EasyAcc USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5-Inch SATA 7 & 9.5mm HDD and SSD

Give your valued data 360° protection and lightning-fast transfer speeds at home or on the go

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Give your valued data 360° protection and lightning-fast transfer speeds at home or on the go

More details

Lighting Fast for Data Syncing

Adopting USB 3.0 superspeed technology, the unit can quicken the transfer speed to up to 5Gbps, setting aside less time for syncing, but more time for work and fun!

Lightweight but Sturdy Enough

Designed at less than half an inch thick and lightweight, the 2.89oz external enclosure offers 360° protection to your hard drive in a 13mm package. Meanwhile, the enclosure, made with premium plastic, can resist scratching, drops and bumps with ease.

Great Back-Up Enclosure Choice

Without using any tools or screws, you can easily convert your hard drive into a well-protected portable hard drive within seconds. Also you can take the precious data with you anywhere you go along with the great flexibility and mobility.

Dimension 5.12*3.27*0.51 inches
Manny 02/12/2016

Works great

Works like it supposed to put in old ps4 hard drive now using it as backup easy to put old hard dive in cord is just the right length and its made of plastic but seems very sturdy

Rob3of24 01/06/2016

Works as advertised. Very snug fit and a little ...

Works as advertised. Very snug fit and a little difficult to open and close but not a real problem.

uvr 07/20/2015

Very good product for an external SSD

I have had more than a dozen of external disk enclosures for 3.5" and for 2.5", and I think this is one of the best, at least for use it with an SSD.

It accomplish with all the features that are announced. It delay less than a minute to install an ADATA SX-900 512 SSD without any tool. It is VERY fast. Same speed that I saw in the same SSD when it was installed as an internal disk into the computer.

Its external design is minimalistic as I like that accessories.

The next time I need a 2.5" external enclosure, I will purchase this one again.

Jesse Pacheco 07/06/2015

Five Stars

Good quality and got here earlier than expected. Nice bonus

Viks 07/05/2015

Perfect and affordable for your old internal HDD / external SSD

Perfect and affordable for your old internal HDD / external SSD to be used as external storage. Easy to use and USB 3.0 compatible. What else I can expect :).. Happy with purchase

Coleman 07/04/2015

Perfect for anyone!

If you want to keep your old downgraded hard drive alive for a while longer this is the product for you! It works great is excellent quality and is a great price too!

Joe Dolister 06/29/2015

Great USB Drive Enclosure!

Great USB drive enclosure! Fast, light and easy to use!

John H 06/25/2015

Four Stars


fuzzeeboy 06/15/2015

Excellent Enclosure

Great little enclosure. Easy to access, yet, strong and well-built. Very happy with this purchase.

Amazon Customer 06/04/2015

Four Stars

good product. tool less. easy to assemble

gizmodoc 05/29/2015

Perfect for SSD swap and backup.

This worked very well for me, truly plug and play. I used it to clone my HD to a new SSD, then swapped and used the enclosure for my old HD as a backup disk. It's small, lightweight, seems well-made, and the SATA to USB cord is of appropriate length. Fits tight, tool-free, inexpensive.

dexter chow 05/26/2015

Five Stars


Jeff & Wendy S 05/21/2015

Fantastic enclosure for the price. Works GREAT with SanDisk SSD and MacBook Pro.

Great value. I originally ordered a competing product which arrived defective the day before my photography-based vacation and made me scramble to clear up more storage. That was quite a disappointment, but when I got home I ordered this enclosure as a replacement.

It's good quality for the price - sure, you could pay more for rubberized trim, metal case, etc, but if not overly abused, this case should work fine (I've certainly seen much worse).

Installing the drive took seconds. With my MacBook Pro and a SanDisk 240GB SSD drive, the performance is AWESOME! The BlackMagic speed test clocks transfers to and from this enclosure/drive at 392MB/second write and 430MB/second read.

And of course it needs only the power from the USB port, has no fan, and runs absolutely silent. The included USB 3.0 cable fits snugly and securely. I would definitely buy again unless I planned to use it in a more extreme environment.

Tamazon 04/26/2015

It works!

It does what it says it will do at a very reasonable price.

Bastian 04/23/2015

Yes go buy it

Very well build. Very easy to use. Great price. You should buy it.

Woody Woodturner 04/22/2015

Five Stars

Nice - just what I needed to make use of a spare HDD.

Christopher Andreae "Gadget Dork" 04/16/2015

Great piece of kit.

Fantastic, Inexpensive and well designed enclosure that features tremendous ease of use and excellent speed...a combination rarely found at this price point. I've mated this unit with a 960GB Crucial M4 SSD and am very impressed, enough so that it is now my everyday-use external for backups and file transfers. A+ product.

Jay 02/06/2015

Great home for your old laptop HDD if you have recently switched out for a new SSD!

The superspeed 2.5 inch hard drive external enclosure is a perfect enclosure for any 2.5 inch hard drives.

Design: The design of the enclosure is simplistic and minimalistic. Inside the enclosure, there is adapter that connects to your hard drive that is built in, and you slide the enclosure over it.

Function: Putting the hard drive in with extremely easy. All you have to do is take your 2.5 inch hard drive and inserted into the adapter that's built into enclosure and then slide the outer case over it. I found the hard drive to be a little bit loose when connected to the adapter, however this was resolved when you slide the case back onto the enclosure since there is a sponge foam on the underside of the enclosure case that will push down on the hard drive and keep it secure. Nonetheless, I am not 100% convinced the hard drive is extremely secure, and this was evident when I was transferring files I found that if I move the hard drive just a little bit sometimes I experience a disconnection. If you don't move the enclosure, then there is no disconnection and writing and reading files work like a charm.

Who is this for: I think this is perfect for anyone who has just upgraded their internal hard drive and therefore looking for a case to hold their old computer hard drive that is 2.5 inches.

Competition: There's a competition there are lots of hard drive enclosures like this that are priced right around this range. I think it functions extremely well and the only gripe I have with this again it's I think the hard drive could be more secure inside the case (and thus the 1 star deduction). At this price, this is still a very good option.

Disclosure: I was provided a free sample in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Anthony 01/29/2015

Perfect hard drive enclosure

This is a really nice USB 3.0 hard drive enclosure it is perfect for fast transfers of data and fits 2.5 inch hard drives perfectly with no movement.
I had a little trouble with this enclosure on my windows 7 PC what happened was the driver was not installing correctly, so I tried to uninstall it and reinstall and had the same problem after like 10 minutes of messing with that I tried disabling the driver then re-enabling it and the driver installed correctly and the device worked fine after that. I have been using it for about a week now without troubles so I believe this fixed it.
The speeds are nice since it is a 3.0 enclosure I get very fast speeds compared to older 2.0 enclosures. I would definately recommend this as a permanent replacement to my current and now old 2.5 inch external hard drive enclosure.

Peter G 01/15/2015

Hard Disk Case

After I got this device, I tested it by putting a SSD inside (it works with HDDs and SSDs in 2.5").

The "installation" is very easy, you open the slide, put the SSD inside, close the slide, and connect the cable.
Voila, there is your new external drive.
If you have spare HDDs, SSDs or just want to copy something from another machine's internal drive - this adapter will do it quickly.
By quickly, I mean the installation and data transfer rates: During my tests, windows told me there is up to 400MB/s - I am really satisfied.

Either the black or the silver version should look nice at most desktops

Notes for advanced users:
1. Of course, the actual transfer rates depend on your system.
2. Before putting a drive into the case, make sure that there is no BIOS password lock on it - with that, it will not work.

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EasyAcc USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5-Inch SATA 7 & 9.5mm HDD and SSD

EasyAcc USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5-Inch SATA 7 & 9.5mm HDD and SSD

Give your valued data 360° protection and lightning-fast transfer speeds at home or on the go

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