EasyAcc Ultra Slim Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Smart Case

Maximum protection in minimal bulk takes on daily use and abuse

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Maximum Protection

The top grade synthetic PU leather screen-protecting cover and tough case work together to take the shock out of drops and the edge off of scratches, leaving your Galaxy Tab A 9.7 fresh looking without extra stress.


More than a Case

Simply open the magnetically latched smart cover to automatically wake your Tab and shut it when you're done to send it back to sleep. Moreover, use the built-in stand to view media, facetime or more at 2 angles. Love your Galaxy Tab A 9.7 more.


Minimal Profile

Ultra-slim and precision cut, the EasyAcc Cover adds only a fraction to your Galaxy Tab A 9.7, but adds your own gripping flare at the same time.

Material Polycarbonate+PU leather
Weight 7.41oz
Steve DeSmet 09/12/2016

Five Stars

Fits perfectly and looks great.

Jennifer Reeves 07/22/2016

Five Stars

Fits the tablet perfectly

marleesoo 01/21/2016

Very nice. Got it for my husband

Very nice. Got it for my husband, and he loves it.

DunDunDunnn 10/29/2015


It fit so perfectly! I love love love how I got so much use out of it!
It is still holding up after several months, too!
Thank you so much again! Great item!

Reginald Parris 10/28/2015

Work fine

this case works just fine for me. it doesn't feel like a high quality case but it feels nice and it gets the job done

Hope S. Correa 09/22/2015

Tablet cover nicely made. Although I noticed magnets don't line up ...

Tablet cover nicely made. Although I noticed magnets don't line up very well but stays closed. s. Back is made of hard plastic but so far has held up. If looking for cheap cover this will work. Just don't store in bsg with heavy things it may break.

Tilan Chan 09/21/2015

Great Product, great customer service

>The product arrived earlier than anticipated
> Was packaged well so there was no damage to the product.

Product appearance:

>I liked the black color casing
> The finish was not glossy, which I liked a lot. Glossy finishes tend to get damaged quickly, but the texture finish on the product looked nice, and provided some amount of resistance to dirt.
> The inside finish provides protection for the tablet and is smooth

Wear and Tear

> The outer texture provides resistance to wear and tear
>The inside finish provides protection to the tablet


> I like the look and feel of the product.
> The tablet fits nicely inside the cover
> The magnetic openings work well.

I received this product free for a unbiased review.

Testblake 08/28/2015

Very nice case, at a great price

Very nice case, at a great price. Holds the tablet well, and does not feel loose.

The suede like material inside prevents scratches to both the body and the scree. The Simulated leather outside, looks nice, and doesn't feel cheap. And i like that cover flap is held by a simple but effective magnet.

I love that the cover over the screen can be bent to act as a stand when the tablet is open, making use of the tablet for watching shows, listening to music or typing on with a keyboard very convenient, almost allowing you to use your tablet as sort of a laptop.

I have reviewed a few products from EasyAcc and so far at least they always impress me with quality, I would recommend to anyone without hesitation. And at such a low price, it has to be one of the better values on amazon.

This was provided to me to sample and write an honest review. MY ratings never remotely consider that factor, I rely to much on reviews from time to time when buying products to give something a positive rating because its free. However I do consider the list price on amazon for some items to keep it all in context. For instance, you shouldn't expect a BMW for the price of a Chevy.

If this review helped you , please click on the little link below, so i know i am hitting the things you need to know and that my reviews are helping people. Thanks

nzomatrix 08/25/2015

Excellent slim case for your Galaxy Tab A

This is a very nice slim case for your Galaxy Tab A. It can be used as a stand while watching movies and Youtube videos. It features an auto sleep and wake function when you open and close the case. The quality of the case is as good as Apple makes. And at $8 shipped this one affordable case for your device. I received a review sample in exchange for an honest review.

Lou Tharayil 08/14/2015

Good product

Received the slim tablet case and it feels and looks good .The magnet on the flap keeps the tablet close when not in use.
The case have an expensive look than other cases which is priced much higher. The quality of the case is very good.
I love the product and recommend it to anyone who is looking for the Samsung tab case.

Keith T. 08/13/2015

An Oldie But A Classic

This is an ultra slim samsung galaxy tab smart case for 9.7" model. It features a built in stand perfect for any viewing or typing angle. Its made of pu leather and heavy duty tpu to ensure your device doesn't get damaged while using the case. The included smart cover allows you to have an auto lock feature and access to all ports.

Shay 08/03/2015

Five Stars

Great in every way, no negatives.

Jerry 07/30/2015

Durable, perfect fit - Sleep/wake functionality!

I'd like to preface this review by stating that I did, in fact, receive this item for review purposes from EasyAcc. I was not required nor given incentive to provide a 5-star or even a positive review. I was asked to provide critical, honest feedback on a new item for potential customers on Amazon. This review is written as if I have purchased the item at full retail price for myself.

That being said, this case deserves a full 5-stars, especially given the low price point. Since you are probably looking at several other cases on the market for your Galaxy Tab A 9.7, I will let you know what I really liked about this case versus many others on the market to make your shopping experience a bit easier.

Form Factor - This case is slim and lightweight while maintaining a perfect fit for my Galaxy Tab. Many cases either add excessive bulk or don't fit perfectly. This unit does neither!

Stand - This case takes it a step further and adds in a multi angle stand! I've found that in testing this unit, it's very easy to see the tablet, and the stand keeps the unit secure and upright.

Auto Sleep / Wake - I believe this is done with magnets in the case, but I greatly appreciate how each time I open/close the case, my Galaxy resumes from sleep or goes back to sleep. I'm sure this definitely aids in saving power.

Lastly, this comes from a quality company with a reputable stance behind all of their products. I have worked with EasyAcc in the past and they always stand proudly behind all of their products. Couple in the fact that this is one of the best values for cases for the Galaxy on the market, and you have yourself a winner!

Joyce Burnette 07/14/2015

Four Stars

Great value for the money!

EdwardsBlogging "Fran Edwards" 07/09/2015

Night night Zzzzzz

I love that you can close the case and your tablet goes Zzzzzzzz really fast and wakes up when you open the cover. I like that I can stand this up on a table and comfortably use it with the stand. The case is really nice and well made. The case is wonderful and color is exactly as shown.
Disclaimer I received' this at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion

omar 07/08/2015

Cases finest

I received this case a few days ago and I'm loving it. It has an elegant design and it's feels like it's made with real leather. It has a magnet so it turns on and off when you open it. It's also very thin and it feels like nothings there.

The tablet fits in securely and there's no risk of it falling out it can turn into a stand as well. This is a very great feature allowing you go watch movies and videos. It covers the screen but does not come with a screen protector so you will need one.

Overall this is a very nice case its very stylish. I would recommend this case to anybody who wants quality at a great price. It's good for kids adults anybody and it's a good gift idea as wall.

Michael D. 06/30/2015

5 star product

No too much to say about it, this is a 5 star product, fit as expected, you receive this product on time because the seller is responsible and I recommend it

Two Cents of Tech 06/23/2015

The Case for All!

The EasyAcc Ultra Slim Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is overall great case for the low price point. The case is extremely thin but still provides enough protect the Tab from light drops and scuffs. The best feature of the case is its built in magnets. You can easily open and close the case and still keep the flap from flying around. The other thing that the case does well is turn into a stand. You can either prop it up on a smaller incline or a larger one for watching movies and such. Overall we highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a quality case that will protect but is not too thick and at a low price point.

Amazon Customer 12/16/2013

Works well with only one drawback

This cover fits well, and does not take much excess space. The only drawback is that the cover does not close with the charger plugged in.

joy 08/06/2013

ATIV case

Received in record time. Beautiful case and works great. When I open the case, the tablet turns on. A GREAT buy! Thanks

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EasyAcc Ultra Slim Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Smart Case

EasyAcc Ultra Slim Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Smart Case

Maximum protection in minimal bulk takes on daily use and abuse

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