Slim and Portable

Compact design, lipstick size, super lightweight, feel nothing in your hand when playing with the power. Easily fits into your pocket or bag, or you can place it anywhere with the neck strap and wrist strap in the package. We are sure you will love this powerful little thing.

More than just power bank

We put more than just energy in this external battery. With the ultra bright LED flashlight as a special design, this power bank is perfect for the darkness. We don’t want you tripped over in the dark when talking on the phone while walking.

Powerful Capacity

3350mA external battery offers one full charge or additional 8 hours of talking time to most phones. Partner for your devices, friend of your life.

Material ABS+Metal
Weight 0.3 ounces
P. Bruderer 09/23/2016

This thing is super handy. A USB rechargeable flashlight is very useful

This thing is super handy. A USB rechargeable flashlight is very useful, and the fact that it can charge your mobile device is ever better. The flashlight is about what I expected. Its bright enough for any normal need, but isn't as bright as a high dollar flashlight.I work in construction as an electrician and I carry this in my back pocket every day. No need to carry a separate flashlight with AA batteries that only last a few hours! This flashlight will last 10+ hours on a single charge, and then you just recharge the battery. Its a no brainer.

Darin L. Kerr 09/21/2016

Great charger and BRIGHT flashlight combo.

This device has enough power to almost fully charge my Galaxy S7 Edge. What really surprised me was how BRIGHT the flashlight is. I work in IT Support, and have to enter server closets and labs that are kept fairly dark. This battery pack provides plenty of light for me to do my job.I also appreciate the case with one flat side, so it won't roll around a flat surface when you lay it down.Definitely a five star product in my opinion.

Jared Quandt 09/14/2016

Great Flashlight

I have several of these use them more for flashlights than charger. I like the look and feel.

robert wayne kennedy 09/02/2016

Great flashlight and charges phones too.

I bought two of these as backup for the discontinued 6,000 Mah model that I have had for a couple years, which still works flawlessly by the way. It's a good charger. What I really like about them is they make an awesome flashlight with about 35 hours of continuous useful but not superbright light. I live in the Philippines in an area where power outages were frequent and sometimes long lasting. Everyone should have one or more of these in their disaster kit. Charges your phone too in a pinch. 2.1A output. Holds considerable charge for more than a year in storage. Highly recommended.

Edward C 08/09/2016

Five Stars

Great light and power charger4.

William Reading 08/08/2016

Fits the bill for a 2.1A iPhone Charger

I've tried a number of products in this size that claim to charge at 2.1A or 2.4.A, but this one actually delivers on that claim for my iPhone SE as verified with the battery life app. The flashlight requires a double click to activate amd was neither too firm nor too easy to activate. All in all, a handy item for my travel bag.

raul 07/20/2016

awesome item for recharge

It's compact and fits in my wifes purse

Manasa 07/08/2016

Five Stars

Light weight and portable

JONG TARK LEE 07/03/2016

Five Stars

Charging is really fast.

cmuskat 06/17/2016

very happy with

this is light, and it does charge my phone fast. the light is bright too. very happy with it

Ron 06/14/2016

Outstanding device.

These things are awesome. This is the fifth one I've purchased (sold the others to friends) and my friends and I continue to be impressed at the long life of the battery...and the powerful (i.e.: fast) cellphone charging capability.

A. Harner 05/21/2016

Best I've owned, and I've owned many.

Holds a great charge for being light weight. Light is much brighter than most. Like that it doesn't roll off my desk -- a problem with other round ones.

Nevsky 05/16/2016

Great Charger and Bonus Flashlight

Love the charger and the flashlight is great to have. Just tell my wife to stop taking them from me so I do not have to keep buying them.

Jonathan 05/09/2016

At best this power bank can only give my phone about ...

I bought this power bank specifically for its high current output as similarly sized units are usually in the 1amp discharge range. I have a galaxy s6 and this power bank is able to quickly recharge it. I believe the actual capacity is lower than stated. The battery in my phone is 2550mah. At best this power bank can only give my phone about a 65-70% charge. Other then that it works great. The flashlight is helpful and the power bank is small enough that I can easily carry it in my pants pocket without any issues. I've had it about 6 months now without any issues.

Amazon Customer 04/20/2016

Nice and small

Nice and small, can fit in pocket, easy to hold. Flashlight is nice and bright. Charges phone completely, maybe twice? Not sure yet how many full charges it will give.

Kyle 04/09/2016

2A output in a tiny little space

These are easily one the handiest gadgets I carry. The battery's capacity is amazing for this thing's small size, and the 2A charger charges gadgets fast enough to charge modern phones and even tablets (like the iPad), and the flashlight is surprisingly strong and useful. The wrist strap is kind of pointless, since you also have to carry a charging cable to plug into the USB port. But this thing works amazingly well.

Carl E. Campbell 03/25/2016

Just right

Got one of these in red for my wife - she loves it!

Amazon Customer 03/20/2016

it works great. I get a little more than one charge ...

I'd give it 5 stars if the button were in a more ergonomic position, near the light end, where most flashlights put it. Functionally, though, it works great. I get a little more than one charge to my Nexus 5 phone.

Mike NY 03/20/2016

Excellent Power Bank! Highly Recommended!

This is the second unit I've purchased and I like it very much. My previous one was the older model with 3000 mah capacity. This one is very similar but with about 10% higher capacity. I like the very small size, high capacity, bright flashlight, excellent indicators, great functionality and good look and feel. I also have some other brands to compare but these are my favorites.

linux-works 03/15/2016

good unit, flashlight is bright and wide

pros: not fully round so it won't roll off a table. its plastic in the case so its not as cold to touch. it has a flashlight that spreads a wide beam.

cons: does not shine very far, but shines a wider path.

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EasyAcc U-bright 3350mAh Ultra Lipstick-sized Power Bank

EasyAcc U-bright 3350mAh Ultra Lipstick-sized Power Bank

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