Overall, this is a great idea and a very functional piece for any office. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion of it. I hope you found my review helpful and if so, please click the yes button below. Thanks!

roanokejones 03/22/2016

Great Device!

I received this charging station free from EasyAcc to test. I have been using it for over a week now and I really like it. It doesn't take up much desk space, allows me to charge multiple devices at once, and provides me with easy access to power without having to crawl under the desk. I also like the fact that device stand can charge my iPad and still use the screen.

David S. 03/22/2016

and I want to recommend it widely

Hello I received it, and I want to recommend it widely, compact, good design, durable, etc. With this article I can load multiple cell at the same time giving security to them.Thank you

N. Bollin 03/20/2016

Great charging station for multiple devices

This charging station is filling the need for a place to charge our phones while using them on the couch. I have it plugged in under the couch, where we have 1 outlet in the floor. The extra 2 outlets in the station then serve our table lamps, while our phones can be plugged into the USB ports. The long cord is nice, so that it will reach nearly any outlet you'd need it to. The station is a bit bulky if you want to use it on an end table or kitchen counter.

I received this product free for my honest and unbiased review.

Rocky 03/18/2016

Convenient charging station to have around

This charging station is great if you have a lot of devices. It's a convenient charging station to take on the go when traveling or to have in the office. It's compact, well designed and feels great in hand. The device lets you charge up to 3 USB devices and has 2 outlets to charge or power larger devices, all while being protected from electrical surges. It also has an adjustable stand to hold your device while charging, a nice little feature. This product was given to me as a review sample.

J. Talbott 03/17/2016

An attractive, well-designed power strip.

Note: I was provided a sample for testing. My review is not biased.

The product design of this charging station fit my needs exactly. I have three things charging on my bedside most of the time. My collection includes a tablet, two phones, a jogging headset, a radio and a bicycle light. I also have a clock radio and a bedside lamp. Boom. Three USB ports and two AC ports works. (I never have to charge all those things at once). The AC ports are out the back, so you don't see the cords plugged into them, unlike my previous power strip. Having the three USB ports on the side saves me from dealing with wall warts. I can pull the cable quickly and take it with me if I need to travel. The wall wart stays in the computer bag. The tablet stand is a little cheap feeling; I'll let you know if it breaks. My tablet stands with it just fine for now. Otherwise, the unit is solidly built and attractive. The packaging is paper box and so recycles without any effort. 6 stars for that! The cord is strong and capable of handling a 15A circuit. Again, nice touch on EasyAcc's part.

The knock on many less expensive power supplies is that they don't last. I have had this for a week, so I can't comment yet, but will if something happens. The unit is not throwing off noticeable heat, so that's a good sign. I haven't put it on the scope yet, but I will when I get a chance and let you know if I see any abnormalities in the voltage delivered. The Motorola phone charges as quickly as it did with Motorola's charger, so the unit is definitely putting out the current. I don't have three fast charging devices right now, but I am having no problem charging the iPhone 5 either.

I appreciate good product design. I like this power supply.

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EasyAcc 7.2A 3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip

EasyAcc 7.2A 3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip

3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip with 2 Electrical AC Power Sockets and high quality surge protector to ensure the safety of your device.

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