Lorenzo Caimari Bauza 08/22/2016

Five Stars

Excellent choice !!!

    James A. Mihalopoulos 08/19/2016

    Five Stars

    Very nice sound

      CM Payton 08/17/2016

      Five Stars

      Sweet little speaker with a great sound! May order another as I like this so much!!

        Amazon Customer 08/12/2016

        Such great sound from a little speaker

        Exceeded my expectations! Such great sound from a little speaker. It was easy to connect and has great life on the battery.I would definitely buy this speaker again.

          Janet Looney 08/11/2016

          I'm completely satisfied with this speaker

          I'm completely satisfied with this speaker. My husband drives a semi-tractor trailer and connects this to his tablet. The speaker is loud enough to hear over the engine noise!

            Traci Wright 08/11/2016

            Five Stars


              Devin Stephens 07/20/2016

              Great Speaker

              **Received in Exchange for Honest Review**
              This is another GREAT budget bluetooth speaker!! I find this is a five star product for a $30 speaker! Sound quality is excellent.. The speaker is very unique looking.. and overall, the entire unit was a pleasure to use and test!
              1.) Easy Pairing - Paired instantly with my device.. Turned the speaker on, it went to pairing mode and I found it on my phone.. Simple
              2.) Unique - Most of the lower end Chinese speakers look the same.. They are designed to be knock offs of higher end speakers.. This one looks unique and I actually like that!
              3.) Decent Sound Quality - Does this sound like a Beats or Bose speaker? Of COURSE not BUT it does sound excellent for the price.. I am very happy with the sound!
              4.) Battery Life - I have read some people who think the battery life is sub-par.. Well, I have owned speakers that DO LAST much longer BUT this speaker is only advertised as lasting 5 - 6 hours.. All three of my test, the speaker lasted AT LEAST 5 hours
              5.) Callers could hear me LOUD & CLEAR
              Overall: This is a great little speaker for the price.. It is one of the most Unique speakers I have seen!! I am overall VERY VERY impressed with the speaker and think others will be as well.

                BELINDA J SPILLMAN 07/19/2016

                Five Stars

                Its so small but still puts out a great sound.

                  Pattie Ross 07/16/2016

                  Great little unit !

                  For such a small speaker it has big sound. I expected a cheap unit but it is well made , easy to charge , small enough to sit anywhere and has a decent volume. Up/Down volume is simple to use and I am very happy with this, I bought it to take in the car for my iPod but also use it for watching movies on my laptop as well. I also like the little bag to keep it clean while traveling. I am pleasantly surprised at how well this compact speaker sounds!

                    N. Aubone 07/15/2016

                    Everything ok, thanks

                    Everything ok, thanks

                      Alicia Williams 07/14/2016

                      Easy to use

                      Easy to use. Comes with charging cord and cord for use w/aux port and carrying case. Not high-end audio saline but acceptable for its size and price

                        Elkhornebay 07/14/2016

                        Great little speaker

                        Great little speaker for the price. A LOT! More heafty than I thought it was going to be. The sound is missing some of the bass but other than that it sounds amazing.

                          Npurrr 07/13/2016

                          and works wonderfully. The sound quality is relatively good

                          This speaker is compact, well made, and works wonderfully. The sound quality is relatively good. The bluetooth function was easy to figure out, however did not work with an 8 year old Macbook pro (which does not surprise me!). It works with other devices fine.

                            steigerwald21 07/12/2016

                            Great for the price!

                            I just wanted an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, but something that still sounded decent... I just say I'm pleased. I got this on Prime Days for $16.99, and that was a steal. Excellent product!

                              FcJz 07/04/2016

                              Almost "perfect"

                              This is my second time I purchased these speakers overall they do what they supposed to do fairly well my only gripe is that annoyance of the beeping sound it makes when the charge is low if you can live with that then the Easy Acc is a worthy purchase! The blue tooth connectivity is tight ,easy to pair with your device the sound is decent as well for the price

                                Ed Prothero 06/23/2016

                                It works GREAT and now my wife can hear OITNB when she ...

                                The only issue I had with this speaker was that the Bluetooth didn't work with my wife's older Dell Inspiron laptop. The laptop had Bluetooth, but it must have been an older version. You'll want to make sure that you have the latest version of Bluetooth to use this feature. In our case, we just plugged the speaker into the earphone jack of the computer. I tell you, this little speaker can deliver some sound! It works GREAT and now my wife can hear OITNB when she watches it on Netflix.

                                  Alicia Ready 06/22/2016

                                  Works fine for the price

                                  Purchased for conference calls on a job site to pair with an iPhone. Works fine for the price!

                                    AbbyT 06/21/2016

                                    Great Bluetooth Speaker

                                    Purchased for a gift. Received quickly. The bluetooth speaker looks great and provides excellent quality sound. It has sleek design. Long life on the charge and easy to use.

                                      Som 05/30/2016

                                      Awesome speaker with good price.. Worth product..

                                      Awesome product.. as expected.. good in size and very good sound.

                                        Amazon Customer 05/23/2016

                                        Great! For a month or two..

                                        Worked great for a while. I rarely used these and they broke after a few months. I was careful not to have the speaker on while charging. The indicator light will come on when charging but nothing happens when I turn the speaker on.

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                                          EasyAcc DP100 Ultra Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

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