EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan

EasyAcc metal laptop fan With On / Off Switch and adjusttable angle.

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High-quality Material

The EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is made of high-quality material, which provides a steady stand for the fan, todecrease the rate of accident.

Small Size for Saving More Space

Here the EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is less than 6 inch portable frame, which is easy to be carried and saves more space for your desk.

Noise Reduction Design

EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan runs smoothly and quietly for it has a unique noise reduction in motor. Enjoy the cool wind without any annoying noise.

Material Metal
Weight 10.65 oz
Rob 09/23/2016

Five Stars

Keeping cool at the desk.

J. Pegg 09/21/2016

Good airflow; Louder than desired

Works as expected and produces a strong breeze. Not as quiet as I had hoped, but not horribly loud either.

Audrey T. 09/21/2016

Strong and durable USB Mini Desktop fan

This USB Mini Desktop fan is easy to use and can really be used anywhere since it has a usb cable plug. Surprisingly enough, the usb cable is long enough for you to be able to move it around your area comfortably.The EasyAcc USB Mini Desktop Metal Blades Cooling Fan with 360 Rotation and Adjustable Angle for Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, and PC in the color black has an on/off switch located on the back along with a USB cable. The sheer construction of this little fan has surprised me completely. It has a metal frame and aluminum fan blade which makes the USB fan safe and reliable.The USB fan is compatible with power banks and laptops since it has the USB output which makes it useable anywhere. I use this fan on my desk in office/bedroom but it could be utilized anywhere. It is very quiet and runs so smooth that you barely know it is there. I am extremely happy with this fan.**Disclaimer - I received this item either free or at a discounted rate to give my honest and unbiased review of the product. I was not told what I could or could not say. This is 100% my own opinion.

Darla Martinson 09/19/2016

but this Mini Desktop Fan is really wonderful and keeps me from sticking my head in the ...

Okay so I am in my 50's and YES...I suffer from hot flashes! I usually am sweating no matter what... but this Mini Desktop Fan is really wonderful and keeps me from sticking my head in the freezer at work! LOL! I now have this fan sitting on my computer desk at work. What is so great...you plug this fan in to your computer. It has a USB plug. No need for an outlet...just plug into your CPU. If you choose not to use it at a desk like I am...You can use a USB plug anywhere.This little fan packs a punch! It may be small, but the cool air it puts off is wonderful! It's also very quite, I like that. I am so busy working in a Law office, I don't need the distraction of a noisy fan. This little EasyACC USB mini Desktop fan is WONDERFUL!I did receive this product in a discount promotion to try, then give my honest and unbiased review based on my feeling and experience with the product. This little fan..gets a 5 star rating from me.

Toyo Kath Torres 09/18/2016

very handy mini fan!

 This mini electric fan is so handy and very convenient to use. The body is black while the blades are silver, made up with with metal. Its very durable and produces cool air and very reliable in times of warm weather . It has a USB cord to plug in and as long as you have a powerbank you can use it! very good quality!

Nathalia Abigail 09/16/2016

It is pretty powerful and cools my room off

I have a small office space which does not get a lot of air since there is not a air vent in there. I got this to help out in the hot summer months so it would not be as hot when I am working. This plugs right in to my computer without any issues. It is pretty powerful and cools my room off. I plug it in and keep it under my desk so it is circulating the room but my papers are not flying everywhere. Since using this I have noticed that it is making of office room a lot cooler than what it used to be. The fan feels pretty sturdy and is not heavy so it can sit on top of a computer without any worries. The fan is not big. It is a little bigger than my hand. It is not loud so it will not disturb you when you have it on and you are trying to work. I am very pleased with this.I received this for free in return for my honest review

Mommy to 4 little peanuts 09/08/2016

Great buy as a laptop cooler or in our case ...

Great buy as a laptop cooler or in our case as an xbox 360 cooler. I bought this for my laptop. I needed something that could sit near it, not need an outlet, and not go through a million batteries, This was a great buy for that, but my son actually kidnapped it from me for his xbox 360 that was overheating every time he used it. He plugs this into the usb port on his xbox, aims it at the air vents on the xbox and he can extend his play time by a while. Before buying this he had maybe 30 minutes before he had to shut down and let it cool down. Now he can play his whole hour without needing to. He could probably play longer than that, but he only gets and hour per day on the xbox so we have not tested that theory. Great buy!I was given these at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review. I know how leery I was about reviews that were given in exchange for a reduced cost on the item. Then when I started getting asked to leave reviews, and I put so much care into them that it really replaced that doubt, so I feel less anxious about believing the reviews left by others. I'm sure that there are corrupt people that lie, but I'm not one of them, please feel free to check out my past reviews. I tell the truth even if it means a 1 star review. I would never mislead someone about a product just because I was given it for free, or for a lesser cost, and I would never accept anything in exchange for a better review. Honesty is important to me and I hope any review I leave saves someone money, or helps them to make a better buying decision. I know how much the reviews of others have saved me from making a bad buy, or aided me in buying something that I may have other wise not purchased that turned out to be a great buy. Hope I was a help. Thank you.

Momaronda 09/06/2016

Works very well, sturdy construction

This is a great little desk top fan and it works very well. I was impressed with the output of air considering its small size. The frame is metal so it is very sturdy. It has a stand built onto it so it stays upright with no issues at all. The fans is powered by a USB charger that is included. I have been using this fan on my desk for a few weeks now and I am trying to figure out what I did without it. The fan is also very quiet when it is running. I really like it.*Just For The Record:I received this product at a discount or a sample was provided to evaluate, test, and review. Like most online shoppers I rely heavily on reviews posted by other shoppers. I always do what I can to help by describing my purchases honestly. Happy Shopping!

Annie 09/04/2016

Great product for the price

This cute little fan really circulates the air. I have it sitting about 6 feet from me at my desk at work, and it gives off a nice breeze that helps keep me cool. My only complaint is that it has a very slight rattling noise. I have tried taking it apart and reassembling and also setting it on a few layers of paper towel to try and cushion it but the rattling sound persists. Not enough to make me stop using it but just a bit annoying.

jlundin 09/02/2016

Reliable metal fan

The EasyAcc USB mini desktop fan puts out enough air to keep the air circulating and put a nice cool edge. This works great hooked up to the office computer. I use mine in the car. I have it hooked up to the cigarette lighter and it is the only relief of the Texas heat that I have as my AC is broken. The fan has an off / on switch on the back. The fan is built out of metal and is durable. I have ran the fan for about an hour at a time in my hot car and the fan never over heated from the continual run time. The fan can reach different angles due to the pivoting system. The fan has little rubber pieces on the bottom to keep the fan from vibrating. The fan has the USB wire but does not include anything to plug the USB into so you will either need a wall or car charger or a computer to run this fan.I am not an Amazon company affiliate. I am an Amazon Prime customer that enjoys writing reviews as a hobby. I received this product as a promotion. If my review has helped you, please thumbs up so I can continue to provide helpful information for your purchasing. If you have any questions or comments, please comment or message and I will be glad to help!

Lucas H 08/25/2016

Metal frame is nice!

This is a nice little USB desk fan. It is fairly simple and surprisingly built better than most USB desk fans.There is only one speed and it's really only good when used in very close proximity. The range of motion is only up and down and is limited my the fan cage. I tried to use this in my vehicle as the "leg" or arm of the fan tucks into the visor perfectly but the USB cord is very short. The fan is good to use up close, but it won't generate a gentle breeze or even a cooling one unless it is right in your personal space.Noteworthy mentions:Fan is easy to use.Two modes, ON or OFF.Fan is VERY quiet.Constructed of metal and not plastic.Fan USB cord is not detachable and very short.Very versatile and portable.Fan is only felt when in personal space.I'd personally like a much longer USB cord on a desk fan. I also do not agree that this has a long enough cord and would have preferred a cable that can disconnect from the fan. This fan is better for kids and not so much adults in my opinion and it works out much better for my kids. If I was to recommend a good desk fan with nice air movement I would recommend this one Baby Breeze Rechargeable Stroller Fan with Long Flexible Neck and USB Power For Desks, Laptops, Camping & More - a very quiet, clip on, easy on/off and USB detachable cord fan that really moves the air for its size.I purchased EasyAcc's USB Mini Desktop Fan at a discount in exchange for using and reviewing with an unbiased approach, thus my review reflects my personal experience and opinion.

James M 08/19/2016

Great little fan

I’ve always wanted a desk fan because I am always sitting at my desk at work and do not have any control on the temperature of the building inside. I got this fan in hopes to have some sort of circulation at my desk. I use a Dell computer dock and it has USB ports on it. It works out surprisingly well because I keep the desk fan plugged into the dock and it turns on and off when I dock and undock my computer.What else is really surprising with this fan is how strong the air flow is from it. I am literally cold from it now which is great to have the control of temperature at my desk. If you’re looking for a great little fan that can run off your computer or a wall plug when you use a wall adapter. It has a button on the back of it so you can leave it plugged in and turn it on and off from the plug.I really hope the motor in this fan lasts a long time because I can tell the rest of the fan will last for a long time. It is made really nice out of what seems to be aluminum and seems pretty durable. I am happy with this purchase and it really has made a difference for me at work.I would like to disclose that I have received this fan at a free or discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Sharpergnome 08/12/2016


Love this fan, I Purchased it to sit at my home desk while gamingSingle speed with just an on/off switchGreat circulation for its sizeVery quietDecent length cord, it is made to sit at your desk. But you can use a usb extension and get longer lengthsI also use it with a battery bank to power it on the go, I have a 20000 mAh Ravpower bank that will power this for over 48hrs on a single charge.Well worth the money considering I have already purchased another for my daughterIf you have any questions feel free to askAnd if the review was helpful please click the button below

Ka2004 08/09/2016

Five Stars

Easy to use.

Joe C. 08/07/2016

Feel the breeeeeeeze......

Big things come in small packages. This is a prime example. It's powered via USB and is very quiet for this type of fan. The amount of air it moves is pretty impressive. Actually, it knocked me off my computer chair so be careful! Joking aside, it's enough to keep you cool at your desk. I didn't expect much but ended up quite happy with the overall product. The fan pivots up and down for adjustment. It only has an on/off switch and it's not variable speed but at this price, it's totally fine. Just turn it on and have done with it. Unplug it, pack it and take it with you. The best part is that it's made out of....get this.....metal.....NO PLASTIC! How did that happen? Well, I believe because of this, it makes the fan a solid, well built mini USB fan that would be hard to beat considering it's size and price. The rocker switch feels tight and should withstand many on/off cycles. Even the pivot stays put whenever you re-position the fan. All in all, a very good purchase that I would wholly recommend to anybody in the market for an item like this. Makes a great gift too! Happy cooling everyone! Enjoy! I received this item at a discount for an honest and unbiased review.

Niecy 08/07/2016

Perfect for the job

Perfect for the job. I love the convenience of plugging it into my desktop & I'm set. The fan is not noisy, so no worries about disturbing co-workers.

Gene D. 08/05/2016

A Fan-tastic Little Fan that Pushes a Decent Amount of Air for Its Size

I purchased the EasyAcc USB Mini Desktop fan for use at work, given it gets a little toasty at times and I needed to replace a fan I recently had to throw away because it made too much noise. After roughly a week of use, here’s what I experienced.Pros: When you receive the fan, the box in which it arrives is fairly pedestrian, nothing really to write home about. It shows a graphic of the fan as well as various specifications and control considerations. However, after opening the box and taking the fan out of its protective wrapping, you will find this little fan has a classic look about it (short of the USB connection). I love that is has a well-painted black, metal, sturdy housing and that the grill weave is tight enough to keep most items from being able to touch the all-metal blades. The housing truly rotates 360 degrees between the support’s connection points. The support on which the fan rests is also nicely constructed and helps keep the fan from moving around through the use of three rubber “feet.” No matter in what position you rotate the fan, it stays there. Bolts can be loosened or tightened to the desired grip -- although mine was perfect out of the box. The four aluminum blades are also quite refined looking for a fan and makes the fan pleasing to the eye. When you turn the fan around, you can tell the motor is high-quality for such a small fan. It seems as if it will certainly last a while. There is also an on/off switch on the back of the motor housing just above where the USB cable permanently enters the motor housing. I plugged the USB cable into one of my docking station ports at work. Right away the fan got to work moving a decent amount of air for such a small fan. It’s not quite whisper quiet, but it’s close. You hear it moving air; but, there’s nothing distracting or unnerving about it. While the fan was running, I rotated the housing the full 360 degrees. Throughout the rotation the fan is quiet, i.e., it is so well built in its welds and in the bolts used to connect the front and the back of the housing that there was zero vibration -- something I couldn’t say about the fan I used to use at work but threw away because it vibrated too much. The USB cable length is generous enough to allow you to rotate the housing the entire way around and still have more than enough length to position it wherever you want, within about a two feet from the USB port.Cons: I have two minor concerns. First, the fan only one speed. A variable speed control would make this fan fan-tastic (oh, yes he did). Second, I wish the USB cable wasn’t permanently affixed to the unit. A USB port would be better just in case the USB connector breaks or fails, which, although highly unlikely, could happen.Recommended Purchase?: For $9.99, and backed by a year and a half warranty, I don’t think you can beat this fan for use in your office or in a dorm by your laptop or desktop -- either that or you could purchase an inexpensive USB charger to hook it to an outlet. While it doesn’t wow me, I certainly like the fan, have no problem giving it a four-star rating, and recommending it for purchase given all I experienced so far. If, for some reason, this changes, I’ll update my review ASAP.Disclaimer: I don't work for the company for whom I wrote this product review. However, I did receive the product at a discount in exchange for a truthful review, which I strove to offer here. Stars are not bought or sold -- a product receives the stars I believe it deserves. I only offer reviews for items I personally use and test. Please know I did the best I could at the time I wrote this review and always welcome both constructive feedback (to make future reviews better) and all questions related to this review (to make it better and help where I can). I will try to address both as time allows, within a reasonable period from the date I posted the review. I'm a family man; so, my time isn't always my own. Thanks for understanding.

AnonymousIsAWoman 08/04/2016

Four Stars

just not powerful enough.

Suzie 08/04/2016

Perfect little desktop fan!

This little desktop USB fan really puts out quite a bit of air. It is enough to keep you cool yet not blow all the papers off the desk. The size is perfect for the desktop. You can angle the fan to point to the height you are comfortable with. It plugs into the USB port of your computer and is ready to go. There is an on/off switch on the back to it does not have to be unplugged each time you use it. The cord is long enough to reach the USB ports on the back of our monitor - about 32” long or so. The fan makes just a gentle hum while it is running. Not too loud or annoying. This fan is the perfect solution to our office which is one of the only rooms in the house without a ceiling fan.Note: I received this product free or at a reduced price in return for my testing, evaluation and fair, honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are my own. I always begin with a five-star rating in mind and reduce the number of stars with any problems I find with the product or seller. I have often purchased products on Amazon because of someone else's review of the product. I hope you find my review helpful - if so please click "helpful".

Michael S. Crick 08/01/2016

Small, Convenient, & Functional

If your looking for an effiecient way to stay cool while working both at home or work, this little fan will do just the trick. It's small size makes very portable and perfect to use In just about area due to It's overall small size.If your like me, you always seem to have either a laptop or desktop running while your at work or at home doing assorted tasks. You may find yourself becoming or getting warm and wish you had some type of option to easily cool off. This Is where this fan Is perfect for those moments. Simply Insert the power cord Into a USB outlet, flip the power switch on the back, and you now have an easy way of staying cool. I absolutely love the fact that I can operate this fan using my computer's power without needing any use for an electric outlet. However, I also like the fact that If I wanted or needed to use an electrical outlet, I can do so using a USB power adapter for that purpose.The small size of this fan Is perfect for so many different spots, rooms, and locations. Great for those nook and crannies where bigger fans wouldn't be an option or resourceful at all. It also has the option to angle Ithe frame depending on where exactly you need the airflow to blow. The fan Is also quiet where you may think it's not running at times. This Is a plus for those times where your napping or don't need something loud to disturb something your doing.I do have a few drawbacks with this fan, but they are minor at that. The first would be Is that you only have one soecific power option. It's just a simply on and off switch and that's It. I would of liked a choice to choose between HI and LO, but for what you get It, the purpose Is served well. The second would It doesn't have alot of blowing power. Don't expect this fan to blow you away, literally. It's great to help you cool off and stay cool, but don't expect It to provide as much cooling power as a bigger fan would provide. If your seeking more, then I suggest you look elsewhere. I feel with the features and functions alone that this fan offers, It's a great little fan and a nice addition to have wherever you Intend to use It.

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EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan

EasyAcc Mini USB Desktop Metal Fan

EasyAcc metal laptop fan With On / Off Switch and adjusttable angle.

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